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  • December 10, 2019, 02:40 AM
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There are lots of text editors that can do syntax highlighting and colorizing, and many are configurable.  I agree with the suggestion of SciTE.  SciTE is based on Neil Hodgson's Scintilla edit control, which includes code folding and syntax highlighting as part of what it does.  As previously mentioned, Notepad++ and Notepad2 are also based on Scintilla, as are a number of other editors.

But whichever you choose, you'll still be faced with creating the rules the editor will use to do the coloring, and adding those rules to the existing lexer files the editor has.  You probably want to spend some time thinking about just how you want your text to be colored, and under what circumstances, to have an idea of what your rules should be.  Then you can look at some editors with configurable highlighting and see what would be involved in getting them to do what you want.

Stop by and poke around.  It's a wiki devoted to text editors that is trying to be as comprehensive as possible.  If it's a text editor, the site wants to list it.  Mainframe, mini, Unix box, PC, PDA - whatever platform and OS.  You can probably find some candidates to investigate.  (There are enough Scintilla based editors to merit their own Family.)

*shrug*, sometimes console2 crashes for me, and that sometimes takes out all the running console apps as well.
Well, yeah, they would be considered child processes of Console, and when the parent croaks, so do the kids.

And by "fullscreen" I didn't mean alt+enter fullscreen, but "GUI console apps" - at least a few of them work very poorly with console2.
Oh, OK.  The main one I tried that had heartburn was SETEDIT.  The DOS version insisted on running full screen, and could not be resized into a window.  If you installed the DOS version, then copied over the EXE for the Win32 console build, it would resize, but Console didn't like it at all.  That author had no idea what was going on.  He wrote it using a Borland toolkit, and something in the Borland library code did things that mightily confused Console.

If those problems were fixed, it would be a really great app, having tabs certainly beat several open cmd.exe windows :)
It works well enough here for me to use it regularly. :)

I just heard about another free console enhancer:  Console
Pretty unstable, though - and it's relatively laggy as well, unless you bump down the update timeout and burn CPU cycles. And has problems with some "fullscreen console apps" (like hexit and hiew).
It's stable enough here.  I have tabs configured to run CMD.EXE, Windows Powershell, TCC LE, Cygwin bash, and MinGW zsh.  I can also run things like Eric Meyer's VDE editor and Necromancer's DOS Navigator.  I had problems with alpha-blending and transparency, and simply turned that off.  Transparency is eye-candy I don't need in daily use.

And I load Kris Sweger's ANSIPlus in CONFIG.NT for ANSI support in DOS apps, and Jason Hood's ANSICON in CMD.EXE/TCC LE sessions for ANSI support there.  It all works fine in Console 2 tabs.  I haven't found a need to diddle the update settings.

Console 2 doesn't do full screen, but I wouldn't want to.  I have a 19" monitor in 1600x1200 resolution, and prefer everything in a window.

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