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I just discovered that, coincidentally, WIN+TAB and WIN+SHIFT+TAB already do part of what I was asking for. :-[ It does cycle through the taskbar buttons in the order they appear. However, there are two problems (for me) with the way it works:

1/ When you release WIN+TAB, it does not automatically restore the window of the selected button.

2/ Every time you press WIN+TAB to begin cycling, it always starts at the same button. I would like the first WIN+TAB to begin with the task button immediately to the right of the currently selected button (if any). Similarly, WIN+SHIFT+TAB should begin with the task button immediately to the left.

Anyone care to address these?

Skrommel's Software / WinStep feature requests
« on: October 25, 2007, 09:17 PM »
I like the idea of WinStep, but there are a few requests I'd like to make:

1/ Allow for quickly showing one group (or window) after another. For example, right now, assuming I've added a window to Group1 and another window to Group2, I cannot quickly toggle between the two groups using ALT+1 and ALT+2. Once I've switched to the window in Group1 with ALT+1, there is a blackout period of 1 to 1.5 seconds before I can show the window in Group2 with ALT+2.

2/ Provide some means to identify which windows belong to which groups, and add the ability to remove a window from a group.

3/ Enable double keypress as hotkey to add a window to a group. For example, I'd like to be able to press ALT+1+1 to add a window. That is, press ALT+1, then release 1 while keeping ALT pressed, then quickly press 1 again, then release both ALT and 1. Of course, this feature would only be feasible in the absence of feature #1, since it would conflict with the ability to cycle through windows of the same group. Given a choice, I would pick feature #1 over this.

Is any of the above realistic?


I have my taskbar locked and always visible, with grouping of similar taskbar buttons disabled. I use the taskbar as a persistent visual reference of the tasks I have open. It would be nice if I could have ALT+TAB and ALT+SHIFT+TAB substitutes (such as WIN+TAB and WIN+SHIFT+TAB) that would cycle through tasks in the same order as they appear on the taskbar. I would not want it to replace the existing ALT+TAB functionality though, since I would still use that to quickly alternate between any two tasks.

What would make it even better is if, while cycling through each task, the corresponding button in the taskbar were highlighted in some way.

Any chance of this happening?


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