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Bibbity bobbidy boo
I'm currently eating a shoe
My life, it sucks
Who gives two fucks?
And with that, off you can screw



[not really but i had to rhyme]

FARR 2.80.02
WinXP Pro SP3

I have the "Show on TaskBar when active" option enabled (and I've restarted FARR), yet the task bar button for FARR never appears.

[moved to new thread. why can't we delete posts?]

Each time I've downloaded a new Caps-Run copy, I manually go in and clear out its directory before extracting it.  I just did so again and tried...  Setting a calc.exe shortcut to run minimized doesn't work.

Don't sweat it...

Any program I run (via Caps-Run) with the shortcut properties set to Minimized fails to run that way...  Such as simply specifying calc.exe as the program.

As far as the quotes go, nothing I try makes it work, even following your exact example above with "start "" calc.exe".

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