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  • Sunday February 28, 2021, 7:24 pm
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Wow, that was quick, thanks. Sorry but I'd never found either of those while browsing for shell extensions on various sites.

This may be a frivolous request, but how about a "Back" or "Up" command for the right context menu for Windows Explorer. Similar to the "Back" function in IE or Fire fox. Only it would return you to the previously viewed folder, when browsing within Windows Explorer. I know buttons can be added in XP, but UP or BACK might be handy for Vista where adding buttons isn't an option. Just an Idea, Thanks.

Thanks AK.

Your new website looks very good, nice work. I tried your Daddy click utility, loved it, very handy. Your tools are very handy explorer addons.

I don't know if this is the right place to bring up an idea for another tool.  I like the way outlook express handles file deletion. When you delete an email the focus shifts by default to the next email in your inbox. In windows explorer once you delete a file in a folder you must select a new file before you can peform an action. Outlook express lets you sort through a folder of mail easily by using the delete button on the menu bar. It would sure be nice if explorer would work the same way.

I often am working in my livingroom off an HTPC. Using a wireless keyboard and mouse is sometimes very clunky, and frustrating. Having these enhancements helps because the less operations you need to perform the better.

Thanks again for all the useful aps.

Hi ak

Nice work on all the modifications. You have created a very nice little program, and as word spreads people will probably post download links to get your program. As the thread on here gets longer, mention of the possible need to refresh windows explorer will get buried. I think an auto refresh F5 addition at the end of the script would be very useful. Otherwise, people who download your program may think it's not working. If you don't feel like updating it again, I think you should add information to the nfo file about the possible need to F5 explorer. Thanks again.

Hi ak_

Thanks for incorporating my suggestion into FileNanny. The updated program does move multiple files with same name/dif extension to the newly created folder. However, at first I didn't think it was working, as it seems to work differently than the original version. When I select the file(s) with the new version and select filenany through the right context menu nothing initially happens. At first I thought the updated program wasn't working at all, later I returned to the folder that I had run FileNanny in and the folders had been created and the files moved. It seems that I must select refresh within windows explorer for the changes to occur. With the prior version the changes were made immediately after selecting the FileNanny option. With the new version on my system the changes only occur after refreshing the folder view. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this behavior.

Thanks for the revision, I just thought I'd let you know about this behavior on my system.

Thanks for adding my suggestion to your list of improvements. Thanks also, for the words of encouragement. I've only written very simple batch scripts before, usually using a similar example to copy from. Perhaps it's time to get involved with my 12 year old son and get him motivated to learn with me.

Thanks again.

TheBigGuy> glad you like FileNanny :) If by "related files" you mean "files with the same name, extension excepted", then it should be a very simple feature to add.

Hi ak_

You are definitely have good karma for working so hard on these usefull tools for others. One day I hope to be able to do the same myself. Unfortunately I think that day is far in the future, but I can still dream.

Yes, the feature I was talking about adding was for sending all files with the same name (excepting different extensions) to the same folder. I thought this feature might be an easy one to add, and if you could, it would make this an even more useful tool. I already appreciate the time and effort you have put into this. Further improvements will make this an unbelievable time saver.

BTW, you definitely deserve your own page to showcase the great tools you have developed. Many, thanks.

I just found your great creation after wanting a similar tool for a long time. Awesome job creating this super useful tool. I wish I had your skills, but seeing as how I don't, maybe I could request another feature. I often download a folder full of may files that are related. Your FileNanny greatly simplifies sorting them into folders, however I am left with many files that have to be manually sorted into the corresponding folder afterwards.

example: newfile_v101.exe

If all these related files could be right selected and then moved by FileNanny to the newly created folder, that would be the ultimate time saver. Many thanks for what is already a very useful utility, this functionality would only be an added bonus. Thanks, again.

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