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If i didn't want to run FAR in addition to Everything , does anyone have some tips for using Everything to browse through folders easily?  I find it cumbersome right now to do that and the EVerything help manual is quite extensive so i'm looking for a couple quick tips.  :)

I would also recommend trying Palemoon which i've noticed performs much better on XP than the latest FF.   The only issue might be the latest version of Palemoon broke a bunch of extensions.  :-/   

cool man can't wait! :)

This looks REALLY cool!  Can it do subfolders too?   

Find And Run Robot / Re: please help problem with FARR on Win8
« on: February 13, 2013, 08:08 AM »
Unrelated question:  Why is it ok to put *.ini files into the Program Files/install directory which need to be written to but not *.aliases ? This isn't a shot at you Mouser but rather at Windows since i'm really not impressed at all with 8. 

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