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Finished Programs / Re: ARGH!!!! How To Save View In Open/Save Dialog???
« on: September 07, 2009, 04:16 AM »
I know this is a REALLY old thread but, no doubt some people will be led here on their search and I thought I would post the name of the utility I use, which really does exactly this and more useful stuff too. Free of course.
FileBox eXtender and it is available from :

Hmm how did I forget about this already. Here I am using orbit as my main (only) download manager!

Wow is this really as useful as it seems??!!
I have recently changed some stuff to do with my graphics card. It all began when games were going blank for no apparent reason ... long story but in the process I had to ditch using Ati Tray Tools.  I had a hotkey set up to switch to TV mode fast through that program and now I am lost.
I google my idea: A simple shortcut, maybe batchfile or something to do this.
Am I glad your little app came back in the results because this is better than ever!
Thank you so much.

Oh right. Oops.  I haven't bothered with AutoHotkey. I installed it once and was um, confused. That is about as far as I took it  :tellme:
Been using the program so much since I got it mate, I must spread the word about this File Nanny!

Hmm that is weird.
That's what I get from the properties of it!
I will attempt to attach it.
Here you go - have a looksee.
Cheers  :)

I just tested it by going through the versions and it seems that the version I quoted there is the last one that doesn't have that 'problem'.
It is strange I agree. As if there is something causing a delay or hang but I know there is nothing much happening behind the scenes once the program has done the folder creation renaming etc so erm...I'm no programmer at all apart from some customisations of windows with various batchfiles and the odd vbs script so I can't help I'm afraid - wish I could!
Is it a good idea to add an auto refresh after every file move?
Would that interfere with anything else explorer wise I wonder?
I will watch this space as it's interesting to see it develop. 
Like a mini soap opera you have going here  :D

Hello all.
You know I really can't remember how I came to find this thread today but I am glad I did :)
Reading through, it is interesting to see the changes made from the start up to where the program is up to now.
Let me say thank you so much for this useful utility!!
It's great.
EDIT: Let me just add that, as I have browsed this thread I have downloaded and tried each development and looked at the changes and the versions.
After trying the most recent one I decided to go back... I'm not criticising here, it is just that I only need the functions that your version number  gives me.
To do the original function of file>folder and the added bonus option of choosing the name of the created folder.
I must admit though, it was the refresh thing that helped me decide  :-[
Maybe it's just the amount of coffee I drink - no patience!
Seriously though the older one is great for me.  I don't need any archiving etc functions.
This program fills a gap where nothing, as far as I know, has done in the past.
I really love it and have used it a few times already sisnce just having downloaded it less than an hour ago!
Cheers   :Thmbsup:

Do you realise, this is great, reopening such an old thread but that is exactly what I am posting about funnily enough!
Do you realise that this is only NOW being discussed in the newsletter windows weekly (this is a very highly respected and successful newsletter that is subscription as well as a free limited edition).
I got this in it today and though it seemed familiar:
Checking IE7Pro's background gives a reader pause
Isn't it strange that so many people only just heard about this?  Including me, I only found it on here not so long ago!
so the question is now:  Are they a trustworthy company?
Is there really anything wrong or risky with using their software?
If anyone would like to comment I would be interested to hear anything  :)

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