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I don't know if it's because of the 64-bit version of Windows 7 but the Click Switch feature of Direct Folders does not work for me anymore. I also found out that their menu doesn't work in Firefox 3.6 for me and I have to use version 3.5.

As to the type of click, I use Ctrl + Middle click to invoke Direct Folder's menu so that it doesn't interfere with the function middle-click_paste_anywhere (a Autohotkey script) and the Dopus go to parent folder when double-click on a blank area of a lister. I tried all other click variants offered by DF but the Click Switch is definitely dead. The FileBox eXtender Click Switch feature does not work for me either.

I miss so much the Click Switch feature that I can make a small contribution "à la Donation Coder" if someone can solve it for me (through a separate script).

I'd like to volunteer in the area of icons creation. I am no graphic designer or have any expertise in this area but I do like to tweak icons for my personal use. Please PM me directly for a couple of simple examples or you can show me where I can start and also with and a direct link to your NANY project.


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