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Well, I was trying to implement "don't make me think" approach for the users as much as possible, so hopefully you wont have to spend much time on learning but rather just "use it". :) I personally hate to learn how to use any "small" software. Once installed, I'd just like to do "less thinking and more doing" in order to get my job done.

I just love a programmer who thinks like you do!  It's not only the "small" software package writers that drive me crazy with their lack of intuitiveness, or standards.  WinFaxPro has a terrible, terrible interface, and it's taken me the better part of a day to send one fax.  Blak.

What I really, really love about your app is that I can see it clearly now  (hummmm) on my 1600x1200 res monitor.  No bug-eye glasses, or magnifying glasses needed.  I wish everyone who writes programs knew what you know about how to make screens/menus work on all resolutions.

Good job, AsmDev.... in case that didn't come across earlier.


My own vote on this is to make mapped drives available in any interface that lets you select drives, but they shouldn't be slected by default (though they should probably remember any previous selection).

I concur. Just would like them available on the list to checkmark or not, as desired. I have three systems and 7 hard drives mapped.  I'd like to choose, as needed.  I would never run a compare against all drives, I don't have enough years left in my life to await that report :-)

I've just extended the end date for this 40% discount coupon as mouser and I agreed previously for this newsletter.

AsmDev ~
Thank you for your quick response to this discount code, and for extending it. However, I just decided to go ahead and purchase it at 30% off, just in case you didn't see these messages. It's only $2.50 difference.

But, I just installed it, and am rather disappointed. I assumed (not a good thing to do!) that it would recognize all my drives; yet, it only recognizes hard-wired devices. I wanted to try and clean up my back-up external drive (W:) because I know there's tons of duplicates on there and is pretty much max'd out, space-wise.

Any plans to expand this to recognize network drives, or external hard drives??

It sure did find the dups on my hard-drive in no time flat. Will have to spend time learning how best to use all this program's functionality.


DupeTrasher's Website:

Note for DonationCoder users: You can get DupeTrasher 2009 with the discount of 40% if you enter coupon code DT2009-DC2W on the order page.
This is time limited discount, available for the first two weeks (until 28. September 2009.) from the release of DupeTrasher 2009.

Just today received DonationCoder newsletter announcing DupeTrasher, and after reading reviews and watching the video opted to purchase. While filling out the order form, I entered the code above, and I get a msg that "code is invalid". The memo above states the code is valid thru 28-Sept, which is today.   Any suggestions??

Hi, folks.... I realize this is an old post, but it's a new problem for me, and I'm glad I found a reply on DonationCoder. I checked my profile.default name against what was posted in the profile.ini file, and the names were identical. What I ended up changing was the "N:\" to a "D:\" in the profile.ini to see if that would make a difference. As soon as I saved the file, I clicked on TB's icon, and voila -- no more error message. However, this is so ODD -- because I've been using the "N:\" (a mapped network drive) for several years without a hitch so I could acces my email from either of my two machines.

Earlier this morning, I found a resolution offered by "Prasanna" who suggested deleting the "parent.lock" file in the profile.default folder..... and that worked instantly -- THIS morning. 

Prasanna's link is ==>

TONIGHT, there was no "parent.lock" folder to delete. Rebooted three times, one of which was a total power-down - all to no avail.  Something's stinky in the water with Thunderbird lately, and it ain't good.

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