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For PSD a possible solution is described here:

By the way, the WIC codec pack described above now supports raw formats from 12 camera manufacturers, covering about 300 camera models.

Check out the FastPictureViewer WIC Codec Pack, it contains 32 and 64-bit WIC-enabled decoders for Windows 7 and Vista and provides TGA thumbnails, preview and metadata search integration for Explorer and Photo Gallery, in addition to providing TGA support to all WPF and WIC-enabled applications from XP SP3 and up. (free download, 330KB, no dependencies)

General Software Discussion / Re: quick photo viewer
« on: August 09, 2008, 10:14 PM »
Hello all, thanks for the warm welcome :-)

Yes, the blame was entirely on the graphics' acceleration. But now Fast Picture Viewer isn't really any faster than the next fast guy.

The viewer uses the video RAM to preload and cache images. When operating in "classic" mode it uses the computer's main RAM instead, provided that enough of it is free. The program also attempts to adapts itself while it runs according to the memory pressure on the system but this is not an exact science. Try freeing up some RAM and see how it goes after using the program for a little while.

It is possible (= "feature request") to add quick-button for "Close image, and minimize viewer to tray", please?

I never thought about this. Did you notice that you can exit instantly by pressing [Esc] - there is an option to enable this. You can also associate the program with jpeg files (from "Open With...", "Choose Default Program..." etc in Explorer) after which it's rather quick to open a different file by double-clicking it. I'll give some toughts to the tray icon idea, though.

Another question, if you will forgive me: Why must I click Ctrl+Del in order to move a file to the bin/basket, instead of merely using Delete? I really don't like that feature when I have bulk-downloaded several hundred images and am to sort them one by one.

This also bugs me a little sometimes :-) There is a rationale behind this safety lock, though. On full-size keyboards, you can use the (*), (-), (+) and (Enter) key at the far right to copy/prev/next/100%, and it's all too easy to slip and hit the delete key unwillingly. Also I've talked to a number of photographers and they hated the idea of deleting something, they told me that the original images are like negatives: you keep them all, so I made the delete optional and added this Ctrl thing. I'll consider making it optional in a future version.

Thanks for the feedback,

General Software Discussion / Re: quick photo viewer
« on: August 08, 2008, 06:51 PM »
- I tried the new Fast Picture Viewer today, and it really is fast, but there were far too many JPG images that were not being displayed correctly, so I removed it again. Is it working all right on your machines?

Hello Curt,

The #1 cause is likely to be your display driver, some drivers/GPUs have trouble scaling huge bitmaps but don't report errors, the display is scrambled but the program has no way to find out. I've seen this on laptops and some integrated graphic cards. Please turn off the GPU acceleration in the program options to see if the problem goes away. If it does, you may want to check if an updated driver exists for your card. If the issue persists, I'd be interested in seeing one of the files, you can send it to support [at] fast picture viewer [dot] com


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