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The offer was extended by one more day, because of a problem with the coupon code, which expired earlier.

Sorry, corrected the date..

Our product MyInfo will be available with a great discount (51%) on June 7/8, 2022 at BitsDuJour. MyInfo Professional, normally $99 will be $48.97.

This offer includes 12 months of free minor and major updates.

MyInfo is a personal information manager for Windows.
Organize anything easily. Collect and edit notes, links, files, and to-dos. Find information fast. Take control of your projects, knowledge, and collections.

Recently added new features: multiple app windows, expand note editor (7.3), backlinks, native MS Word Docx support (7.2), new web clipper, search by date (7.1)

Platforms: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (all both 32- and 64-bit editions)

MyInfo at BitsDuJour (June 7-8, 2022)
More about MyInfo

MyInfo 7 is a work in progress, so there is no definite list of changes yet. But so far this will be part of it:
  • Cross-platform file format, which will allow the creation of MyInfo versions for other desktop and mobile platforms
  • Instantaneous save and load of MyInfo files: the new version will use database-based instead of file-based information storage
  • Searching in document attachments (for selected files types like text, PDF, etc)
  • Multiple attachments per document
  • Split, merge/join documents
  • Updated user interface
  • Many exciting new features to be announced later

We charge customers only for major new versions of MyInfo, which is generally every 2 years. But right now our last major version of MyInfo - MyInfo 6, was released more than 3.5 years ago.

P.S.: TaoPhoenix, as our registered customer of MyInfo Pro, you will be able to upgrade for less than we are offering MyInfo in this promotion.

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