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  • Sunday May 31, 2020, 5:16 am
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"Oh wow." - huh!?! do you know how to _read_? - "Expressing purely on essence of the conceptual vision ("

"wikidpad and treepad notable" - ......notable doesn't mean i need them....... that's why they're on the second list............ thought that was obvious............................
"you'll see that v.1 wasn't exactly well received." - that's nice; people say a lot of stuff
"but it came across that way IMO" - ok
"gemx" - crap, gone from my life
"look here" - link jus goes to the outlook site

Expressing purely on essence of the conceptual vision ( "It's wondrous - I can feel Love. I've never known it. Accompanied by fervor, I would take the match of Passion - strike it - and for all the scattered crap in this world, I would, I would in great relief, bundle it all, and I would set it on fire - to gaze as it burns.. in oh so beautiful bliss."

[modbreak]topic modified by mouser to make it more informative.[/modbreak]

didn't dl yet but ran across http://en.wikipedia....information_managers so by programmed impluse, i had to click all the ones with articles, so we have phase II
http://en.wikipedia....rg/wiki/Lotus_Agenda - seems very basic

don't need but interesting nonetheless or mb others need:

oh yes the replies,
"How do you know" - i don't, it's loosely and lightheartedly assumed, but of course it's always safer to run away in fear under uncertainty
"mean way" - it wasn't intend to be mean, you inferred, it was your interpretation, my robotic heart was not programmed to be mean, i read the manual
"looking for free software" - i'm not and never said i was
"to write half a page to explain what it was" - it wasn't half and imho rollover is a stupid name, memoryflow would've be better or something else
"wikidpad" - all the more reason to try it, seems interesting, no wonder it's still tabbed on Fx3

sorry got sidetracked...
Haystack: @ MIT's
in progress but possibly the leader of them all when it's ready, who knows? but i'm keeping my eye on it that's for sure.

ah so the password was "outliners" couldn't have guessed that one, but i made do since i couldnt edit it when i needed to (and i created an account and everything):

so i had to start somewhere and clicked 99% of the freeware. since the vast majority were note-taking or... outliners it made the job a lot easier. not sure why you _need_ billions of note-taking programs... but anyhow, phase I - clean design, nice features such as the "workarea" at bottom right -- an incredibly innovative design or at least i haven't seen it before
none of these seem to have "rollover" but workable.

interesting and/or notable:

"perhaps you could try this program." - ah selling crap to me, avoid avoid! run away in fear.

now to dl those 3 (likely skip the second as it doesn't seem any better than the first) and test, especially the fascinating

not sure why the above two were mentioned out of all the rest because the first program looks like a _nightmare_ and the second one is jus another "same-old same-old (read initial post)" it should be scraped, thrown in the gutter, and the resources should be combined and put into improving one or a few amazing one instead of billions of pieces, so we are all less burden with information overload and all this fragmentation of society.

http://www.editgrid....ry/List_of_Outliners is definitely something to work with though. thanks for improving on the original. much more helpful. i'm not sure what the goal of the list is, but if i were to fix it up with the goal of it being more helpful i would:
-delete all dead projects
-delete version data (since we're looking for the most recent one + less maintenance)
-change title in something boarder
-fill in all "last updated" data
-create subsection based on "software type"
-create subsection under that based on "types" (abc order is very unhelpful)
-based on "last updated" data, delete all outdated programs (hmm, say minimum was last updated within 1-2yrs)

thanks for the site, i think i may upload some spreadsheets though i don't think i have any other people would be interested in. now to hopefully find something that works...

how exciting! a reply and moveover that these function do exist.

i tried searching with a some of those terms mentioned thought this post, for the google results, was the third one, and some of the results related to outlook, so basically no luck.

by any chance, does anyone know of a link to a list of related programs? i tried to wiki for one, but no luck. couldn't find a comparison-type list also, which would've been better.

"Can you list some programs & their features.." - most recently i havent found anything that would be a program that, given it's importance, i would use daily. the features/functions of the few programs tired in the past however, which i dont really remember the name of, simply didn't meet the needs expressed above.

i'm glad to hear that there are "many" with this "rollover-type feature," but where in the universe do you find them........  because as expressed in the first post, that would be the main/core/chief/dire/most significant need. 

hi, the organizer program would be _integrated_ and have a central place that is useful to look at. say we enter a bunch of tasks for monday, and part of those tasks aren't finish; then the program would remember whatever was leftover and flow it onto the next day and forever until all these tasks (and more that will be added) are complete.

sure, some program have to-do list, but that's not what im looking for - the to-do list is separate and disintegrated for the main daily view (with the times on the left side), which you could easily click on the right button and it shows you the next day, or likely better a slider and you can see at least a weeks view.

usefully customizable is something lacking in many traditional (outdated) organizer programs. a more minor point but there should be an "alert/urgent" section, where you enter atm tasks you jus received/recalled/etc. this section would be much more useful if it was movable within the main program so you could move it to the side to get a better view of the "main" oh this section would be relatively small without doubt since we don't need a large space for imminent tasks. if this window was scalable, all the better for those that need the flexibility.     

anyhow the flow of data/objectives/tasks/etc. to the next day is the most important function for the program. of course this is jus a fraction of the "ideal" concept, but basically a program that is not the same-old same-old "isn't something better than this piece of crap??"

adding in elements for project management program and applying them on the personal/individual level would be a beautiful thing. out of all the softwares in the world, surely there has to exist after all this time something remotely similar - or even better.

if anyone has any sort of helpful solution on any os (and i'll install that os), i'ld love to hear it.

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