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Keeps "losing" the margins I set

I am running v3.08.01 in portable mode and my print margins/position (e.g. center, top-left, bottom-right, etc.) are not getting saved between sessions; but the units are saved correctly.  These settings are only maintained until I exit the application.  I originally used 0.5 inches for all margins, but I have also tried 2 cm.  In both cases, all margins were reset to 1 (with the appropriate units) when I restarted the app.

Is this by design or is it a bug?

The new Splice out strip defined by selection (DELUXE) feature is very slick (especially after a shadow is added).
Keep up the great work!

I found a very minor UI bug in v2.91.01.  The Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut was recently changed to print the screenshot (which I love!), but the shortcut text still appears on the Edit > Preferences menu item as well.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Screenshot Captor 2.58.01 beta
« on: July 21, 2009, 11:20 AM »
v2.58.01 beta fixed the issue I was having with the %file% macro in .sctools files.  Thanks!

I am using v2.57.01 on Windows Vista SP2.  I created a .sctool file with the following contents:

// Tool configuration for Screenshot Captor
// Format:
//  title =
//  app =
//  params =
//  iconfile =
// Notes:
//  if title = - then it is a separator (no other values needed)
//   params and iconfile are optional
//  if iconfile is blank, the exe file icon will be used
// The following macros are available for exe and params
//  %THISDIR% - the directory this file is in
//  %APPDIR% - the directory where the program (Screenshot Captor) is run from
//  %APPDRIVE% - the drive (e.g. c:) where the program (Screenshot Captor) is run from
// -
//  %file% - Image file name (surround in " if required).
//  %folder% - Folder containing the image file.
//  %tmpfile% - Temporary flat image file name w/o ext. (e.g. %tmpfile%.jpg)
//  %tmpfileplain% - Temporary image (with NO objects drawn) file name w/o ext. (e.g. %tmpfile%.jpg)
//  %fileplain% - Saves image with NO objects drawn, and then reloads and re-adds objects
//  %ProgramFiles% - Program files directory (will look in BOTH x86 and normal)

title = -
title = Microsoft Paint - File as is
app = %SystemDirectory%\mspaint.exe
params = "%file%"
iconfile =
title = Microsoft Paint - No Objects
app = %SystemDirectory%\mspaint.exe
params = "%fileplain%"
iconfile =

When SC starts, it replaces the %file% macro with a blank so it does not load the image whenever I launch the external tool.  The other macros, such as %fileplain%, do work.

I am using Screenshot Captor 2.57.01 on Windows Vista SP2.  My IT department just moved my "Documents" folder to a UNC network path (e.g. \\computer\path\subfolder).  This caused Screenshot Captor to crash whenever I tried to start it.  It displayed a blank error dialog box and then closed.

I edited the ConfigDir.ini file and set the CONFIGDIR value equal to the . directory (e.g. CONFIGDIR = .) to tell it to save all configuration files in the program directory.  I restarted Screenshot Captor and everything worked!

After today's McAfee DAT file update (#5271), it reported that Screenshot Captor contained the MalWarrior trojan.  I'm hoping this is just another false-positive.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I would have taken a screenshot of the actual error, but it had already deleted Screenshot Captor!

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