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General Software Discussion / Image organizer recommendations
« on: September 11, 2008, 08:48 AM »

First off, photography is not a serious hobby for me. I am your typlical vacation, birthday, etc photograhper. That being said, please take into consideration my lack of photo knowledge. I am looking for some software to help me better utalize my pictures. My needs (or wants) are:

   Ability to perform minor editing
   Ability to manage my photo files
   Slide Show- I want to be able to:
      Produce slide show on a CD or DVD that can be viewed on a TV
      Have the slide show pictures show in a specified order
      Add music if possible
I use Windows XP as an operating system and do not take pictures in RAW format.

I have used Adobe Photoshop Album Starter version 3 and downloaded Picasa. Neither of these softwares shows the slide show in the proper order. I have tried changing the file names in Picasa but when you do this it changes the file names in all Picasa locations which can cause problems.

I am considering downloading Adobe Elements but before I do that I wanted to find out if it would meet my needs. My internet research does not answer my questions and I felt someone on this forum would have the answers.

Any recommendations or advice that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


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