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Version 1.1
    [*]Alerts when battery becomes fully charged (optional).
    [*]Displays battery charge percentage in pop-up when hovering mouse over tray icon[/list]
    To prevent battery fully charged alert, edit BatteryDeley.ini and set
    (If file BatteryDeley.ini doesn't already exist it will be created when program is run.)

    BatteryDeley version 1.1 (12/31/2009)

    Alerts you when your laptop battery is getting low. Also alerts you when external power is unplugged or plugged back in, and when battery becomes fully charged. Fully configurable.

    By default it alerts you when your battery gets down to 22%, 16%, and 12%. You can change these numbers to anything you like, and you may add an unlimited number of alerts.

    Each alert may include its own image, plus a .wav sound or other command to run. See file BatteryDeley.ini for settings (if there is no BatteryDeley.ini file, run the program and it will make one).

    I got tired of having my Vista laptop die on me with no warning, so I pieced this together from various parts made by others. (Actually it's mostly an enhancement of BatteryRun by Skrommel. Thank you Skrommel.)

    (Thank you to for their images. My favorite place to get icons.)

    Download (includes AutHotKey source & Windows compiled exe)

    (Also see the PowerCircle battery monitor, which is another free program at and also at

    —David Deley

    N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: PowerCircle
    « on: February 01, 2009, 04:05 AM »
    Nice idea. Seems to be off by 1% though. e.g. when GetSystemPowerStatus says there's 83% left, PowerCircle says there's 82% left.

    I need a program to display a message in the lower right corner of the screen, without taking focus away from what the user is doing, and the message disappears after a few seconds.

    Any solution is fine. AutoHotKey solution would be fine.

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