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Living Room / Re: British money is about to get really cool
« on: April 10, 2008, 09:02 AM »
Good cost :) I think, GBP much better than euro.

Living Room / Re: How many people work from home?
« on: April 10, 2008, 08:56 AM »
I do work from home and I work for an employer.

Here's my new utility to power off. I think advantages is:
- fast end of workday ;)
- stylish message 'POWER OFF' at the end creates the good mood :)

It's free to try. Link:

Your portfolio so beautiful... especially gradients in 'E403 North Lake'...
May I take this Idea? ;)

No.  Client paid for the design.  I would not want anyone taking a design I worked very hard on.

Sure. Two regions with gradients looking good. Really nice work.

Two keys press + mouse move + click... So sad :)


Your portfolio so beautiful... especially gradients in 'E403 North Lake'...
May I take this Idea? ;)

My program is useful for me... I use it frequently :)
May be it's not suitable for others...
You may test It for yourself. I like message 'POWER OFF' ;)

Curt: When I written this program I spend about

  - 30 minutes for write HotKey and shutdown function,
  - 5 days for 'POWER OFF' message ;),
  - 2 days to write .manifest for vista :(
  - 1 day to create install package
  - 1 month to test

Most difficult to me was an adaptation for vista :( Examples at msdn was wrong etc...

Thanks for your suggestion about img

Two keys press + mouse move + click... So sad :)
Do you remember old good MS-DOS time? No mouse clicks etc..
Just one press at any time ;)

to use method at your link I have to minimize all windows
It's not conviniant for me ;) too slow...

I'm and my friends tested it about month... and no random presses :)
I think It depends to person... :)

Shutdown utilities with Desktop Shortcuts already exists, but may be I shall add this feature to next version.

In my opinion, main features is simplicity, speed and fun 'POWER OFF' message  ;)

Good Perl start here:

Perl most suitable for me.  It's not preinstalled on Windows XP and I don't know about Vista.

Python is nice language too. :)

Curt: I'm happy to read this.  :-[  Thank you for your advice, I forgot about email...

Ampa: Wonderful tips, thank you very much! It's my first completed site :)

kdevelop is good choice as IDE. For native linux applications gcc compiler and some libraries as Qt or Gtk. My favorite libraries for graphics applications is SDL and Irrlicht.  For simple application I use the Perl. Most applications runs at Linux and Windows without source changes.

I use Robosoft for PAD editing and submiting. It's free for one month.
I use InnoSetup as installer. InnoSetup is simple and free.

My site have no JavaScript, rollover buttons designed by CSS methods. Hard work about month!  ;)
Any suggestions will be nice!

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