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Yo mouser and all,

Life is busy; I have moved over to scientific Python development and tech support. Cross-platform, though mostly working on Mac. I still get warm fuzzies when I see a DC newsletter.

Still full of appreciation and admiration for this quirky, skilled, generous community and its q,s,g founder.

Find And Run Robot / Re: New CPanel alias discussion and suggestions
« on: October 21, 2012, 12:11 PM »
Thanks, Mouser. I will wait patiently by the mouse hole ;)

Find And Run Robot / Re: New CPanel alias discussion and suggestions
« on: October 20, 2012, 11:23 PM »
A basic question from someone who's been depending on FARR for many years, but hasn't really followed its enhancements for most of that time: With this latest update, how do I get a CPanel applet to appear in history? Before this update, this "just worked"; now CPanel itself appears in history, but not the applets. Also, manually adjusting the applet scores does not affect their scores in the search window. Thanks!

That's some serious long-term follow-up, mouser. Thanks!

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR 2.90.02 not useable
« on: September 12, 2010, 01:51 PM »
Reinstalled 2.87.03, works fine. Redownloaded 2.90.02, install file is identical to previous download of it. Reinstalled, problem is the same. From status line: takes 5 minutes to scan all directories. Biggest dirs (with 1-2 k file count) take one minute each to scan. But it's not the download time that this the biggest difference. v2.87 takes over 2 minutes to scan all dirs, because I haven't eliminated caches and such from the FARR scan path. The biggest diff is that when 2.87 is scanning, it's highly responsive. When 2.90 is running, it is (totally?) unresponsive until it has finished scanning. Then when I press another key, it's back to square 1.

Only thing that's unusual on my system right now is that Diskeeper defragger is working in background, but (1) it doesn't bother 2.87, (2) it doesn't bother anybody else (it's running in deep background, very polite), and (3) I think that DK only works on a few files at a time, and 2.90 is sluggish on all directories, every time. Oh, and it's also very slow (tens to hundreds of seconds) to respond to a right-click on its tray icon, vs instantaneous for 2.87

Reinstalled 2.87.03. I'll stick with it for now, may be able to re-test a new version but not much more than that until next weekend. Thanks mouser, and sorry to bear bad news.

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