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gtoal, can we call this one done after the latest changes?

Yes of course, sorry I didn't realise we did a formal sign off.  (This is the first time someone here has implemented one of my suggestions.  Actually it may be the first time I've actually posted a suggestion now I think of it :-) )

Yes, it's done, and it's a good piece of code which I really hope other folks will also find useful.  Much appreciated, thanks.


Picasa does this!
I upload photos that have been geotagged by my Eye-Fi card.
Then, when viewing them in an 'album' on the Picasa web site, I can select one and a small Google map appears that shows the 'pin' for that location.

I hope I did not burst anyone's bubble.  I just saw this post for the first time.

It's OK, it's not the same thing at all.  You're talking about photos on a web site (or possibly inside the Picasa program) - What Jody wrote for us does thie same thing but for files on your disk in a regular directory.


Graham "It takes more than a prikkelpop to burst my bubbles" Toal.

Before I start my report, I need to explain that I missed the automatic notification that you had posted on the 3rd, and only spotted your post with the download this morning when I was checking up on the site to see what was new.  My apologies, it must have looked rude not to reply for a couple of days after you released the program.

So... for me it worked great, exactly what I asked for and I'm delighted with the results.  Unfortunately it's my wife who has the most geotagged photos and there was a problem when she tried it.  Running the exe to register and create the uninstaller didn't work - both dialogues popped up fine and it appeared to work, but the uninstaller wasn't created and there was no handler added to the right-clicks.  We're guessing it's because she's running 64bit Windows 7 - either a 64 bit issue or something to do with Windows 7 security and that she was trying to run it in a Program Files subdirectory.  (I'll experiment more with that tomorrow when I can borrow her machine for more than a few minutes...)

That was the only failure; there were also two usability issues that are very minor, one of which I've already mentioned so I'll gloss over (which is that the option shows up for all files, not just image files.  But I appreciate that writing something like the setup of photoshop where you get a chance to associate the program with various extensions is way overkill, although personally I'ld be happy it if were only associated with jpegs as those are the only ones I'm ever likely to tag); the other usability issue is very minor indeed: the report for an image with no exif info is "No exif data found in file. Aborting".  To me it's more a null success than an error - saying 'Aborting' sounds like something is going wrong in a more serious way.  I would just have it say "Image does not contain map coordinates".

So overall, very good piece of code.  It'll come in very handy for me when I copy our family photo collection from my wife's machine to mine this weekend.

Thank you,


Thanks!  I'll try it at home tonight (don't have any geotagged images at work).  Unfortunately I have to be out late this evening so I'll report back tomorrow morning.


is what you're looking for the new(ish) "hybrid sleep" mode of Windows Vista/Windows 7 perhaps?


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