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General Software Discussion / Re: What Android Apps Do You Use?
« on: March 23, 2022, 07:38 AM »
Sounds like a DRM problem to me.

I'm sure there is software that is able to strip DRM from books, so a tool like Calibre can convert it to a different format that make it easy to read in your favorite reading software on your computer. Whatever this may be.

You are not allowed to use such software, and you probably shouldn't. Still, there is also something to say that you should be able to read your book on whatever device you own after purchasing that book. And as long as that book never "leaves" your library, the author/publisher/distributor aren't really hurting on the financial end. No harm, no foul.

DeDRM Tools is a set of plug-ins for Calibre that will remove DRM from most purchased (but not rented or borrowed) Kindle/Nook/Kobo/Adobe ebooks.  I use it for many ebooks I buy from Amazon, Adobe or B&N in order to read them in programs that handle footnotes and cross-references better than Kindle or Adobe Reader, or when I just want to keep an archival copy.  Note that for Kindle ebooks, you will usually need to have available an older version of the Kindle reader for PC or Mac, or a very old Kindle device, in order to download a file in a format from which the DRM can be removed. That usually means a second PC or device.

DeDRM seems to have recently been forked and has a new developer who goes by the name noDRM.  This lengthy mobileread thread follows its development.

General Software Discussion / Re: Looking for Book Catalog
« on: October 14, 2021, 06:54 AM »
If you don't want a web based catalog, Readerware (not free) is probably the best.  They also have versions for music and videos.

apparently replaced by MX Master 2S or MX Master 3

I will get one and report.
I’ve long been addicted to Logitech’s high speed scrolling feature.  I recently replaced an MX Master 2s with an MX Master 3 and was surprised to find the new magnetic scrolling mechanism vastly more responsive. I also find the Master 3 to be subtly more comfortable in my hand, but YMMV.

Good review of Affinity as a photo editor in today's AskWoody newsletter.

I believe you need to be a Plus member (donation) to read it.

xywrite text editor:

+1 !!!

xywrite was a lot more than a text editor.  It was an advanced word processing system that, within a purely text-based environment, anticipated many of the capabilities of today's web browsers.

And it was FAST!

But much of its speed and power came from implementing its own hardware interfaces internally, rather than relying on the operating system for screen and print drivers.  That was not sustainable as the personal computer industry expanded exponentially and also moved to a graphical environment.

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