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This is not necessarily a bug with CHS and is perhaps more likely a bug with OO.

For a good long while, I've noticed that Open Office will hang. I use OO Text Writer, and Spreadsheet, and the problem happens with both.

After investigating, I discovered that OO is hanging when accessing the clipboard (cut/paste), and further investigating determined that most of the time OO is freezing (not responsive) and will become responsive again after (literally) 1 minute or more. It seems that sometimes OO is hanging and requires to be killed and restarted, although it is possible it will return after waiting much longer, I'm just not that patient, usually.

I also discovered that when OO freezes, usually CHS freezes (becomes unresponsive), as well.

I find that if I "Disable" CHS before starting OO, the freezing/hanging issue seems to NOT happen anymore. Perhaps it still does happen sometimes, but I haven't seen it.

So, it's a small possibility the problem is in CHS, but I'd guess the problem is more likely with OO. I haven't seen this problem using CHS with other programs.

In any case, I don't know how easy or how long it would take to troubleshoot this, but perhaps a previously requested feature for CHS would help for using CHS (with OO) in the meantime... That would be to give CHS the ability to disable itself when OO is running and has the clipboard (active). (same for when any other selected programs are running and active.)

Clipboard Help+Spell / Moving clips within folders
« on: October 10, 2014, 03:24 AM »
How do you move clips within folders?

Let's say I have two (sub)folders within the main "All" folder. These subfolders are named "Stuff1" and "Stuff2".

I have a new clip in the "All" folder. Let's call this "Clip1"

I drag "Clip1" from the "All" folder, the the "All/Stuff1" folder.

At this point, "Clip1" is seen in both the "All" folder, and the "All/Stuff1" folder, and I assume this is normal.

Question 1:
Is it possible to have "Clip1" only seen in the "All/Stuff1" folder (removed from the "All" folder), or is it the nature of the program to show *All* clips in the "All" folder?


At this point, "Clip1" is still seen in both the "All" folder, and the "All/Stuff1" folder. If I select "Clip1" in the "All/Stuff1" folder, and then choose "Delete", I see that "Clip1" is removed from the "All/Stuff1" folder, AND it is also removed from the "All" folder (removed "everywhere").

Question 2:
How do I remove "Clip1" from the "All/Stuff1" while leaving "Clip1" in the "All" folder?


With "Clip1" still seen in both the "All" folder, and the "All/Stuff1" folder, suppose I *also* want to see "Clip1" in the "All/Stuff2" folder. So, seen in both the "All/Stuff1" folder, and the "All/Stuff2" folder (and I assume it will always be seen in the "All" folder).

Question 3:
How do I have a clip available in multiple folders, as in this example case, in both the "All/Stuff1" folder, and the "All/Stuff2" folder?

I am using v 3.08.01

Since I last updated to this version, I have seen an issue that happens very frequently.

1) Right-click on SC Tray Icon and select "Grab selected region".
2) Click the "Gear" on the SC selection frame, and select "Object selection mode".
3) Select the desired object (IE Client Window) and let SC auto-size the frame to the object.
(Typically, I size the IE window so there is no left-right (Horizontal) scrolling required)
4) Click the "Gear" on the SC selection frame, and select "Capture Object with AutoScroll Now"
5) SC (usually) goes through the motions of scrolling the IE window correctly.
6) If SC didn't scroll the window correctly, then the captured image is incomplete (as expected). Usually forcing the "Focus" to the desired IE window and repeating the capture fixes this.
7) If SC DID scroll the window correctly, sometimes it will capture the image correctly, but sometimes it won't. Sometimes, I can try over and over, many times, and I continually get an incorrect image capture.

This has happened once in a great while with previous versions of SC, but with this version of SC, it happens frequently... about half the time.

Usually, when it fails, what I see is that the first (Top) frame of the capture is correct, and the lower frames that are scrolled into view are all (or mostly all) present, but some "bits" of the first (Top) frame are superimposed (overlaid) on-top of most (or all) of the lower frames.

Sometimes, it is big chunks of the first frame, and sometimes it is little-bits from the first frame.

Here is an example...
Using AutoScroll capture:

Using multiple Selected area captures and manually stitched together:

Here is the URL for the captured page:

Please let me know if you need additional examples.

I wasn't planning to try the Beta version just yet, but if you think it might help, I'll try it.

Also, a minor point... After using SC to capture an IE9 page, sometimes it will leave a blue outline around (inside) the client area of IE as shown in the previous examples, and here:
SC-4 corners-03.png

This doesn't happen every time and I have seen it with previous versions of SC. Refreshing the IE page removes the blue outline.


Running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 w/Media Center
Capturing from IE9 x64

Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Is CHS 2.00.01 out of Beta ?
« on: June 26, 2011, 12:57 PM »
I don't know if this is an "Undesired program feature" (Bug), or if it indicates a problem on my system ...

When I run CHS (Windows Startup), during loading or shortly after completion of loading, I get an error message box:
Screenshot - 6_26_2011 , 11_27_22 AM.png

I am using CHS version 2.00.01
Screenshot - 6_26_2011 , 12_59_11 PM.png

I have seen this error message-box twice and both times were shortly after a reboot/power-up so I assume it could be related to loading CHS at runtime. The Application (CHS) was not identified in the error message so the first time it happened I didn't immediately connect the error message to CHS and I ended up dismissing the error message without copying it. So I only know the error message was similar the second time, but the details could have been different each time.

If I dismiss the error message-box, CHS continues to run, but in both cases I closed CHS and restarted it so I don't know if CHS is actually functional after the error message.

This is an older machine and during Startup, CPU usage is pegged at 100% and things are very slow for a few minutes, so it could be some sort of timeout issue.


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Is CHS 2.00.01 out of Beta ?
« on: May 06, 2011, 02:20 PM »
... Just don't try to go backwards.

So I guess that the new version modifies the database structure in a way that makes the database incompatible with previous versions ...

I'll backup my current CHS folder and run with v2 ... I'll let you know if I find any issues.


Nir Sofer's freeware tool SysExporter can do some of what you want:

Thanks, I'll have a look at it.


Clipboard Help+Spell / Is CHS 2.00.01 out of Beta ?
« on: May 06, 2011, 01:22 PM »
I just downloaded an update to Clipboard Help+Spell using DcUpdater.

On the DcUpdater interface, it lists the latest version of CHS as 1.47.01 from 03/19/2011

This is the same as shown on the CHS page on

But, when I downloaded the update using DcUpdater, and clicked to install it, the installer reports that it is installing Clipboard Help+Spell version 2.00.01

So, should I consider Clipboard Help+Spell version 2.00.01 to be out of the Beta stage ?


Just thinking out of the box a little, so perhaps these are a bit of a stretch to request these as features of CHS, but I think these features would be a great addition for debugging/programming.

(Note: When I say Copy, I mean to create as a new CHS clip, and could also consider to copy the text/image to the clipboard.)

Copy URL's of all open Windows and Tabs of the Default-Browser.

Copy URL's of all open Windows and Tabs of the Specified-Browser.

Copy Full-Path of all open Windows of Windows-Explorer.

Copy the Window-Title of all open Visible and non-Visible Windows/Applications.

Copy the Window-Handle of all open Visible and non-Visible Windows/Applications.

Copy the App-Command-Line of all open Visible and non-Visible Windows/Applications.

Copy the App-exe-path-and-filename of all open Visible and non-Visible Windows/Applications.


If anyone knows of another tool that can already do some of this, please reply.


Add a feature to "explode" a clip based on various delimiters (opposite of merge), so for example:

1) Clip is:

or 2) Clip is: "Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Pears"

Then to explode a clip would make 4 new individual clips.

Delimiters could be "automatically guessed", or could be selected from a list of common delimiters, or specified during use.


  • All clips with URLs were filtered OK using the rule: (Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%http:%') OR (Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%www.%') OR (Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%ftp:%')
  • All clips with "the" in the text filtered OK using the rule: (Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%the%')
  • Text filtering failed using a rule with an upper case character as the first character in the filter string- e.g., (Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%The%') - so it looks as though the syntax is upper-case-averse.   :tellme:  (?)


This is not actually a "Failure" of the software but actually the behavior of the "Filter-Code" that was specified.

The SQL "Filter-Code" you have specified: (Lower(ClipText) LIKE '%The%') means to:
1) look at a copy of the text of each clip
2) convert the copy of the clip text to lower case with "Lower()"
3) take action based on match (or not) to your text "The" which contains an uppercase letter, and can never match the clip which is being viewed as all lowercase.

The original SQL "Filter-Code" by mouser that you copied from was constructed to be case insensitive. If you want to do a case sensitive compare/match, just take out the "Lower" term like:
((ClipText) LIKE '%The%') ... or perhaps: (ClipText LIKE '%The%')


Screenshot Captor / Menu caption overlays captured image
« on: August 01, 2009, 11:11 AM »
I noticed this problem on a previous version of SC, and I just upgraded and it is still there.

Using "Grab Selected Region (Shift+PrtScr)", I position the "Red-Box" as necessary in either "Object" or "Region" mode.

Then I click to open the menu on the Red-Box and click:
"Capture Object Now (Right Ctrl Key)"

The selected image is captured and can be saved, but the menu caption:
"Capture Object Now (Right Ctrl Key)"

is overlayed on the viewed/saved image.

This happens nearly everytime if I am using the mouse.

I don't think it happens if I am using "Shortcut-Keys"

I have attached a sample image.

Screenshot - 8_1_2009 , 10_42_17 AM.png

the console plugin is actually no longer needed... FARR now has built in support for running and capturing and redirecting output of commandline tools.

you can use the appcap command and the %lastappcap% variable to run commands and work with their output.

for example in an alias you could have:

appcap c:\windows\system32\ping.exe;;;showmemo %lastappcap%

First I removed the Console plugin and restarted FARR.

Then I tried entering the command into FARR, as you typed it:
appcap c:\windows\system32\ping.exe;;;showmemo %lastappcap%

But, when I type appcap ....

FARR just continues to search for matches to what I have typed.

When I have completed typing in the line, and I press Enter, nothing happens.

Do I need to configure anything or setup an alias or anything else for appcap to work ?

I am running FARR V 2.55.01 4/19/2009 on WinXP

DCUpdater reports: get version failed for FARR2 Plugin: Console.

Here is a clip from the DCUpdater log:

ERROR: File Not Found [HTTP status code error 404]:
Console (FARR2 Plugin): Completed download of C:\DOCUME~1\1-Kevin\LOCALS~1\Temp\1133.tmp (0k).
Console (FARR2 Plugin): get version failed

The ".zip" file
is also not available.

FARR (aplugins) reports the Console plugin is:
Version: 1.01.06 Release Date: 6.8.2008

where have these files been moved to ?



DcUpdater / DcUpdater and un-installing FARR Plugins
« on: April 13, 2009, 10:52 AM »
I have Find and Run Robot (FARR) and DC-Updater (DCU) installed.

And, I have some FARR Plugins installed.

At various times I have wanted to un-install a FARR Plugin, and to do that I have removed the folder for the FARR Plugin.

This works to remove the plugin from FARR, but I find (at least recently), that the Plugin is no longer shown in DCU as an item available for installation (or update).

Am I missing something when I do the un-install so that DCU can keep track of the install-state of the plugin ?

Is there a recommended procedure for un-installing FARR Plugins ?

I just now tried the (kk backtick) command:
kk `p

and I find that it now works correctly.   :up:

Either that, or it is intermittent and nothing has really changed recently.

For me, it was never intermittent ... once it stopped working, I tried it many times and it always failed.

I guess it would be good to know if others find that it is working again, especially those that had problems with it before.



Where does dc-updater (DCU) store/retrieve the web (Remote) location of files like FARR Plugin Version file and Update file.

DCU has been complaining for some time about "get update failed" for KlipKeeper.

DCU is looking for KK files at:
Remote Version File:
Remote Update File:

Apparently, the files are now at:
Remote Version File:
Remote Update File:

I would like to (if possible) manually edit the data DCU is using so it looks in the correct place for KK files.




I just did some digging, and I found the file ...

I backed up the file and then edited it. I changed "" to "", in three places, and dc-update now shows KlipKeeper is "up to date".


N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Final Release: CZB package
« on: April 07, 2009, 07:20 AM »
For a while now, dc-updater (DCU) has been complaining (get version failed) about the individual CZB plug-ins for FARR.

After some searching why this is happening, I found a thread that explains why:
Eight FARR Plugins Are Failing on DCUpdater: https://www.donation...ndex.php?topic=17494

A post in that thread referred me here.
That's because they've all been moved into one nice convenient package.

CZB Package

I have resisted updating to CZB package, mostly because I don't know how to do it ... I have only used DCU to add/update plug-ins, and I have never done any manual plug-in install or update or removal for FARR.

So, I think I have identified the correct procedure, but I would like to know if it is correct before I continue.

1) Exit FARR and DCU if running.
2) Locate the Plugins folder in the FARR install folder:
3) Delete or Rename or Move the following sub-folders:
  (Perhaps also TodoTXT\ ??)
  (Perhaps also others ??)
4) Download CZB pack: http://czb.dcmembers...ZB_pack/
  and unzip it to: %ProgramFiles%\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins
5) Download FSubScript: http://czb.dcmembers...cript/
  and unzip it to: %ProgramFiles%\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins
6) Done ... restart FARR

Does anything else need to be installed for FSubScript to work ?

Did I miss anything ??

I don't see entries in (DCU) for installing/updating "CZB package" or "FSubScript".
Will DCU show them after I manually install/run them, or will they be added later ?



DcUpdater / Re: Eight FARR Plugins Are Failing on DCUpdater
« on: April 01, 2009, 11:26 AM »
It seems like the suggestion is to remove the FARR plugins
that are shown in the list above, and install the CZB Package
in their place. I assume it should be done in that order.

What is the best way to remove the plugins? I assume I
should stop FARR, then should I just delete the plugins from
the "Program Files/..." folder ? Or, is there an un-install to
perform ?

I guess it would not be reasonable to expect that installing
the CZB Package would automatically do the necessary
un-install actions.


DcUpdater / Re: Best practices implementing update checking?
« on: April 01, 2009, 11:03 AM »
I'd say it is best to silently check for updates ... then if there are updates
available, take action based on user preferences. That way, they are not
bothered if there are no updates. Of course they could set preferences
for no update checking if they are checking manually.

Also the frequency, once per day, once per boot, once per week ... should
also be based on user preferences.

I think a lack of connection is worth special consideration, so if user
preference is to NOT check updates if there is no internet connection then
an occasional prompt/message should be acceptable if updates could not be
checked in a "while". So, if daily update checking is configured, and it
happens that the update check was not successful because the internet
connection is not available, after a week/month of this a message could be
displayed informing the user that update checking needs to be done.

Also, some programs I use check for updates by themself (rather than using
a stand-alone updater). If an update is required, it shows a yes/no prompt.
If I say no, it forgets about it until the next update (could be months). If I
say yes, it does the update and forces a reboot which is rarely at a good
time. So, I am not happy with either choice. I would prefer it also offer
"Remind me later", and "Update at next re-boot".

Find And Run Robot / Can a search in progress be aborted ?
« on: August 09, 2008, 08:24 PM »
Perhaps this is an issue for individual plug-ins.

When I type a command in FARR, using a plug-in,
that generates a large list, FARR goes 'non-responsive'
until the list is completed.

Recently I was using FARR and mru, and I 'accidentally'
typed: mrua instead of mrul

This (mrua) took a few minutes (seemed longer) to
complete but there was no way (that I found) to
interrupt it, or edit the command.


I love this one, I use it all the time ..

I made an alias (named kka) to show all clips:
dosearch kk +sall

One thing that I know used to work but no longer works and I
don't know if this a problem with kk or with FARR, but it used to
be when I typed 'kk' with a backquote, like:
kk `

I would get a mini-help screen showing the backquote
commands ... that no longer happens.  It's like the
backquote is treated as a normal character.

So, if I have 3 clips containing the text:
kk `p
kk `pp
kk `pppp

and if I type in FARR:
kk `
kk `p

I get a filtered list of the three matching clips, instead
of the mini-help screen (kk`) or the kk configuration
screen (kk `p)

I re-downloaded the kk plug-in with the same results.

As far as I know, the only thing that has changed
since this last worked is a couple of FARR updates
(I don't think kk has been recently updated).


I know I asked this here once before ...

Does anyone know where the MRU list of Open Windows Explorer Folders is kept. This is the list used by Windows Explorer: ->Tools->Folder Options->View->Advanced Settings (List)->Restore Previous Folder Windows At Logon. I've looked and done some searches but I can't find where it's stored.

I looked here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell
and I cannot find the list there.

Perhaps someone knows where it is stored, or knows of another place I could ask this question ...



I don't know if there is already a way to do this, and if not, this could be a feature request ...
I was hoping (wishing) there was a way to edit KlipKeeper's list of clipboard clips.

The editing could be just to delete a clip entry, or move a clip entry to the end of the list.

I find that sometimes the top-10 entries can become filled with mostly onetime clips that are not likely to be reused and this requires more frequent searches beyond the top-10 entries.

Nevermind ... I found how to do it ...
 kk `p -- Opens KlipKeeper's configuration gui.


FARR Plugins and Aliases / Re: Locate32 Plugin for FARR by Okke
« on: July 23, 2008, 12:50 PM »
I just installed Locate32 and I have a problem.

I used DcUpdater to install it and everything went fine with the install.

I then hit (Break) to open FARR
I wanted to see the Locate32  help so I began to type: loc /?
At that moment, a dialog box opened: Locate32 Plugin Advanced Configuration

FARR edit box only showed [loc /] so I don't know if my typing of the [?] was even seen.

In the dialog box, the location/path was empty.


I clicked cancel and I get an error box telling me Locate32 cannot be found.


I close the error box and I am back to the Locate32 Plugin dialog box.

FARR window is disabled waiting for input to dialog box.

So, I am in an endless loop, can't close dialog, can't get to FARR.

I had to close FARR with Task Manager-End Process ... everything closed ok.

I will re-boot/retry this and I am sure I will get it working ...
I just wanted to report what appears to be a problem with setup of Locate32 in DCUpdater.



I am a new member ... what a great forum !!!

I have installed FARR and DC-Update, and now added MRU Plug-in.

I can't seem to make it work but I don't know it well enough yet to tell if my results are expected so I will play with it some more until I can reasonably tell what's not working ... right now I assume the error is probably BCK (between chair and keyboard).

I do have a question ...

Does anyone know where the MRU list of Open Windows Explorer Folders is kept. This is the list used by Windows Explorer: ->Tools->Folder Options->View->Advanced Settings (List)->Restore Previous Folder Windows At Logon. I've looked and done some searches but I can't find where it's stored.

Thanks for any help.


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