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we just released first public beta version of AlterCam - web cam effects software.
Current version has a few effects (we are going to implement much more) and can add images over the video. Also, you can set background image for your video too.
Of course, the program is free (at least, while it is in beta)

Now I need as much feedback as possible. Can you please install it and tell me at least if it works for you or not? :)
Any suggestions about effects and the program itself are welcome!

Thank you!

ImBatch 2.1 has been released today. Still free, still great.
The changes are:
 + Added tasks context help in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
 + Added task AutoEnhance 3.
 * Some improvements in ContextMenuEditor GUI.
 * Improved GUI of ImageMonitor and fixed some errors.
 * Fixed error on adding AutoCrop task.
 * Added ability to set relative path in Save As task.
 * Fixed error on empty File Name parameter in Frame task.
 * Fixed some other small bugs.

v2.0 rocks!

by the way... May be someone here know why FNProgramvare (CATVids, BookCAT) has ceased operations? I've tried to contact them, but got no reply.

All My Movies is able to get movie details from IMDb.
It is also able to import catvids existing collection (and the one by Collectorz too :)
We develop All My Movies since 2003 and will continue improve it. And we are not going to switch to subscription model.
Just my several points :)

Thanks, mouser :)

I forgot to mention, the program is not free, it is shareware.
A little tip: use coupon code EB2E75E4 during checkout to save 10%

And here is the direct download link (2.7 MB)

Hi there!

As a developer and founder of Bolide Software I want to announce one of our programs here. I am talking about Audio Comparer - MP3 duplicate finder.

Yet another duplicate finder? Not exactly. The main difference of our program from a dozen of the similar ones is those fact that our program actually "listens" to the music files of different formats (MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, AIF, WAV, WavPack, FLAC, APE, AAC, and OGG) and compares them by their actual sound data.
Here are some benefits of such approach:

  • our program is able to detect similar songs, not only exact duplicates
  • our program is able to detect duplicate songs stored in different formats (one in FLAC and one in MP3) or stored with different bitrate
  • our program is able to detect duplicates if no ID3 tags are filled


The program is still in development, we are going to make a smarter auto marking feature, that can select given files from the found similar groups for further file operations. Your suggestions for the new features are welcome here!

Here is the link to the program's website:

As far as I remember, All My Movies is able to import collection created with Ant Movie Catalog as well.

Post New Requests Here / Re: REQUEST: audio comparer
« on: January 04, 2009, 11:38 AM »
Audio Comparer - locate audio duplicates and similar files by their sound, not tags.

But it doesn't work for short audio files (less than 90 seconds), so I'm afraid that is not exactly the program for agentsteal's 1-second-long files

General Software Discussion / Re: again!
« on: January 01, 2009, 11:07 AM »
All My Movies program supports IMDb as a movie details source as well as many other online movie databases. The latest All My Movies version is able to import Movie Collector database, so you don't need to start your database from the scratch.

The bigger request is for Image Comparer to also support the various Webshots formats (WBC WBP WBZ WB1 and WBD). The source code for Ultimate Webshots Converter is available from the author at uwc[at]apinc[dot]org 

thanks for the idea, I'll send a request to this address now. Feel free to post other suggestions about Image Comparer, but I guess it is better to do using our feedback form cause I'm afraid to be banned here :)

Thanks for the info, did anybody get in touch with you about your offer? I had your software on one of my computers for a short while. I downloaded it from GivawayOfTheDay (I think) but I rebuilt that computer shortly thereafter and really didn't get a chance to use it much. The little I did see looked impressive.

Yes, we offered Image Comparer at GivewayOfTheDay, but the current version works even faster especially with RAW image files.
Unfortunately, I got no discount requests from this forum yet.

Why nobody mentioned All My Movies?
Am I alone with All My Movies here?


I am representing Bolide Software. Just want to inform you about our Duplicate Image Finder. It provides no byte-by-byte comparison, it compares image content therefore it can detect not only duplicate images but the similar ones too.
Feel free to ask me for the discount :) Or should I create a separate topic there?

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