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I am using the most recent version of FARR and so far have only one thing to complain about:

my laptop is connected to two external displays, totalling in 3 used displays. When I disconnect the screens so that only the laptop display remains, FARR will no longer show up. The display settings of Windows 10 show that it properly disconnected the devices, there is only the remaining internal screen being shown. You can see that something is happening when using the FARR toggle key combination as the focus moves away from the currently active application when first toggling FARR and is being returned on the second toggling.
Problem also persists when I restart FARR. I have not tried if the error goes away if I restart Windows with no screens attached but that wouldn't be a working workaround as I don't want to restart my PC just to re-enable FARR.

Thanks a lot for any pointers :)


on my work laptop running Windows 10 x64 I experience a strange behavior with FARR:

if my computer was either locked or in sleep mode (which also causes locking up) after I log in the FARR search window is shown and can't be closed using the X button. If I use the hotkey to bring up FARR the window gains the focus and when hitting the hotkey again it is hidden again. I changed the memory usage setting from Average to "stay in memory" today and after logging out and in again the Settings dialog was shown instead of the FARR search window, the behavior was the same and the window couldn't be closed using either the OK button nor the window's X button.
It is not a big bug as I know how to handle it but a fix would still be nice, though :-)


in my case I had to force FARR to run on the Nvidia graphics card rather than using the internal Intel graphics card.

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