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Developer's Corner / Codeblocks & Devpaks Support
« on: July 05, 2008, 11:26 AM »
I'm quite unsure about the usage of devpak support with Code::blocks, even though it is supported officially.

For Offline(Without internet) users, you can't find the devpaks/maintain or devpaks can't be directly installed into code::blocks...

is there any way we can work arround this devpak support? Anybody tried the devpaks on code::blocks?
if i found the hack then i'll post in this thread, in mean time if anyone knows the solution, please let me know.
Also anybody knows how to set OpenGL & SDL on Codeblocks?

Living Room / Exam Software
« on: May 27, 2008, 06:51 AM »
I 'm looking for objective based Exam simulator software(simmilar to Certification software)  that allows us to enter questions and answer in i can test the progress of my nephew on some subjects..It could help me test myself on some of the C++/C objective questions as well....also is it possible to add multiple subjects based  in this simulator?

If you know any free-exam software simulator do let me know.. :)

Basic / VB+MS-SQL Simple Application
« on: April 23, 2008, 11:20 AM »
Hi,i'm trying to create simple application that stores my Phone contact in database I'm using MS-SQL server 2005 +Visual Basic express 2005 edition. I'm self-starter and learning using web tutorials,casts etc.So any of your pointers and help is appreciated.

What i want to do is :
1. Get the name/ph no or more info frm form then store it in SQL database..
2. I want to categarise the person info stored in database like tags etc and to retirve the person list in categary...
3. Dispaly the person list in perticular tag or overall list sorted as per alphabet or tag

Is there any web tutorial or videocast that explains simmilar app or working?

I have tried the MSDN where i have seen web based apps but very few data access apps,so its nt helping me here.If u think thre is any video that i missed on MSDN or Google plz point me.So all i ask is just give me more pointers to help build such app... :)

Thanks in advane for help. :Thmbsup:

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Project Idealogy software
« on: April 20, 2008, 11:35 AM »
I think there could be software for this,but i have no idea. I think there is supposed to be a software that keeps projects we're doing,or left out.This is not meant to be commercial or industrial projects. These pprojects are like personal startups,skectches,ideas or simmilar but restricted to personal not for commercial.I'm imagining this software that keeps some of of my following requirements:

1. Completed project date/categary/summary
2. Project Ideas
3. Unfinished Projects/Work in progress
4. Abandoned Projects

We can compare with charts on how we're going on with ideas and abnadoned or complete projects with help of date and categary.Completed projects can be saved as PDF/DOC so that we can see it as personal portfolio.
This software may be available as web application but still desktop application can be a good addition.

What do you think of this idea? Please let me know is this idea worth a shot or maybe i should buy any available software based on this idea?

Living Room / Offline Computing :The End
« on: April 12, 2008, 05:50 AM »
It's about time i have brought some question in front you to discuss.So here goes the discussion.

My question this time is How long Offline computing will survive?
Let me start with Why offline computing exist:We don't want our computers to stay online get slammed frm virus,DOS attacks.We can't let our sensitive data to be acceses thru internet like rat-lab reports etc.We don't want to share our personal information online.There may be other reasons as well.

I personally use computers thru cybercafe.Internet is not yet cheap in asian countries.In india you have to pay 20 bucks per hour (50 cents in USA ).Monthly broadband plans are based on volumes of data download like 1GB for 600bucks and son on.Unlimited plans have very few bandwidth at about 64kbps-256kbps at higher costs.(This is all marketting strategy to keep the people in technolgical dark area to earn profit,this is another issue).So i know the advantages and disadvantages of staying offline.

Online Software :There are plenty of softwares requires you to be online in order to register/update/ or even start software.There are very few softwares left which can work without internet connection.In my use i have photoshop,corel,flash and some other notable which are left that can be used offline.I have came to know Adobe made Photoshop express web interface that allows photographers to manipulate photos online.So next version might be only avialble online or certain features will require us to saty online.Google docs took office computing to the next level now you can create office documents in cyber cafe or another computer that is connected to internet without paying dime for software.

Even Windows license key is either to be entered thru web interface or phone.Microsoft even limiting the options of offline installation by removing individual ISO download for VIsual Studio 2008 (Now you can either download entire DVD ISO and then install individual component (VB,C#) or install individual software thru web install feature) Same is the case with Borland & other software companies.

Times moving is the internet.What do you think next update in technology will force us to stay online ,garbage out offline sofftware or anything else?

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