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The portable 12v air pump, as someone already mentioned, is important and can be run from the portable 12v battery jump starter.

Depending on the climate where you live and drive, if there is any chance of getting stuck in snow or on ice the best low cost super-effective and easy to store necessity is enough carpet remnants (living room quality) for at least each drive wheel. About a foot-square and flat, they're about @$1.00 or so from home improvement stores. I live in Northern Minnesota and these have saved me from many deep snow/ice stuck events.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Problems with FARR
« on: December 15, 2009, 03:03 PM »
Like I said I have completely searched all pertinent drives manually and with Windows Search.

It no longer showed up with subsequent searches but I found it listed in the Tasks List of Where's James (a startup manager app). I tracked it backward and there it was in the Programs Files again, and I know it had been deleted and removed from there. So I deleted the folder and now I get a window at bootup saying that FARR.exe cannot be found.

I may have to redownload, install it again, and then try to remove it. 

Find And Run Robot / Re: Problems with FARR
« on: December 15, 2009, 01:52 PM »
Thanks, but after having deleted every FARR files I could find manually and with Search (there were a few old ones in a rarely used old download folder), deleted all of Recycle Bin, even defragged, FARR icon still opens at startup and the icon is in the tray and functional.

What else do you suggest?

Find And Run Robot / Problems with FARR
« on: December 14, 2009, 09:54 AM »
First of all, I had removed FARR from bootup because I needed to speed it up. Then one day it began to start at bootup out of the blue on its own. No matter that I made sure the options box was/is unchecked, and removed it from Where's James startup manager (FARR did not show up in msconfig startup or ANTVIR task manager startup at all).

I uninstalled using the FARR uninstaller and it left a bunch of files. I restored and uninstalled using Cleanse uninstaller and it looked like it had cleaned everything.  It didn't. FARR is still installed and runs by itself at bootup, the tray icon remains, and is still functional.

I need to uninstall it completely -- what do I need to do?

Fred's newsletter was my teacher from the beginning when I bought a PC with XP. But after several years subscribing I realized it was so interesting that I had gotten so involved in the computER + systems that I didn't have time for computING (availing the whole of internetting and time-consuming graphics), which was my original goal; then began glossing over the newsletters to the point where I actually stopped reading the final months of my last subscription's issues. It was worth the money just for access to the archives though.

I will miss his stuff like if you lose an old friend you haven't seen for years but took for granted would be around.

P.S. I haven't played any chess in awhile either but I think I might get out the old board and update the pieces. I remember the days when chess pieces were called "chess men" ( as in "he captured my man") -- I know I will like playing with women much better.


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