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So I gave myself a challenge : Write a simple cloud IDE in a language you don't know yet on a platform you haven't used.

The result :

You can write mostly any perl code (upto 5.10) with a snazzy STDIN option you can use ARGV and <>. If you sign in with GitHub it maintains all your scripts as personal github gists ;) Sweet and Simple!

It has a mostly secure sandbox that runs perl code, like I said I'm a perl/linux newbie and that's why it's mostly.

See this for the stack I used:
See this post for my server security implementation.

So finally after all those ages I put this up as Open Source on the MIT license:


Installer Tools, which to use and why.
Where to hosting your files, and webpage.

I've had a great time using NSIS(Nullsoft Scriptable Install System). Very simple to use, tons of features and examples. - The best place to host files. More reliable when you signup =P


Yet another one of my pet projects.This one was built for me and a friend and we've been using it for a while. But now its the first post on my spanking new blog!!

Would mean the world to me if you guys tell me what you think!? :-*


So yet another app that I've been using for over a year. If you're like me and you download a lot of source code you might find this a little useful.

Basically it allows you to right click a sln or csproj(for now) and upgrade or build it straight from there. Its not too much magic, just using visual studios hidden command line interface.

Here's what it looks like:

You need to set the path to devenv.exe (I know its crappy but I coded this while I was in high school :-[). You can also set the path to csc which will allow compiling .cs files form the shell. But for .net 3.x+ it doesn't work to well. Basically the program creates a batch file and runs it, it creates a output.txt file with info. Also, if you try building older solution instead of upgrading, the build will fail.

Tell me if you guys find this useful and I might actually bother to update the code!  :Thmbsup:

Ok.... was actually trouble getting a contextmenu in there because of the way i programmed it! I'm so ashamed when I look at this code sometimes... :-[

I just added copying hex codes since we don't use rgb and it would include me making the boxes bigger which would look crappy. To copy the hex just click the box, clicking the box makes it bold so you can kinda "mark" colours.

The link and the attachment in the first post has been updated.

Tell me what you guys think. :down: :up: ??


is to show you what specific preset colors that can be referenced in DOT NET programming languages look like.  so its not really meant for html/RGB colors
Initially very true was only a reference app... but I did consider doing that strongly... would be a little more useful than it is... however I was thinking more on the lines of displaying hex and rgb when you mouse over a box and clicking it would copy it... but context menu sounds good too... which would deliver better user experience?

The scrollbar does not adjust right when you want 1 column of colors.
wow... really weird bug..  problem even with 2 columns... and by weird i mean ALL the boxes have been added to the form and their locations correctly set... its like the form doesn't want to scroll anymore!

Will try to fix it but probably after adding the hex/rgb options.

no problem.... hope you guys tried resizing the app... the colours appear properly placed no matter what size the app is.... this was something i coded just for challenge of it lol!!

I'm thinking about sharing this other app i made called quick build.... allows you to build vs solutions from the explorer shell context menu...


So I'm finally ready to showcase one of my apps, and its been almost a year since i stopped making any pet apps... and surprisingly this app is over 1.5 years old!!

There always comes a time when you're coding and you suddenly need to know what one of the .net colours you're going to use looks like, especially with those whimsical names. So I made this up......tell me what you guys think?? :Thmbsup:

I've attached the file to this post and here a link too just incase.
http://www.mediafire.../iwnoghfvzxy/Colours v2.1.exe

A little about the app, version one was all my effort... a little crazy programming went into getting mouse over highlights but the performance was terrible... a little help from the forums and version 2 performed way better... also it took a while for me to figure how to get the text on each box to be a visible colour! lol

Thanks so much


Thought It was what I needed:

Good stuff, gives you all the info by running a standalone exe. But under network adapters it just gives me my Realtek LAN, my WLAN doesn't show!? Is there a better way to detect my hardware?


um, well, it came straight from the HP guys itself, the laptop is so new(manufactured in March) the hardware was made a month or so earlier, so they haven't bothered to write drivers for WinXP, the only actual drivers written are the ones on the websites and there are just 2-3 of them. The rest of the drivers just managed to work(By asking device manager to read the inf setup file). I chatted a second time with HP a techie and this guy said they'll release the drivers "soon". It seems the thing was "made for Vista"

But, I'm not to sure of the manufacturers to some of my hardware, is there a way I can find out, with some app? The full name and model of my Ethernet Controller! I've figured the names just from forums. It just shows as "Ethernet Controller" in Device manager.

Thanks so much

wow! the madness never ends! There aren't any proper drivers for Win32 either! :mad: :mad: :mad: They flatly told me, the machine was "made for vista" and I should get vista! They released the laptop before releasing drivers for WindowsXP? All the drivers they've got are for Vista!

So I want to know how are people doing with Vista? Its been a long time since I whacked Vista Beta2 off my system, it was more or less a nightmarish experience!

Has compatibility got stability got better with Vista now, especially for programmer? I'm certainly going to have a performance hit right?

Thanks so much

lol! never thought it was 16-bit geesh! Thanks :up: Makes more sense now. Guess I'll have to keep that in mind for Vista64! :)

Thanks for the replies but alas, its been over 10 days since i got the thing and I haven't found half my drivers.So i'm going to go ol Win32 tonight.

I did have some problems win XP64, I put a DOS version of mario and it didn't work, there was also another game that mysteriously would never start, it should up in the TaskManager like this 'CakeMania.exe *32' and then poof! Disappear.
Yes the games were to pacify my sister since I was hogging my desktop trying to find drivers all day! I've literally been crippled. I got the sound to work but the mic stopped working, seems most of my hardware was manufactured only a few months ago so they haven't bothered to write drivers for Xp64!!

I think not many people care about XP64, HP has every x64 driver right on they're site for Vista64. So I'm guessing when I make the move to Vista I'll get Vista64. It was fun getting to know a little about x64, I guess WinXP64 its only good for the guys really interested in x64 Assembly Programming. I mean, with Visual Studio I can still build a x64 app, i only won't be able to run it!

Thanks so much :)

So there is definitely some in compatibility! Right now my compaq is so screwed up with the various audio drivers that the volume control shows up and songs play but with NO SOUND! even with full volume!   

Ok, a little more off topic, i'm sorry, would Xp64 be able to get drivers for me online? If i connect?

I did try a whole LOAD of places, and spent about 7 hours today scouring for an audio driver and touchpad driver(for the scroll line thingy) and a way to test my webcam? I have the infamous Conexant SmartAudio 221 card, and someone quite knowledgeable on the hp drivers forum said the card is so new they've probably not coded an x64 driver?

My question earlier was basically, will it be worth the effort running x64? Will the speed difference be large?(Win32 vs Win64) Will i have any other advantage programming? My little sister barely understands anything about this but she whacked my head when she found out that I've spent all day trying to get drivers when I have all drivers for win32!  :(

Should i go on, on my conquest for the right drivers or should I just install Win32? I'm only afraid when the x64 drivers do come in, my x86 system will be all set and it'll be difficult to revert to x64, so i have to make a decision now!

Please help! :(
Thanks so much


Thanks for your reply. Yes I did notice everyone just mention the RAM access bit, but I've also heard around places that WinXP x64 is slower?? However, I know that part of its base code is Win Server 2003? So it should be stabler right?

I own a Compaq C772tu and the hp website hardly has most of the drivers, its so silly that they can't give it on disk.

Back to the part about the performance, what you say does make sense, x64 should end up crunching bits in half the time right? Or I've heard places that only a 64 bit app would run faster?? Could you give me more details on the performance, is it worth it? I also have 2 GB Ram and a Intel Dual Core processor.

Thanks so much


Thanks so much for the advice.

I finally got my laptop and I'm having quite some trouble findinf x64 drivers, I should warn anyone planning to run x64 Windows XP, try and find the required drivers! They're hardly available!! >:(

Anyway, So now i'm thinking of dumping the whole x64 idea, there not MUCH of a difference in performance right? I mean unless  I'm running a x64 app which itself will have problems connecting to x86 apps? Like IE x64 can't load a 32 bit applet!?

I want to know if i have any advantages on the programming front? Besides being able to test x64 assembly and apps what real advantages do i have with Windows Xp x64??

Thanks so much
From a very frustrated,:mad:


Thanks so much for your reply, thats pretty re assuring! Going to buy me a new laptop soon! :P

I would like to ask you: Has assembly come to use to you when coding apps? Or does it help you understand it all better?

I'm learning it just out of a lot of curiosity. Also i hope to get into electronics and understand ICs and microprocessor architecture better. Someone did tell me to learn it well enough to know whats its like but not enough to write an app, so will I be wasting time then??  Also I hope to learn MSIL soon, should I do that after I learn ASM?

Thanks so much

Developer's Corner / Re: Help with databases in Visual Studio C#
« on: April 02, 2008, 08:23 AM »

I know exactly what you're talking about, I had a large project to do over a year ago and I had to learn ADO.NET and it was so painful because there is hardly much out there about You might want to think about getting a book btw, David Sceppa's programming ADO.NET core reference is pretty good.

ok, a DataSet an in memory representation of your tables or schema,  a dataset contains Tables, so when you have the table you want, you do exactly what you mentioned.
(ds = dataset)
DataTable dt = ds.Tables[0];
DataRow row = dt.NewRow()
Now you can do what you want with 'row'

Remember to persist the changes with
ds.AcceptChanges() //if i'm not mistaken!?

Yes, i didn't forget, You probably don't see the NewRow() on intellisense because 1. You don't have using System.Data on the top, and/or 2. You don't have System.Data.dll referenced.

I Hope that was helpful :)

Hi, :)

Im a self taught pretty good C# programmer, i know a bunch of visual languages, i do know a little C and JAVA to but i'm not that experienced, which is a good enough excuse to ask....

Can i code x86 assembler on a 64 bit machine? I've just started reading Dr. Paul Carters free book, and i'm going to get a personal laptop with a 64 bit processor. Unfortunately, the laptop is the only one affordable yet fast enough for my work. So i don't have much of a choice.

Also, on the general level are there any unforeseen problems i might run into with programming C#, C , JAVA etc on a 64 bit machine? Will there be problems calling x86 code from C#? Or anything else i should know?

Hope that wasn't too much of a silly question,

Thanks so much

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