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Thanks Yatom, found it.

BTW, I also like the "Found Fragments" view setting very much, which I just discovered today.

Archivarius [has "jump to search term occurrence" buttons] too.
Yeah sure. That's why I can't switch to any program that doesn't do that. Like X1 Search, Lookeen, DocFetcher or FileLocator Pro, who all don't have that feature.

you can designate the regular search hits to be underlined, while the Find on Page locator remains non-underlined.
How did you do that? I can't find an option like this in Archivarius.

What a bummer that the developer / support isn't around.  This is such a great program.
So true.

Thanks Yatom.

The issues #1 and #2 that you noted would mean that dtSearch would also not fit my needs, as compared to Archivarius 3000 which displays those things instantly (at least when the index file is on a SSD).

I can confirm that Archivarius, while finding text box and highlighter comments, it doesn't find text in Sticky Note comments in PDF files.

Let's hope that Likasoft will be revived somehow... 

One could also think so, since they allegedly have many customers from large corporations such as Siemens or BP.

Have you guys tried Copernic Desktop Search recently?

I must say that I particularly like those "jump to search term occurrence" buttons and the multi-color highlighting:

It is a mystery to me why not every search tool has this very feature.

Count me in for the search for the best file indexer/desktop search tool. (BTW, why has the original thread been locked?)

I'm running into limitations of Archivarius 3000 lately, particularly the lack of development and support by Likasoft, and some persistent bugs.

Docfetcher looked promising, but unfortunately, the find and preview features are somewhat limited and clunky (finds PDF comments but doesn't show them in the preview pane, doesn't find PDF search terms when they are hyphenated at the end of a line, all search terms are highlighted in the same color, slow preview of large PDF files etc.).

The highly praised Lookeen is unusable for me because there is not even a proper preview highlighting all occurrences in the found documents.

I'd love to find something sleek and fast like Archivarius 3000, which is however also actively developed and has a large and active user base.

I have half a million files, mostly *.msg, Office and PDF files, but also other file types like e-mail attachments, archives etc.

Living Room / Re: Archivarius questions (help using)
« on: May 28, 2020, 03:24 AM »
Hi all,

sadly, Likasoft seems to be dead. I also mailed sales a few weeks ago and got no answer, similar to tech support who stopped answering years ago.

What I've been trying to figure out for a long time with no success is how to search for exact phrase matches containing hyphens like for example "20-30".

Also, when searching for any exact phrase matches, it never seems to be possible to easily locate them in the preview pane, because Archivarius wouldn't create find buttons for the phrase you looked for. Instead. it creates buttons for each single search term inside the search phrase, see screenshot:

It can be seen that although searching for "20-30" as a phrase, Archivarius found the phrase "20, 30".

Additionally, it didn't create a find button for "20-30" in the preview pane's toolbar, but instead two separate buttons for "20" and "30". These are not of much use because the separate search terms "20" and "30" occur many times throughout the document, which makes it very difficult to actually locate the occurrences of the search phrase "20-30" in the preview pane.

Thanks for any hints or ideas how to improve exact phrase search!


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