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  • Wednesday October 4, 2023, 4:41 am
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Hi friends, help needed!

Here's the setup: I use Macrium Reflect to make daily images of my system drive, which I save in a backup folder in two different backup locations. My problem is that the folder where I save these images gets huge really fast, and I want to limit the number of saved images to, say, 4 or 7. I currently use Belvedere to delete files *older than* – but that can be a problem if, for instance, I travel and spend one month without using the PC (and so without creating new automatic backup images). When I come back and turn on the PC all images will be deleted because *older than*, and I will be left without any backup image.

What I'm looking for is an app or code that may limit the number of files in my backup folder. Something like "if there is more than 'n' files in this folder, delete the oldest file and keep the 'n' newest ones". I'm sure there's more than an easy way to do this, but I can't code and my searches led me to nothing.

Thank you for any hints! Windows 7 Home Premium.


Hey guys, long time no talk, but lurking daily.

I'd love to hear your take on this: Samer from freewaregenius concludes that copy acceleration utilities on Windows make things actually worse:



What now? Do copy acceleration software works? From a technical standpoint, can it work?

Downloadsquad (the popular tech blog with an emphasis on software) is closing down, as a consequence of the AOL/Huffington Post merge. Will anyone miss it or I am alone here?


Both Chrome and Photoshop (and a couple of other programs) already hide the Title Bar in order to save precious screen real state, but I was unable to find a utility that hides the Title Bar of any given window (or by default) in XP (or later).

I'm not a programmer, so this may be more difficult than I suppose it is. Why is is so difficult to hide the Title Bar?

In fact, why we still have Title Bars at all?

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