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Now, if I only knew what CMS means.....???

General Software Discussion / Re: save ebay auctions webpages
« on: April 11, 2010, 07:40 PM »
Firefox has an extension called Scrapbook that does exactly what you want. I have used it for years. It not only lets you specify what types of objects you want to save but how many levels deep you want to process links. Its simply a great extension. I couple it with another extension called "Nuke Anything" that lets me delete stuff I'm not interested in from the page I'm viewing before I capture it with Scrapbook. No sense saving junk like ads, etc.
I will never consider changing browsers (Chrome, Opera, ???) unless it has access to the same or equivalent extensions.

Just a quick question. If I make a donation, does it change my membership status. I am a charter member but whenever I click on "make a donation" it seems to take me to a new member signup page. Are there means to distinguish between a new member and a continuing member. Perhaps its not that important but it just seemed confusing that even though I was logged in I kept ending up on a donation page requesting all new data.

Find And Run Robot / Most basic usage doesn't work as described
« on: February 16, 2009, 10:35 AM »
Ok, its time to ask the stupid question.
I understand that FARR can do absolutely everything. I only want it to do the most basic function as "advertised".
I downloaded it, installed it, pressed the magic pop-up key, started to type in a program I wanted. As described, a list of numbered candidates showed up. I pressed the number corresponding to the one I wanted........... and it broke! Instead of launching the program, FARR treated the digit as just a continuation of the search term.
So I tried all the obvious things. Ctl-digit, Alt-digit, Fn-digit, you name it. Nothing.
Since I could scroll down to the various programs, I have been using that approach every since. It continues to bug me, however, that it refuses to work as described.
If I had modified it, extended it, or tweaked it in any way I would assume it was my fault. I didn't. All I tried to do was use it as the most basic plain vanilla, follow-the-instructions-and-it-will-work launcher program.
I'm certainly not going to tweak the program if I can't get it to work in out-of-the-box mode.
Whats the problem please?

Find And Run Robot / Re: Schedule
« on: October 04, 2007, 12:47 PM »
Thanks for the responses.
Basically you have said that the available version is reliable and stable.
I had thought about trying FARR 2 but on the download page it is described as an ALPHA PREVIEW release. To me, an alpha version means slow, buggy and prone to crash your computer with amazing regularity. Usually you see alpha releases accompanied by major warnings about possible catastrophic consequences if you are stupid enough to run it without completely backing up your computer first.
This leaves me still conflicted but I guess I will try it.

Find And Run Robot / Schedule
« on: September 26, 2007, 09:00 PM »
I've only been a member for a few months so I may not understand the background but it's starting to seem like FARR 2 is vaporware. Even the download page shows a delayed date of July crossed out over the promise of an August release. It is now almost October and I don't see any real discussion of an actual release date - not that it would be received with any confidence at this point.
It sounded like a good piece of software and I did not install the current version due to the promised features and availability of version 2. Now it seems that version 2 may never actually arrive? Any feedback as to actual status would be appreciated.

General Software Discussion / Re: envelope printing freeware?
« on: April 23, 2007, 09:48 AM »
I have used the Splinter Creek Envelope Wizard for a couple years and it works just great for my needs. It should do just what you ask. Someone already mentioned it and where you can get it (freeware4u) but since they hadn't used it I thought I would add my recommendation. I haven't tried Quick Envelopes but I do notice that it is a 2mb+ download while Envelope Wizard is a 212kb zip file. It also is very clean in that it has no installer - you just put it in a directory of your choice (Program Files / Envelope Wizard would seem an obvious possibility ) and create a shortcut to it. The only thing I have found to be a problem is that it will cut off address lines that are too long - it will show them in their entirety when you input them but truncate them when you print. I don't know at what length it truncates but it takes a pretty long line - I've only experienced it once or twice in which case I just split the offending line into two lines.
I looked for a free plain vanilla envelope printer for a long time before I finally found this one. I was suprised that there weren't more out there. I guess everyone just expects you to use your word processor to create envelopes but I find that a hassle. This one just did exactly what I needed - no more and  no less - and it was a small, clean program.

Hi - I have an ongoing and frustratingt problem for which I have never found a solution tool.
I am unfortunately stuck with dial-up internet service and slow dial-up at that. I periodically observe that everything (primarily FireFox and Thunderbird) slows down for no known reason. I can see that there is steady incoming traffic by popping up my internet connection monitor but everything seems to be stuck in molasses. The mystery is that when I get so disgusted that I close any and all programs that should be accessing the internet the incoming traffic continues, often for megabyte after megabyte after megabyte. Somebody is sending me stuff but I cannot figure out who or what.
Let me eliminate the obvious possibilities. I keep my computer quite secure, do real-time av/malware, etc and periodically perform full "bad stuff" scans without ever having found any type of infection. I also have windows update set to manual so it isn't Microsoft pushing crap on me without my permission.
What I have been looking for literally for years is a utility that will do for my communications something similar to what all the process viewers/monitors/tamers try to do for cpu hogs. I need a utility that will tap in and process my inbound (outbound would be nice too) packets and show me 1) what it is, 2) where it is coming from, and 3) where is it going (accumulating in memory, going to file(s), ???)  and generally provide as much info as possible (tied to a whois for instance), to help me figure out what this traffic is so I can control or prevent it.
It seems like such an obvious utility that I am always amazed when I do a web search and cant find anything that seems to do anything like that.
While I need it to monitor my dial-up connection, it would seem to be a great utility for broadband connections as well.
Any suggestions or leads? They wold be REALLY appreciated.

General Software Discussion / Re: GPS Software?
« on: April 22, 2007, 12:13 PM »
If you don't want a device than can be used other than with a notebook you might consider Microsoft Streets & Trips w/ GPS locator. I just aquired it and haven't put it through its paces yet but it is supposed to do all the things you ask including route planning and real-time voice directions.
The current version is 2007 but I see lots of the 2006 edition in the marketplace and you can find it pretty cheaply if you watch for sales ( 2006 edition ~ $50-$60 ). Another source might be ebay or craigslist ( I picked up the 2007 on craigslist for $45 ).

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