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Howdy y'all, long time no see...

I would pay good money for an awesome MP3 player program for Android. There's one feature that I cannot find anywhere: song rating support. I want to be able to rate all my music using the somewhat standard one through five star rating system available on most music management programs (Media Monkey, J. River Media Center, Winamp, WMP, etc.) and some dedicated PMPs (Sandisk Sansa Fuze, most iPods (I think), the Creative Zen line, and the Archos players too (I think)).

Anyone out there have the know-how and ambition to create a killer MP3 (and other formats I guess) player app?

I would be willing to pay a somewhat large amount of money to get the ball rolling on this project, if that would help. Of course, I don't want to waste money, so I'll need to be convinced that whoever I give it to will actually deliver (or attempt to deliver) what I want.

The best media player I can find is called Meridian. It has some semblance of a star rating system already, except as far as I can tell the ratings do not sync with any other programs.

Screenshot - Tue, Aug 25 , 2_48_47 AM.png

If anyone out there is looking for a CAD software package you should check out Alibre. Full disclosure: I've never actually used the program, but it looks very good. The website has a bunch of videos if you're curious.

The $99 is technically 90% off their regular price of $999, but they have sales for $500 fairly often so this price is really more like 80% off.

Novedge, not to be outdone, is selling it for $89! I imagine this will end on the 31st as well.

The other "Firefox extensions topic" is long and quite old so I figured a new one is in order. But, if the powers that be decide to delete this thread that's no big deal.

Now that I'm back to using Firefox I've realized how much I enjoy tweaking my browser. Here's my list so far...
    [*]Flashblock - I'm sure most of you know about this already, but for those who don't: it blocks flash objects and replaces them with empty boxes with a Play button. Click the Play button to display the flash object. Useful because flash stuff on webpages is often annoying. It also comes with a button that can be added to the toolbar that enables and disables the extension.
    Screenshot - 6_30_2009 , 11_21_27 PM.png

    [*]Download Statusbar - Adds a small... uh... status bar to the bottom of firefox for each download. (Similar to what Chrome does, but this was released long before.)
    Screenshot - 6_30_2009 , 11_24_57 PM.png

    [*]Findbar Basics - I got this because it makes "Ctrl + F" both open AND close the find bar, it has a couple other features too. - Thanks for the tip Innuendo!

    [*]Nuke Anything Enhanced (Aardvark looks better, see posts below) - This is mostly for printing, select stuff and "nuke" it, which removes it from the web page. Now when you print you aren't wasting ink on a bunch of ads and junk.
    Before and After...
    Screenshot - 6_30_2009 , 11_45_12 PM.png Screenshot - 6_30_2009 , 11_45_24 PM.png

    [*]Close Tab By Double Click - You can normally middle-click to close tabs in Firefox, this lets you close tabs by double clicking, just like in Directory Opus.

    Sorry, I didn't like the first version of this post, so I re-wrote it...

    Microsoft has announced the prices for the various Windows 7 editions, they're keeping them at pretty much the same prices as Vista... They're also starting a promotion tomorrow that will let people order the upgrade versions for around 50% of what they will be a couple weeks from now.

    Screenshot - 6_25_2009 , 3_31_03 PM.png

    Upgrade Promo: not available
    Upgrade: $220
    Retail: $320
    OEM: ?

    Upgrade Promo: $100
    Upgrade: $200
    Retail: $300
    OEM: ?

    Home Premium
    Upgrade Promo: $50
    Upgrade: $120
    Retail: $200
    OEM: ?

    Here's an article with more info: Computerworld: Microsoft discounts Windows 7 Home Premium to $50; deal to last two weeks

    I'm weary of "upgrading" Windows from one version to another, but this deal is just about too good to pass up. If I wasn't so broke I'd grab one of these up and just plan to install XP first, then be forced do do a CLEAN install of Windows 7.
    Screenshot - 6_25_2009 , 3_38_02 PM.png

    I've been noticing a bunch of web sites lately that have a text block that I pretty much cannot read. The text is rendered very similarly (if not exactly the same) in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Is there some issue with the font on my computer or something? Anyone know how to fix this?

    Here's a screenshot from
    Screenshot - 2_7_2009 , 7_13_36 PM.png

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