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This time I'm writing a new post for the issue described above, since I found the cause. It's related to openoffice. I had an OpenOffice process stuck, visible only from task manager. I terminated the process and chs became responsive again. Using the option to re-connect clipboard had no effect in this case.


Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Utf support?
« on: October 27, 2013, 07:07 PM »
+1 on this feature request. It would surely be a great improvement for who works with strings in languages with non occidental characters :)

sorry if write into this thread without creating a new one, but the issue is someway related. In my case, sometimes CHS starts acting so slow that after pressing CTRL C it will take up to 3 / 4 seconds before adknowledging the copied item. The "adknowledgment sound" arrives after this long interval, and if the main window is open, the clip will show in there at the same delayed time. Now, as I'm writing, it is in "slow mode" :) I just tried to exit and run it again, but still no luck. I have been using CHS only for a couple of days, so I haven't many more information to help narrowing down the issue. I'm using Win8 x64 and CHS portable (latest stable version, not the beta).

First update: I just realized this delay also occurs when pasting through CHS POP UP Menu (CTRL ALT Q) while it doesn't on simple CTRL V

Second update: last night I hibernated the machine, and this morning so far it looks like the delay has disappeared (everything back to normality). I didn't exit CHS, just hibernated and resumed my notebook. If today it happens again, I will try to see if it starts when doing something in particular.

I think i should also add that with the clipboard manager (a commercial one) I was using before discovering CHS, I had never encountered this behavior, just to rule out some general issues with my clipboard.

Glad to help further If I can.


Here seems to work well.. I tried with news and search, either with function keys or ctrl + number

First post on this board. Just to say that FARR is a really good program.. The best keyboard launcher i've ever tried, without any doubts. I've installed it today for the first time, and i quickly  noticed this problem with alias autocompletion, came to the forum and saw that a fix was already in progress.. thanks to the author for this very useful tool!

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