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I'm glad to see people are thinking out of the box.  But I found it quite annoying that I had to register a program that's essentially freeware, go through the whole rigamarole including signing up for a forum, and waiting for a verification email, when all I wanted to do was license the screen capture program.  DONATIONS should NOT HAVE TO BE SOLICITED until AFTER the user's gotten a chance to USE the program without annoying nags or service interruptions.  I believe you make your user happy, then nudge after 60 days towards provision of donation info, you'd have gotten a donation from me.  I am not sure I want to donate having been irritated by this software before even getting the chance to use it! It is an irritation up there with the programs that attach a web browser starter to the program's uninstaller so you don't get a choice whether to open a browser and TAKE a SURVEY about why uninstalled the program.  I will ALWAYS take these surveys but only if the author gives ME the choice to open the browser and take the survey on my own instead of forcing open the browser before I agree to it.  People will do what you want them to if you guide them in non annoying ways.  Don't insult our intelligence in other words...


Thank you for listening to this criticism,

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