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Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted
« on: September 17, 2009, 12:38 AM »

You do not have to provide your e-mil address if you do not want to. You get the standard limited version which is free and no registration is required. However, if you want to use fully functional PRO version for free for 180 days (during beta testing period) then you have to register in order to use PRO.

Hey guys,

For all of you who is using Click Cutter there is a good update.

Now, in addition to instant online research tool, we have added an instant keyword research tool allowing you a quick access to the Google Adwords keywords tool to collect keywords data.

If you are in the online marketing this is your chance to instantly collect a valubale data on any keyword right on the spot without opening Google tool manually or firing up special keyword tools (if you have any).



Have fun!

Developer's Corner / Re: Delphi master needed
« on: November 07, 2008, 01:54 PM »
Yes, it's their job to make it hard. Our job is to make it easy  :beerchug:

Developer's Corner / removed
« on: November 05, 2008, 10:38 PM »
I found the solution so there  is no need for this post.

thanks to all.

Just do not forget to turn off Auto-copy or auto-paste when you use Click Cutter to avoid the program conflict with your mouselock thing.

Click Cutter

Thanks CleverCat.

I can't say what the conflict with the other program is but I understand that clicklock program is some type for special assistance with the mouse. So I guess, special click cutter's autocopy/paste features are not designed for such cases.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, auto-copy or paste is just a small portion of Click Cutter and there is much more to it such as URL opening or instant search options.
So just keep that in mind.

Click Cutter


How is that paste thing going for you?

Click Cutter

The White background issue will be changed later but not at this time. t's because of Some technical difficulties with other backgrounds and white background is the most common one that is why it's picked as a default.

if Auto-paste can not work in some circumstences (which is a rare thing) it still can be used with many other applications.

Auto-paste is only a small part of Click Cutter.

 AND there are still some other features to use in Click Cutter  :tease:

It seems you got it working right. Glad to hear that. :beerchug:

Thanks guys for trying and your comments.
Every feature in Click Cutter setting panel has mouse over hints explaining how the feature works.

For those who is lazy enough to read the hints:

Auto-copy: highlight a text and hold a button until "C" appears. release a button. Done.

If you hihglighted and "c" appeared BUT you changed you mind and decided to CANCEL Copy then just move a mouse bit and "C' disappears. Nothing is copied then.

AUto-Paste: Click on the spot where you want to paste and hold the button until you see "P". Release the button and it's done.

ATTENTION: IF you hold a button for more than 2 seconds "p" disappears and that means Paste is cancelled. Another way to CANCEL paste is to move a button a bit.
Very easy!  :)

If you want to replace a highlighted word please refer to a help file or read a hint in Setting panel.

NOTE: currently PAste works only on WHITE background only. Too long to explain why.


I hope you will find a way to use Click Cutter effectively.

Of course I want everyone to be able to use it and I hope you agree it is very easy to use Click Cutter.

I'll be happy to hear your comment after you do more testing  :beerchug:

Hey Dormouse,

The screen shots will not hep much in this case because the program works on the background. And the only way to show what it does is in video. Besides one long video (about 7 min.) There are shorter videos ( 1-1.5 min) so you can see any individual feature in action quickly.

Click Cutter uses clipboard for all of it's functions. Auto-copy makes the Copy action faster but at the end it does exactly the same job as you would do it manually (ctrl+c, for example)

It should not interefere with any clipboard manager. I was told that some people use Click Cutter in combination with clipboard managers to their tasks.

I would appreciate it much if you try it and let me know your opinion.

Click Cutter

You need to "drag" a cursor a bit only if you double clicking highlight and Copy. That is double click to highlight and then while holding the button move a cursor a bit.
The same applies if you copy in Excel or or if Copy from Ctrl+a.

In all other cases no dragging is needed.

I had to hold and drag to make it paste?

No. Just hold the button and "p" should appear. Then release the button.


When I hold on link in FF I sometimes get the 'p'? Most confusing... ;D

You need to set paste to fit your personal needs. If you like to "hold" on links or text then you should set paste to a higher number or disable it to avoid confusion.

Auto-Copy or Auto-paste are performed the unique way in Click Cutter and that is why it saves you lot's of clicks and makes it to work faster. You need either to adopt those techniques or disable those functions if they seem to be in conflict with your personal way of doing things..

 keep in mind that popup appears where the cursor is. If you move it away from selected word then it will show up next to the cursor.

If you hold the left mouse button without movement for 0.8 sec ( or whatever you set) you activate Paste option. Once you move the the cursor the Paste command is cancelled untill you hold the mouse button without  movement again. That is how you give Click Cuter instructions of what to do.


When you get "c" for copy did you get the popup displaying? (In Options tab you should have Popup or Tray Icon to be set).

If you do not, then try to copy the traditional way (ctrl+c or right click+copy) the popup should appear (which means the Copy is made). If popup does not appear that means there is a conflict somewhere within your sytem ( I would need more info an that)

Click Cutter

Hey Mouser,

Actually looks like some pretty cool functions -- just watching some of the videos now.
I'm sure some people would really benefit from some of these functions, like the multiple url open, etc.

I'm glad you recognized the potential of Click Cutter.

Opening Multiple URLs is one of my personal favourite not to mention some other cool features I use on a daily basis.

Thanks for the comments.

Click Cutter


Did you activate Auto-commands in More Options tab in setting panel? All Auto-commands are disabled by default because people who do not bother to learn how auto-commands work with Click Cutter's techniques can be confused.

First, You should select checkmarks for each Auto-command you want to use. There are checkmarks for : Copy, Paste, Cut and Undo. Plus you need to set your preferred time frame for each auto-command. For example if you want auto-copy to work "instantly" you need to set to 0.1 sec. ( or whatever value you prefer).
If you do not mind to wait for 0.8 sec. then you just leave it as is (default). Testing is recommended to get the best option.

refer to HELP file for more explanation.
I'll be glad to assist you if you experience any problems.

Click Cutter

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted
« on: October 17, 2008, 10:28 AM »
Hey Dave,
You can do it with any screen recording program. I used camtasia.

Tell me your opinion after you try Click Cutter.

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted
« on: October 16, 2008, 06:08 PM »
Hey kalos,

I'm very glad you like it   :Thmbsup:.

You do not have to wait a second (0.8 sec by default). if you want to do 'instant" copy just set Auto-Copy to 0.1 sec. in More options tab and it will be "instant".

I make a program totally flexible so user can change almost any value, turn on/off any feature.

You can read Help file for more details on how the features work.


You realize that now if you want to do a search for any keyword you do not have to open a browser at all. Just type your keyword phrase anywhere and just highlight it. You know what happens after   :harhar:

thanks for the comments. Appreciate it very much.

Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted
« on: October 16, 2008, 05:19 PM »
Hey kalos,

Did you test click cutter yet?

How did you like it?

Has anybody tried it? Any comments?


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