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Circle Dock / Re: circle dok : doppio giro di icone
« on: February 22, 2011, 04:29 PM »
Forse ho capito e la risposta è si e no. No, CD non lo prevede. Si, se non usi la contro rotazione puoi fare due anelli fittizi formati da più giri di icone inserendo un anello formato da icone trasparenti che non fanno nulla anche se la cosa potrebbe risultarti ostica. Lo puoi fare anche con la contro rotazione ma vedresti i "giri" di icone ruotare in maniera strana.

***** Reserved Off Topic Star.
ONLY for maik48 eyes: già non è tanto carino scrivere in altre lingue su forum esteri dove la net-etiquette impone l'utilizzo di una lingua comune come l'inglese, che avresti dovuto imparare più che a sufficienza nelle nostre ottime scuole, ma almeno scrivi in un'Italiano corretto e comprensibile con punteggiatura annessa. Non facciamoci riconoscere nel mondo come un popolo rozzo quale assolutamente non siamo e facciamo vedere a tutti che Noi siamo fieri di essere Italiani amando anche la nostra lingua, una delle più antiche, poetiche e romantiche dell'intera umanità specie nel 150-esimo anno dell'unità d'Italia, grazie.
*****  Reserved Off Topic End.

Translate by human (me):
Maybe I understand and the answer is yes and no. No, CD don't do your request. Yes, if you don't use counter rotation you can create fictitious rings made by more rings adding a fake ring with transparent dummy icons even if the think can be hard. You can due the same thing with counter rotation but you will see a strange animation.

For other: excuse me, because the MarkGate :), I lost interest in my projects and in the forum but some times I made a jump here so I decide to reply to my countryman, at least for the 150th anniversary of the unity of Italy.

Circle Dock / Re: Change of Licensing from Version 2 (Cancelled)
« on: August 03, 2010, 11:34 AM »
If you are a private user and have no more than two copies of Circle Dock installed and they are installed on computers that you personally own, then you may continue to use all versions of Circle Dock as "Donation-Ware"....
I return after some time and I find bad news.
I don't understand why a limit on how many copies we have. Now I use 6 copies of CD because it's too slow to navigate in its folders so I have a CD for each topic: games, app, programming, personal, doc ... and others for my girlfriend.
Mark, I know you've always been against my idea, but block it in this way it's not right, limit of copies on one account is a nonsense.
Furthermore there are other way to have money without commercial license (example: with sponsor) and thousand of great application are totally free and the core of CD is an Erik property and he give is code to community for free, also to you.
If one of us use Erik core for an other CD developing the name CircleDock is free and usable so I hope you change the name and leave free CircleDock to community.
However I will never use the new version so your limit will be useless.
Vary bad idea.

 one month is passed and I made many bug fixes and improvements but it's very difficult to test and correct all the code and from now I don't have other time  :( 
I'm very sad to stop the project and now I have only two way:
 - Seek help from the community: programmers and testers
 - Make the code public
The code is made in AutohotKey so if there are programmer that now it, please, contact me through this thread.
If nobody want the code I post it at the end of the next week.

I hoped to finish the shape module and then post the mathematical code and at the end the entire project code but now is all for you also if uncompleted.

TODO List:
- Finish the Cassini oval system.  Curve formula is OK but it must find a way to divide icon in more oval to maximize the curve
- Multi CD system is finish but to test a solve possible problem
- Add shape parameters to expand, modify the curves
- Add error detection system to config file, now only a correct config go on and other are ignored
- Add a gui

The code is little complex because is a little war against CircleDock finding a way to hide/show the cd, find a way to add elem and redraw the shape, find a way to do all the thing that CircleDock do a thing.
It would be simpler if Mark integrate the shape module inner his Circledock and this thing would decimate
my code
Also the multi-CD is more simplest in the original CD code similar to ObjectDock.
So if Mark want to use my code I gift it to him with many please.

Many many thanks  ;D

Rigel, you have a wonderful way with words  ;D ;D ;D

Really???? Thanks.  :D
But you find my English funny, strange or correct? I hope it's good because my future father-in-law came from New York and He speaks a very good Italian hundred times better than my english.

Hello  ;D
I'm glad to find you. I had to do many many thing but in Italy we can say ironically "L'erba cattiva non muore mai" ("The evil grass never die")  ;D
I had some trouble that slow me down and then I must rewrite all CDC two times because first implementation was to hard to upgrade and in the second version arrays structure wasn't stable and too slow. Then I thought to suspend the project waiting for .Net ver 4 where I hope it automatically set labels and show style to great speed up my CDC and to have more compatibility with CD but yesterday I had a big idea so I solve many problem e Voilà, les jeux sont faits!  ;D
Indeed in some moments the complexity of the code and some trouble made me think to reproduce my vision of CD in Java but my Girlfriend impugned a shoe with a very and impressive long heel and she has menaced me to use on a very precious part of my body  :P so I desist  :P

   I add the rar with my app for multi CD and shape. Thanks to Sarge :) for the name: CDCompanion
Excuse me for the partial release but there are many test to do and I have less time day by day.
Tomorrow I test others shape and if nobody post problem in the next few day I post the others option for multi CD.
Then, when the base is stable, I will search a way to enable new drag and drop system.
I hope to find the time to do a better guide, for now keep patience :)
Please post comment, bug or suggestion.

Circle Dock / Re: Requests / Suggestions thread
« on: March 17, 2010, 04:11 PM »
In one of my project I have thousand of object with image dynamicaly builded by AI and to speed up the system when I restart the program I save the object on file with an ObjectStream like a memory dump so when the program load the object there are all the resource, image resized, status ecc and I have a speed up of 1000%. It's possible to store item in a core folder with c#? Instead of config file there can be a main folder with the main object stored and a real folder tree for the CD folder so I can save and export items in other CD moving/copying only the file. It's possible?
p.s. Happy St. Patrick's Day

Circle Dock / Re: Grid shape
« on: March 17, 2010, 07:05 AM »
With my ext app I can do your request but what appened if you add an other icon?
It's the same roblem of triangular shape, it lose the shape's coherency. The problem increases with more icon added and when there are 14 the center is lose in one of four center icons. All the non linear shape have this problem and are valid only for complete "octet" and in your case 8 icons, 24 icon ... (n^2 -1) where n is only odd.
I think for this particular shape is better to wait the docklets and if they are simple I'll made surely your square shape.  :D

Circle Dock / Re: Requests / Suggestions thread
« on: March 16, 2010, 03:04 AM »
   can you add some controls or labels to know where the user is folder tree? Or adding previous folder's icon araund actula center icon to rappresent folder's ancestors? Or right-click menu to rappresent folder tree? or right click icon tree to pass between n-level folde to k-level folder?
It's possible to have "keep in memory" option to speed up transition between folders where there are many icon?

Hi, Mark
I like customize my desktop experience so I made some experiment initially for multiple instance where there are infact some restriction becouse the CD "show and hide" system is not standard and not recognized by windows so the users must use my show/hide system.
Other little problem is drag&drop but I think I will solve.
Thera are other problem based on event but they don't cause data lost or instability, only temporary graphic issue for now resolving with show/hide. I'm studing a way to intercept the varius event to solve all problem but I prefer finish the beta release first.
My program is in advanced of state and there many line code so I don't think to translate/pass in other language like docklet. If you want I pass you the geometrical code or better if you pass me the method for eclipse I send you the methods for others shape.
For multiinstance app the problem is show/hide system and multi drag&drop but you don't like the multiinstance system so I think remains like now.
If you want my code I'am to your orders  :D


I'm trying a new algo, Cassini Oval, it's little difficult but when I finish I can have many circles like image below and also the counter-rotation

Lemniscate added as sgtevmckay's desires  :D
See the last 2 image of first post for info.

Thank you very much
I'm proud of your proposition to add my app to wikidot. My app is a gift to community hence you have my authorization to do what you want but only if you have the authorization by Mark. Although seems difficult to do my app is not complex, I spent the major part of the time to hook the CD items and to filter the mouse functions.
So Mark can realize all my feature in a tenth of my time and so You must have his authorization. When I finish I release my app and then the math algo in pseudo-code for common use ;)

However your shape is a lemniscate often known as an oval of Booth. I found other math formulas like flower shapes where you can chose the number of petal
The difficulty to use a shape generally is not the formulas but you must find a way to outdistance the items along the path and then find a linear function for the rotation.
In case of lemniscate there is an other problem when the lines intersect each other.
The simplest solution is to ignore the problem and the icons collide.
The best solution is to use a z-axis to make smaller the items passing under the intersection progressively where they go closer to it.
I'm working on second solution also for other shape like twister but for now I find nothing to do that.  :(

When my work on drag&drop is finish maybe I upload an alpha version only for shape.

Thanks  :D
I found an other rotation mode:
Mode 1: all the spiral rotate on center
Mode 2 (new): the spiral don't change but the element turn exchanging thier place so:
  •     1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-1 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-1-2 ....
  •     1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 -> ctrl-mouseScrollUp ->
  • -> 9-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 8-9-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 ....

Mode 3 (???): maybe the 2 above joined
Mode 4 (experimental): screw mode, when you turn towards center the spiral constrains progressively and when you turn away from center the spiral opens like a twister

Rotation fixed and 100% works  :D

Circle Dock / Re: Error: when moving CD folder in the center
« on: March 07, 2010, 03:12 PM »
 Thanks  :)

Circle Dock / Re: Error: when moving CD folder in the center
« on: March 07, 2010, 06:14 AM »
  I'll send you a report from CD

   I have the same error moving CD folder in an other CD folder.
  Also "send report" from CD setting give me the same error.

This rar is with password, I'll send you pass by PM

Circle Dock / Error: when moving CD folder in the center
« on: March 06, 2010, 05:52 AM »
 when I move a CD folder in the center to move to parent folder I have this error:
06-03-2010 12-44-44.png

Then I moved one item at a time (I tried to move the folder each icon removed and I had same error) and then the empty folder with no error.
Then I tried with the new folder with the same items and same error but no error so for me the problem now is solved.
I report anyway the error for future problems

Since I have not reproduced the error I report a screenshot of my inspector when there was the error
06-03-2010 13-16-52.png

- I chose config file to use possible new features
- Support for shape function, see: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=21901.0

I install CD Version and my app works without any change  :D

 thanks for new version but at point 1 and 4  there should also \System\Miscellaneous\standalonestack.ini

   I try also traingular shape in two version but effect is not good  :(
Hexagonal shape is similar to circle, obviously  :P
If you want some shape ask here specially of you write the geometrical formulas

p.s. I now find a way to create personal shape via drag and drop but is hard and so it will come in future

   when  I was doing some move experiments I played with some instructions to obtain this: Spiral Shape. :D
Total customizable:
  - Distance between icons
  - Distance between spires
  - Type of spiral
  - Drag and Drop allowed  maintaining shape
  - Three rotation mode
  - Fusion with my other app for multiple instance: https://www.donation...ex.php?topic=21864.0

THIS IS AN ALPHA VERSION (only for expert, use at own risk):
-there are other thing to do and to test
-only spiral is allowed in the
-The new CD drag element ability is not enable in this alpha
-Multiple CD is not test. I change many thing so instruction in my "multi CD" pages are not correct, I change it when I have more time.

Ok, in rar file you can find an exe and a config file. The following line are an example of configuration if single CD
-name Main
-path C:\Users\MYUser\games\CircleDock.exe
-circle 1
-shape spiral
-key F9
-modifiers ctrlalt
In this version there are NOT error check so You must to be sure to use -option with right word like the one in config file.
-name is the name of CD. This parameter must be unique for all CD because its used as parameter to call other CD from parent CD. If You add an CDCompanion.exe to one CD with argument NameYouChoose when you click on icon it opens the relative NameYouChoose CD
-path is the path name where you put CD
-shape is the shape, for now only spiral (if you don't specify this option the shape is circle)
-key is one key of keyboard, joystick or mouse button (LButton,  Rbutton, Mbutton ...) but is better you use a combo hotkey and set it to one special mouse button with its original program.
-modifiers ctrlalt Is a string with ctrl,alt,shift to use with key. (I use ctrlalt F22 set to one of my special mouse button). It's not import  the order but that is a string with the modifiers you choose. (If not used there aren't modifier)
-circle is a little complex and it is used to hide or show brothers CD (example: in one CD you add icon to call more CD with the same center. You open CD in second circle from main CD, then you open an other CD from main CD in the same circle and this with parameter CDCompanion hide the CD from second.
   CD > item1 on second circle
   CD > item2 on second circle => hide item1
    CD > item1 on second circle > item11 from second circle on third circle
    CD > item2 on second circle => hide item1 and its son  item11 and all other offspring

There are other important option that I explain in next Alpha version, It's already implemented but I don't test all so I write about it when They are more stable or tested.
Excuse me for this incremental release but I have many problem detecting original CD behaviour because it don't set the Windows style of its elements and don't use label to find it. For this reason you can NOT use nothing of the show/hide CD system, not when you click an item, nor with edge detection, nor other one. You must set CD to start hidden and then use key setted in CDCompaion or the CDCompanion item/icon to hide/show all the CD. I'm sorry for show/hide problem but CD don't signal its state so it's the same for hidden or shown.

Rotation modes:
Mode 1: all the spiral rotate on center
Mode 2 (new): the spiral don't change but the element turn exchanging thier place so:
  •    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-1 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-1-2 ....
  •    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 -> ctrl-mouseScrollUp ->
  • -> 9-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 -> ctrl-mouseScrollDown ->
  • -> 8-9-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 ....

Mode 3 (???): maybe the 2 above joined
Mode 4 (experimental): screw mode, when you turn towards center the spiral constrains progressively and when you turn away from center the spiral opens like a twister

Lemiscate (last 2 image) suggested by sgtevmckay: see below

Future Todo
  - Special spiral shape
  - Other shape

p.s. I Release this with my ohter external app  :P

26-02-2010 15-39-50.png
26-02-2010 15-38-50.png
26-02-2010 15-45-09.png
26-02-2010 15-42-50.png
26-02-2010 15-41-10.png

Lemiscate is suggested by sgtevmckay
You can change:
  • the shape of petal lengthening it or the general shape in many mode with two number 0 < b <= a
  • distance between icons in degree

There are three type of rotation:
  • Orange rotation 1: the item takes place of next/previous one
  • Orange rotation 2: the items move smoothly along the Lemiscate  
  • Purple rotation: The lemiscate rotate around his intersection
Lemniscata roto.png

Oh!!! Thanks :D
I think my app works with all CD e Win versions becouse I intercept some basic things. However if Mark change something, with my new knowledge, I can modify the app in some second to works with old and new versions.
Instead some mod on CD can help me to add or speed up my app.
I can also change the shape to triangular, square, linear or something else external to CD without to touch nothing in CD setting but for now I don't think to do it.
Even better,now it came in my mind a way to use an only CD installation for all the instances, I will investigate  :D
In future I will investigate also on superbar and tryicon CD emulation as a User had request.
The future is rousing  :D

   today i find many solution  ;D
I change the first post "feature and TODO" list so if you interest in my app you check there.
If you have some suggestion or app to substitute center button write here.
For now:
- New show/hide system works 100% and fast
- I find the center button (to hide or no????) and so the CD center to move it.

There is two way to use my app:
      1: Run all the CD at windows start
      2: Run one CD when called the first time
In first mode all the system is very fast but ram expensive
In second mode, the first time I call CD I must wait for CD starts.
Mumble mumble, 1 or 2 or I leave the choice to users???

Bye Bye

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