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How to upgrade to enterprise:  RemoveIT Pro v4 (Enterprise)

However, we need RemoveIT Pro v4 (Enterprise), not Version XT2e

What is New?
Version XT2e - SE (12.1.2007)
- Partial database update added.

Version XT2d - SE (29.11.2006)
- Virus engine updated.
- Few bugs fixed.

Version XT2b - SE (1.10.2006)
- Smart Virus Definition updated

Version XT2 - SE (29.7.2006)
- Suspicious files warn added.
- Many malwares attach themselves to
vital Windows files and because of that
file size and signature
of this kind of files is not readable, from
now RemoveIT Pro will detect this kind
of files usually
with random filenames and remove
them to keep users computer safe.
- Some bug fixed.

What is New?
Version XT - SE (22.3.2006)
- Detail report log added including
services and full startup files.
- Service manager added.
- Runtime & Process Manager added.
- Some bug fixed.

What is new?
Version 2.4.2006 SE (5.3.2006)
- Quarantine added.

Version 2.4.2006 SE (19.2.2006)
- Database engine rewritten.
- Virus names added.
- False positives bug fixed.

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