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it is not so much the program that convert their price to your is your ability..then a program is a help for you to better your ability in such way that other want to buy it.

You can own any of the most productive and expensive programs, but if you have no "creative mind" then the program is less worth then any of those you use regular, even if they are free.

Agree....that is not a good policy at should almost be a higher priority to remove red links then to put up new ones, because if one show action to improve, then that is of greater value, over all, then to find new, because new sites are grey and, we can use common sense, when visit.

If words go around that they are slow to adjust, then they hit themselves in the back, because people can't trust them anymore.....doubt is always a way to be defeated.

I don't know if you are using McAfee site advisor, but I will give you a notice on how this service rate your site; (All red since graph can't be posted)

Online affiliations for
Link Graph

Linked to red sites

When we tested this site we found links to, which we found to be a distributor of downloads some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs.
Even if your downloads was tested to be clean, I think many will be put off because of all the red links.
I can understand your frustration,because I assume this is sites that just host your files, but at the same time I value McAfee because if we deny sites that aren't clean to host our files, we take away their creditability, and they have the choice to become straight or just be rouge sites.

congrat to you all   :)

Use can use a proxy. What about using tor?

As for my question, I don't want to install the program unless I am fairly sure I can
get the video.  If any one familiar with the program knows will let me know.

There is only one thing you can be fairly sure on, and that is that no one can tell you for sure that you can download all I recommend not to install the program, then you avoid all those other videos too....or you could buy the video you could not download, and use the program for the rest :)

Haven't tried out the program....but maybe the owner shall work themselves away from this rating?


General Software Discussion / Re: Harvest email addresses?
« on: July 23, 2009, 07:56 AM »
and how will you sort it out?....aren't there a better way if searching for comp in the field of interest, and then contact them the proper way?....when you are harvesting then you get tons of info you don't need, but which can be used in a "not so proper way" "goal" seeking you get fewer address....but they all might count for what was intended :)

General Software Discussion / Re: Harvest email addresses?
« on: July 23, 2009, 03:51 AM »
I have also heard about this harvest thingy...and I am sure it must be true....that is one of our reason to deny posting email in post...there must only be one reason for such program..S P A M, and maybe for the spam companies to get hold of valid email addresses to use as sender for their garbage. >:(

An idea might be to make a forum called "Spam & Inappropriate post",and move them there, as a warning to what might happen to those who don't follow postings rules.

UrlSnooper / Re: Download vids from impossible?
« on: July 14, 2009, 10:30 AM »

Anyway, no harm done, does sounds questionable. I would have personally googled the domain before blowing the whisle though. :)

Yes, and another thing that also might have been smart, was to state that" I use urlsnooper, and have problems with downloading of files from XXXYY" are there other member of DC that have exp so?
By mention URlsnooper we state the connection to DC from the poster, and not from the reader, which not always are equal ..hehehe...just look at me :)
But again..I can now see the forum is mauser zone url snooper....hehehe so I go and kill myself....or something like that :)

UrlSnooper / Re: Download vids from impossible?
« on: July 14, 2009, 04:36 AM »
Well....I see you all are more open minded then me :)

Why did I react?

1) It is the first post for the member, which has chosen to stay free, not that I shall hold it against him/her...but then he/she is also more anonymous then one who have shown prsonal details.

2) The question is.....why come to Donation coder and ask this type of question, when I am sure there are other sites that has such as special field?

3) Why give a specific link, if download from is impossible, (why are the site still open)why not point to the site...we all are able to find it, if we put it into our search and have a will to go there. If you put up a link, then it is very easy to hit it one time to much.

4) I am admin on another fairly big site, the more popular a site is, the more it will be targeting for spam/trojans/spyware.
This is mostly delivered by links, given in order for someone to investigate a question, or to give a carrot for someone to visit a site....the main thing is to get someone to hit the link.
With known members is this a no issue...with new members I am always careful!

I am maybe wrong, but I thought this was thing regulars on Donation coder knew....or maybe I am just out in the blue :)

UrlSnooper / Re: Download vids from impossible?
« on: July 13, 2009, 04:29 PM »
don't click the link...I would not...what is the intention with the question....maybe to deliver a not wanted present?

General Software Discussion / Re: Game Now
« on: July 02, 2009, 11:04 AM »
Yes....don't surf without some will be like jumping without parachute, McAfee Siteadvisor is a good starting point...I assume you never will buy anything (or download) from a site that is listed "RED" in a clear way in your browser......if you do....well well...why complain :)

Another case is that is listed if that is the vendor...something funny might have happen...or you have been brought to a dummy site

General Software Discussion / Re: Education Management Software?
« on: December 04, 2008, 03:02 PM »
be aware that McAfee site advisor has flagged one of their product "golf Buddies" as containing a trojan named Voundo.
The rest of the downloads was tagged green though :)

General Software Discussion / Re: add a signature to any application
« on: December 02, 2008, 02:47 PM »

You can make a set of fonts....but you still need to make the signature in such a way that it can be used in those doc of his chosing.....maybe if he makes a "dummy" with standards, in each program he want to have the signature, is a way to go?

General Software Discussion / Re: again!
« on: November 29, 2008, 03:32 PM »
I own both book and movie base, but I stopped on ver 4.....
It is a good product, but there are so may free product that give me almost the Itunes.

As for the search option.
If you have built a big base for your own use, will you then give it free to others who will sell their product under the "claim" that they can use your work as promotion for easy handling of their software?

I think many of the sources will not give collerctorz this "present", because if they do, others will come, bandwith will increase, cost will increase...and for what...for customers of others product shall have an easy life?..No I think building on own base was the only way to go...I am sure they have got more and more pressure to pay for putting in search option on others work....
So yes....they are a company...and as company they only survive by don't need to take all upgrades...I still get the offer for 50%, so if I can wait 1 or 2 more version...then I might evaluate an upgrade...if not...look elsewhere..that is a way to protest too :)

I agree that for a software to still have possibility to grow, it need good users who are pleased with the product, and who gives very much in free advertising, or confirm the value of the product in groups or among friends.

This is an "factor" the developer has to take into account.

When price for upgrade shall be evaluated, then one have to find the mark where the price cost not exceed the willingness to upgrade.

If we look at this thread, we see a some people that don't want to upgrade, because the price is to high....and I agree.
We see some  people who look for alternatives, this will again lead to talk in groups and among friends.

The attitude goes from positive information to negative information...this is "waste of direct marketing money" that don't show up on the spread sheet at once, but will in the long run.

I will recommend any software developer to have this in mind.
If someone first have bought your product...and stay with you...then I agree we shall pay for improvement (major upgrade....since this is version 3....there has just been 2) but since they already have invested in the "ground product" (and registered it) I would say the upgrade price should not exceed more then a third of the full price.
Of course the evaluation of the price must been seen in comparison to the uniqueness  of the product....are you alone, then can you ask much more, then if you have one where there goes 13 on the dozen.

This is said in general terms...since I don't use or own Surfulater.

Living Room / Re: You might want to skip the whole Blu-Ray generation
« on: September 14, 2008, 04:49 PM »
It'll probably be 3-5 years before I'm going to buy a biggo flat-panel TV - hopefully, the infrastructure is in place then, and we'll know better what's going to happen with the whole media format thingamajig.

In 3-5 year you(and I) are able to buy our big flat panel TV and the Blue Ray machine, but I am sure there will be something new that we don't can afford, which is on top when we come to 2013.

It is a part of the consumer society, they always need to put up something new, in order to keep the production on top, and it will always be those who must have the latest version who must pay...........and never receive the full benefit of what they buy......on the other hand...that will we....long live the waiting ....even if we aren't hip :)

have never done anything like it, code, design, how to put together....but if I am able to help, then you can all count me in:)

sounds like a great idea....I am sure we have a lots of RPG fans here, and they know what gives them the most thrill :)

and clever code peoples has already shown that they master their trade.....and I....weeellll I look forward to play it, and to applaud :)

Post New Requests Here / Re: Petrol prices around the world
« on: April 30, 2008, 01:38 PM »
In Oslo or Norway the price is shown for 1 litre.
A gallon is around 9,2 $ for lowest quality...and the diesel has about the same price.

It can look horrible.... but if one start to give it a thought....maybe USA $ 3,50 gallon is more horrible seen from Nature.

We are transporting our fossil from earth to air....and even an American should know that aren't the way to survive :)

As long as they let the tax they put upon the use, go to Green development, then it seems the price is the only way to reduce the use, without go back to restriction on who shall be allowed to buy a "car", "aircraft", plant, and so on.

Welcome to the site :)

As for the auto update program, it is developed by mouser and he has put in the code in his programs so they function with we should expect  :-*

On the other hand, those program developed by other, must each developer put in an option for automatic update, that function with mousers program, and that can take some time, and for some program never enjoy the site and the programs...I see you are supporting member and I congratulate with your choice, you will then have free upgrade anytime. :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Re: XP boot-up problem
« on: March 22, 2008, 12:32 PM »
Sorry to say....but my PC here on work do the exactly same thing.

It might be that you have a problem with your hard disk. I had on mine, I took full scan and takes around 8-10 hours...can be longer if you have lots of info on it....if you will try it at night.

It found a lot of dmg sectors, I took new install and it worked fine in the start.
Now after a couple of month, each start lock the pc for a long time, but when it again accept action, I can run several programs at once.

BTW do you use McAfee suite? I do, and I know this update itself at startup and it seems to prevent other thing from running...but I am not sure....I am only sure of my bad sectors on the HD.....and yes..I shall replace it..I live on backup for now :)

Anyway....if such law was to be accepted.....who would have capacity to enforce it?

All honest people would live by the law, and do what they always honest and behave.

All those who do behave in a "criminal" way would laugh from such a law, find solution to "steal other id's" ,which they already do, and put their connections true a conglomerate of IP's....and if first a law has been made...this way to do thing will only increase, either by sale of info on how to do it, or by finding new creative ways.

But for the government there is on big benefactor: the ability to tax the industry/people for the service  :mad:

I am singing in the choir that praise our return to the site  :-*

And mouser its allowed to be angry on the attack itself, but not on you and your staffs handling of the done, thanks!  :Thmbsup:
(said because you felt guilt in another thread....if that should carry truth, we better close down the net and give it to all those nasty human bugs out there >:( )

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