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Yes, I did see the option, but it's only for the "real-time suggestion" function (which, of course, makes sense). My previous posts should make it clear, however, that I'm trying to find a text expander (the "auto-expand" function in Typing Assistant) that works when an IME is on. Disabling Typing Assistant (the "auto-expand" part) when an IME is on kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think?

No, "real-time suggestion" includes Auto-Expand part. Let me make an example: If user works in American keyboard layout(just like rjbull) and types "usa", Typing Assistant will expand it to "United States of America" automatically. If user works in a disabled East Asian IME and types "usa"(usually these three keystrokes mean certain East Asian character), Typing Assistant will not expand it to "United States of America". Everyone who installed East Asian IME can try this.

But if you use "Alt+Left" to browse Auto-Expand dictionary, Typing Assistant is enabled whether it works in IME or not. We just designed so. Because Auto-Expand function is also required if user works in IME. Typing Assistant supports all language characters in Auto-Expand full text, not just English letters. For example, when user works in IME, he can press "Alt+Left" to browse Auto-Expand entries, select shorthand "cn" and expand it to "中华人民共和国". Then it is not right to absolutely disable the suggestions even if works in IME. This is a basic issue for expander software, we have considered it years ago.

Hi, I am Typing Assistant author. Thanks for trying our program.

Thanks to rjbull to let me know users are discuss the issue of IME compatibility. The truth is that Typing Assistant works with IME very early. It is incredible if Typing Assistant can't work with IME because it is designed for China user initially. Typing Assistant even has a "Keyboard Layout Manage" option for the user to define in which keyboard layouts Typing Assistant is enabled or disabled. By default, East Asian IME are disabled for Typing Assistant.

To mwang: Thanks for trying Typing Assistant. Do you notice the "Keyboard Layout Manage" option in Custom Settings?

Please email our product support if anyone has any problem. Thanks.

Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA: predictive text for ms word
« on: September 19, 2009, 02:58 AM »
If you are hunting for a tool similar to IntelliComplete, I recommend Typing Assistant.

I recommend a tool of our team - Typing Assistant.

Key Features:
 Universal Compatibility: Work with virtually all programs on MS Windows.

 Auto-Complete: Complete text input automatically.

 Auto-Learn: Learn unknown and recently typed words.

 Auto-Correct: Correct spelling mistakes automatically.

 Auto-Expand: Expand shorthand abbreviation to full text.

 Auto-Clipboard: Access clipboard history quickly.

 Auto-Launch: Launch frequently used application/file/folder conveniently.

 Spell Checking: Beep on misspelled words.

 Freely Dictionary Selecting: General or professional basic dictionary is available.

 Easy to Configure: Satisfy the needs of both fast typist and hunt and peck typing.

 Portable: Run from a USB memory device.

 Easy to use.

General Software Discussion / Re: Word AutoCompleter
« on: September 19, 2009, 02:25 AM »
You can try Typing Assistant.

Hi, everyone. Why not try the 3rd choice? I strongly recommend our product Typing Assistant. You will not be disappointed about it.

New version 4.3 released.

f0dder: Thank you very much, I will try this.


I need to show a special window near the caret position. I use API GetCaretPos() and SetWindowPos() to do this. When user use one monitor, everything is easy. But when user use multiple monitors, the special window only be shown at the first monitor.

How to settle this question? Thanks!

I see many people discuss IntelliComplete here, but it is not developed now. Typing Assistant is another similar program with some new features. It autocompletes you frequently used words and phrases at anywhere, considerably increases your productivity if you often use a word processor.

Users from DonationCoder can get coupon code, please email: [email protected]

Home page:

The latest version of Typing Assistant is 4.1, now the basic dictionary is configurable.

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