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- To make money for themselves, and to cement their market-share.
- To reduce the amount they rely on third parties to deliver the web browsing experience. With chrome they have a platform with they can rely on, and use strategically.

1) To collect data on your browsing habits, and serve you better ads, and make more money from you.
2) To generate more traffic to google properties, so that you generate more revenue.
3 ) Gathering user behaviour data for  ad targetting, google search, etc etc.


Hope that helps.

General Software Discussion / Re: Kingsoft Office
« on: October 19, 2008, 07:50 AM »
I personal think it would be very hard to make a Office suite not look busy, unless you cut out all the extra toolbars and side panels etc,etc. It really depends on what you are using the suite for to how busy it is going to look. As for mascots the only time I look at them as part of the program is when they are built in like the MS paper clip.

Microsoft did a fantastic job of exactly this with the new interface for the office 2007 suite.

Kingsoft *looks* like such a complete rip-off of MS office 2003, I'm actually quite amazed they haven't been sued for completely copying the product.

hi, the organizer program would be _integrated_ and have a central place that is useful to look at. say we enter a bunch of tasks for monday, and part of those tasks aren't finish; then the program would remember whatever was leftover and flow it onto the next day and forever until all these tasks (and more that will be added) are complete. "

adding in elements for project management program and applying them on the personal/individual level would be a beautiful thing. out of all the softwares in the world, surely there has to exist after all this time something remotely similar - or even better.
-alphahumanoid841 (August 22, 2008, 11:18 PM)

Outlook 2007 (and 2003) will both do exactly what you are asking for with the tasks.
Mylife Organized will also do what you want.

Because mybase is fantastic :)

Wow that list is fantastic. Thanks for the link :)

Living Room / Re: RAPIDSHARE.COM sucks!
« on: August 04, 2008, 12:31 AM »
Another perspective...
Yes, the CAPTCHA's for free users are horrrible, I can't disagree there.

However, as someone who's been a premium rapidshare customer for 2 years now since a friend referred me there and have absolutely 0 complaints about the service.  It's truly fantastic. I've actually referred 2 friends to them, who've been members ever since.

Rapidshare is EXTREMELY fast, never goes down and "just works".

If I Want to see how fast an internet connection somewhere will work, I just download a 100+ meg file from Rapidshare.

The captcha images you see are as a free user.
You will never ever see these once you've got a premium account.

Do understand, that RS gets abused by 1000's of people every day, and so their captcha's are a response to a growing problem.
In 2006 they were really quite easy, and I"m sure the RS guys would rather concentrate on their business than adding cats to letters via imagemagick :)

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