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Living Room / Re: Top 10 Signs You're Coding Too Much
« on: December 07, 2007, 04:02 PM »
When you start ending all your sentences in emails with a semi-colon.    :-[

I'm a big fan of Pidgin, which has some neat features, such as allowing you to group all the multiple ids of a single contact in a single entity.  I would like it much better if it had voice support (Jingle/SIP).  Its memory footprint is not bad, although the Google Talk client is a bit more lightweight in what I've seen so far.  If you want something with a tiny footprint, you can try Miranda.

Speaking of FileHamster, does anyone here actually use it for day-to-day work?

I tried.  I really really tried.  Seemed like an ideal, easy solution for my MSc Thesis.  But given that it creates copies at every save, and that I am a compulsive saver (habit acquired from long time use of MS Word for sensitive documents that cause the program to crash precisely when you have not saved your work), I was not too happy with the tons of copies generated every day.   I decided to take the time to learn SVN (well, I'm using TortoiseSVN on a local repository), and am quite happy.

Aren't my drawing skills amazing?   ;D

Ever since I was forced to install Linux on a partition of my laptop for a school project, I've been dabbing with Linux, tempted to switch full time to it, but always coming back to my Windows partition.  Main issues that keep me in Linux is the lack of support for hardware.  I'm specially annoyed that mi wireless card, which has native Linux drivers, is not supported out of the box by way too many distributions.   I was not able to get my printer or camera to work either.   I could probably get it to work.  But I don't have the time, so I always end up booting back into Windows, which fully recognizes everything I throw at it, and where installing a driver is reduced to downloading from the manufacturer and running the installation program, no hunting for dependencies and compiling stuff.

Living Room / Re: (Webfind) Programmer Personality Test
« on: September 27, 2007, 11:55 AM »
Your programmer personality type is:


You're a Doer.
You are very quick at getting tasks done. You believe the outcome is the most important part of a task and the faster you can reach that outcome the better. After all, time is money.

You like coding at a Low level.
You're from the old school of programming and believe that you should have an intimate relationship with the computer. You don't mind juggling registers around and spending hours getting a 5% performance increase in an algorithm.

You work best in a Team.
A good group is better than the sum of it's parts. The only thing better than a genius programmer is a cohesive group of genius programmers.

You are a liBeral programmer.
Programming is a complex task and you should use white space and comments as freely as possible to help simplify the task. We're not writing on paper anymore so we can take up as much room as we need.

Oh, the joys of a bilingual computer.
I've experienced a somewhat similar situation, and have learned to live with it.   :-\
My computer came with Windows XP pre-installed, in Spanish.  Since I'm currently living in Canada, most of the software I install is in English (I speak both languages, so I quite don't care which language anything is in).  My copy of MS Office is in English, and so was the upgrade to IE7.  This has resulted in a Frankenstein bilingual operating system, with dialogs such as "Desea continuar?   Yes, No, Cancelar"   Not only on MS software, but something on some installers seems to mess around with  my OS dialogues and make them increasingly bilingual.  It used to drive me crazy, but since Spanglish is already becoming my main language at this point, I guess it only fits my situation to have a computer with language identity crisis.

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