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I have the microsoft app YourPhone installed on my machine and everytime I do a grab selection with ScreenShotCaptor (4.36.1) v, I get a popup "Add a device, Tap to setup your S9" and my phone beeps to confirm the bluetooth connection.Screenshot - 20200629-100649.png
It's very bizarre behaviour. I'm assuming it's because I've just pasted something into the clipboard which could then be used to send to my phone, but it doesn't happen if I just copy some text from Word (as an example)

Any ideas why this would happen?

Screenshot Captor / Feature request. autnumbering stamps?
« on: March 03, 2018, 04:49 AM »
Any chance we could get auto numbering stamps as per https://www.donation....msg392821#msg392821 pretty please?
It would be great if we could customise the shape, colour, border and text colour of the button similar to the arrows. The ability to specify the start number would probably be required too.


Screenshot Captor / Chocolatey install for ScreenShot Captor?
« on: March 02, 2018, 06:06 AM »
The chocolately install for Screenshotcaptor (https://chocolatey.o...ges/screenshotcaptor) has a suspicious version number listed and has not been updated for 3 years or so.
I'm not sure if this is an official build or not but was wondering if there was any interest in updating/creating a chocolatey package for Screenshotcaptor.

I've not created a package in chocolatey before but if an official version is not available from mouser, then this would be a good exercise for me as I would use it myself (and I'd probably have my own package to install my .ini file for my suggested preferences). I've demoed SC to people and persuaded them to buy it and spend a while setting it up for them in my recommended way,

Screenshot Captor / Images pasted into onenote are half size
« on: November 20, 2017, 08:46 AM »
Somehow, most of the time when I do a capture (with automated border and drop shadow) and then paste the image into Onenote, my images are about 50% of the original screen as per the screenshot attached.
This makes some of the images hard to read.
Any ideas why this would be the case? I looked to see if I had an option to resample the size by 50% but I am not seeing it...
[ Invalid Attachment ]

Screenshot Captor / hotkeys no longer working in version 4.15.2
« on: November 11, 2015, 09:55 AM »
On Windows 7,sp1, using the portable version, my hotkeys for screencapturing no longer work for any of the captures modes (ie shift prtscrn, alt-prtscrn etc.
Using the menus to run the capture works, but no hotkeys.
No notifications of conflicting hotkeys is shown (that I'm aware of)
The only thing unusual in my upgrade process is that for some reason I downloaded the regular installer, ran it, realised that wasn't the version I needed, removed it, downloaded the zip file, extracted and then ran the file from the extracted location.
I have made a change to my preferences in the hope this would re-write my preferences. The prefs are still there as far as action after capture, file location, moving files etc.
Any ideas/debugging I can do?

Also the Help/check for updates says my version is newer than the version on the website (4.15.0)

I had to blow away my profile after it got corrupt on my computer and I am using the portable screenshot captor (v4.7.2)
When I make changes to my settings and hit apply or accept, everything seems ok.
However when I exit screenshotcaptor, I get a notification window in the notification area at the bottom right of my screen that complains about not being able to write to somewhere on my profile. The problem is that the notification only stays up for about 1/2 second so I don't have time to read the whole message.
Error is "ERROR: settings could not be saved (Saving final, really trying) - to file \\servername\users$\my username\my documents\donationcoder\screenshotcaptor\;exception: Cannot create file "\\\\servername\users$\my username\my documents\dona" at which point the tag does not have enough space to capture the entire directory.

I'm not sure why the ini file is being written to this location if i'm running from the portable zip (although i did used to have screenshot captor installed as a full install. I have removed the installed version but still get this message).

Just downloaded dcupdater in an attempt to update screenshotcaptor. On installation and running the program i get the following error message "Error:\\server01\user$\andy helsby\mydocs\donationcoder\dcupdater\dcupdater.ini is not a dcupdater configuration file. Please delete it if this problem persists."
The dcupdater directory does not exist and I suspect this is because most people assume the username is only going to be one word not two so the original directory probably stopped at \\server01\user$\andy
I've seen this before with a couple of other apps (including my own batch scripts!)
Creating the dcupdater directory by hand fixes this particular issue.

However, it's not showing me as having screenshotcaptor installed - it just lists the dcupdater program.
I've "fixed" the issue by downloading the program through dcupdater (I was running 2.88)

I've looked all over for a utility that will quickly (and preferably invisibly) enable or disable my second monitor on my laptop (toggling the current setting).  Typically my vga out is used for extra display space or for giving presentations but if I then have to move my laptop to a meeting the windows open on the external display stay there and I can't see them without going into display, settings and unticking the extend display.
Any chance someone could please write a utility to do that (I was thinking of sendkeys and autoit but it takes time for the dialog box to pop up and get displayed, a windows function would be more efficient I would have thought?)

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