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Running 2.99.02 on Win7 Pro SP1 x64.  

When I screenshot "active window" I now also get a large frame (border) of the background all around the active window.  Did not have this in previous version, only the active window was captured as I expected.  

How to fix?

Skrommel's Software / Small Measure 404 not found?
« on: January 23, 2009, 02:05 PM »

I recalled seeing a small screen ruler available on this page: https://www.donation...m/Software/Skrommel/

It's just the thing I need right at the moment, but unfortunately the link is DOA.

Is the program still available?

Thanks and regards,

Hello Mouser,

I have my filenames generated in such a way that sorting by name works perfectly for me, regardless of when I modified the screenshot.

Is there a way to disable automatic resorting, so that when I choose to sort on name, it will remain in that order?  (I prefer left side view but have tried going to top details view in order to influence the sort.  The sort by name will remain until I modify a screenshot.)

Thanks and regards,

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Open Multiple Selected Links in IE
« on: September 14, 2008, 09:34 AM »
Good Morning,

I have spent the last hour or so searching here and elsewhere on the 'net but cannot come up with an IE plugin/addon/etc. that will do what I want.  There are a number of programs that have some of the features I wish for, such as LinkGrabber from this forum.  I am hoping it is easy to get all the features I want, into a single package  :eusa_dance:   And of course, PLEASE point me to any links or posts if I missed finding existing tool, thanks!

I currently use the freeware program "Selected Links"  which works quite well for what it is designed to do, it just falls a little short.  I have written the developer to ask about plans for future but have received no response. 

"Selected Links" installs into IE as an option on the Tools menu.  Highlight a section of a webpage and launch "Selected Links".  A dialog window will open with all the URLs found in the highlighted section.  The "Copy All" button will copy all the URLs to clipboard if desired.  The "Open All" button will open all the URLs in new tabs in the current IE7 instance. 

If nothing is highlighted, "Selected Links" will open with a blank dialog window.  Which is pretty much useless, because the one feature lacking is the ability to paste into the dialog window...  If I had that feature, the tool would be all that I need it to be.

Most often I want to first alter the list of URLs before opening them.  And just as often I want to start a new browser instance and open the list of URLs as tabs in the new instance, not as more tabs in the current instance.

With the addition of being able to paste back into the dialog window, I could do both easily. 

Using external editor of my choice I could do as I like with the list of URLs and paste them back in to the dialog window.  I could also launch a new instance of the browser, open the tool's empty dialog window, and paste my list.  Then clicking "Open All" button would open the URLs as tabs in the new instance.

Thanks in advance for consideration of this idea.  And if such a tool already exists and I missed it, thanks in advance for sending me off to go have a look!


(I searched the web and this forum, to see if a program like this already exists, but did not find one.  If I missed, please point me to site, threads, etc. thank you!)

Is it possible, to prevent (or allow) any 'key release' event to be seen/not seen by a specified process?  While not interfering with other programs and processes that are watching the keyboard?

I have a program running in background process (WinXP Pro SP2), that monitors the keyboard.  It isn't a keylogger but it does watch for every 'key release' event (such as when alt, shift, letter keys, function keys, combinations of keys, arrows etc. are released), the program may take some action in response.  Unfortunately the program is not configurable as to what 'key releases' it watches or what actions it takes.  (I have written the author of the program to request configuration possibility, but have not yet gotten a reply.)

So in the meantime... is it possible to intercept and prevent or allow this program from seeing specific key release events?

I don't care if I need to specify a "prevent these" or "allow these" list, for my situation it's a tedious list to configure either way.  Helpful would be a wizard that presented a model of a keyboard and one could click on the keys to be considered and added to the prevent (or allow) list:

Thank you for any help or ideas!

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