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I'm surprised no one pointed you to Google Apps.

I switched from my linux mail Server+webmail to Google, and I am very pleased in it. It also supports fetching others account and acts as a centralized IMAP server if you want to use it with a mail client program.
It means switching your MX server in the DNS domain definition from you server to google's, so it is really a big step to make, because in a way, you loose ownership of your mail. It prevented me to do it sooner. Now that I made it, I don't miss having to administer one mail server (antivirus, antispam, shitty webmail, etc.), and I am very proud I did it.

There are a tons of webpage describing  how to do it, and benefits.
One random page : http://www.nirmaltv....using-google-apps-1/

I was eager to use your software, as I am looking for a new note-taking software.
So far, I use en online Tiddly Wiki (great), but I was looking for a more user-friendly, candyfull interface.

AllMyNotes is gorgeous, indeed. The skins are great !
Unfortunately, it is very un-suitable for my needs.

It doesn't features STYLES.
I would like to have some styles (like <div> or <span> in html). Mainly, I *must* have two monospaced style:
- one for inline text (span);
- one for blocks (div).

I would use it like that: create a new file {{{/home/user/}}} and add:

echo "Hello, world\n"

It would be possible to manually edit the style to set the font, colors, etc. but it would be very tedious.
So far, AllMyNotes is not very useful for note-taking computer-oriented notes. Maybe this should be a feature request.

There is only one font better than Consolas, it is Consolas Sans Typewriter !

Liberation Mono is good, too. (and free !)

I would definitely like to see Process Tamer managing processor affinity.

Many games I use (including recent ones) don't work on my system. I have to manually using process manager, right click and setting the processor affinity to only one cpu.
Process manager would be a great place to manage those apps. Like having a rule for the prority, it would have a rule for processor affinity.

Thank you !

Just finished it.
Funny, I like the pingoins, and the music, but the difficulty is not progressive enough.

Basically once you passed the 15th level, you're up and running to finish the stage. The enemy does not progress quickly enough, or you get cash too quickly.

But thank you, I had a great time playing it !

Living Room / Re: Flash Tower Defense Game of the Week: Garden TD
« on: August 19, 2009, 07:03 AM »
Is this the sequel of :

This was a wonderful game !

Thank you for the plugin. It is the first plugin I test.

Something I don't like, but is very minor, is the dialog for deleting a note. It is ALL CAPS and really it hurts my eyes. Can you please make it a little more polite ?
That's my only complain so far. I may or may not be using your plugin. I must test it against the solution I use (portable pstart, without key shortcut, but with remainders...)

N.A.N.Y. 2009 / Re: NANY 2009 Release: Crush Cryptonizer
« on: January 06, 2009, 08:54 PM »
I think you should stuck to well-tested encryption scheme (like AES-256) than your own. It probably be easier to code, and people using your application would be confident in it.

If you want to develop a new encryption scheme, just do that: work on it, use external consultants (experts). It is costly. It has a very long lag (months, probably more), but it is the way to go.

Coding a app and inventing an encryption is not the same task.
As others said, I won't trust your super algorithm for encryption, and I would prefer to use another program with a clean, tested cipher algorithm.

You, and your peers can't test an algorithm. It has to be external experts. It *has* to be. It is not insulting a dimishing your work.
In the '90s, I also wrote an encryption program, though it was ├╝ber cool (yes, it involved permutation back then). I really won't trust it now.

Living Room / Re: Garden Inventor: Tower Defense Game of the Week
« on: December 15, 2008, 07:50 AM »
Here is how I solved the infamous level 11

Living Room / Re: Garden Inventor: Tower Defense Game of the Week
« on: October 06, 2008, 10:55 AM »
Here is the way I solved Level 9:

Mid game:

End game:

Living Room / Re: Garden Inventor: Tower Defense Game of the Week
« on: October 06, 2008, 04:07 AM »
Not sure where everyone else got in this game but I am totally stuck on level 11.  Anyone make it by 11?  What the trick?
I was stuck on level 9, then I discovered the use of Fountains.
I have been stuck on level 13 for a long time but just did pass.
Now it seems I'm stuck for good on Level 14.

The game misses some more advanced weapons, it is way too repeating.

I use subversion (command line client) and a centrally subversion server.

The only downside is that it takes twice the needed bytes.

Thank you !
I will go for SFTPdrive. Webdrive seems nicer but WAY too expensive !

Actually Netdrive does not support SFTP protocol.
So it remain only Webdrive and Sftpdrive. Both support private key ssh authentification.

The licence for Webdrive is very clear: the software can only be used on one computer "Individual Copies (for use on 1 computer)". This is a no-no for me, I will use it on my home pc, my laptop and my work pc.

SFTPDrive is licensed 'per-user' so you can install on multiple machines.  This is the main reason I chose SFTPDrive over WebDrive.
Where did you find this information on the very limited website of SFTPdrive ?

I find SFTPdrive less powerful, and much slower (no caching ?) but is the only one I can afford. Too bad the licence for webdrive is so restrictive. On the other hand, Webdrive is a piece-of-the art software. The caching, and synchronisation feature is a must-have. But it is way, way too expensive if you're planning to use it on more than one computer.

Currently, to access my files, I use a smb share (windows or samba linux), and hamachi. This is slow as hell, but is free. I am ready to buy a licence to gain speed, but not at the price of Webdrive ! 3*$60 (Webdrive) vs 1*$39 (SFTPDrive). Even with the -28% coupon.

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