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Living Room / I've been blogged about.
« on: June 21, 2013, 09:40 PM »
Well it's not really about me, but I was involved.  ;)

I think this is a first for me so I'm kind of excited.  :P

I'm not sure I like be Cinderella tho...  :redface:

Here's the link Cinderella has left Hadoop

and a sample: "When moving into architecture ten years ago my biggest fear was my IT capabilities would atrophy and I would be less employable.  I know that I’m actually very good at strategy and I am far more value strategically driving millions of dollars in savings and large strategic shifts in IT, but boy this week was a humbling experience."

Living Room / Kudos/Respect for Mouser
« on: May 17, 2013, 10:33 PM »
So I've been hanging around DC for a while on and off.  I've had a lot of things happen in real life while I've been around DC so my interests and posts have varied.

'Da Mouser has been on a mission for a very long time and he's attracted some very fine associates to help.  Since I don't know the inner workings, I'll let him distribute credit, which of course he will. ;)

My main point here is that DC has been a very cool, sane and reasonable place to interact with other "Development" minded folks.  I put that in quotes because I think we all bring our own version of what it means, which is all good. :)  The really kewl part is that DC accepts and supports the various viewpoints of development, use and abuse of technology, etc.   In short, this is one of the ONLY places I know that has not gone the way of the Trolls, SPAM Kings or worst of all, Abandonment.  What is again?

When you think about it, this site has been and continues to be an extremely successful test case for Mouser's idea.

So take a moment to consider how DC has been a good thing in your life.  You might want to say thanks...I'll start:  Thanks Mouser!  You done good.  :Thmbsup:

Yes I know many of us have in various public and private forums already done this...I just realized it again and thought I'd start trouble.  :P

I'm pretty skeptical of "better" keyboards.  This looks pretty interesting:

Minuum Keyboard


I've been working with a group of very smart and cool guys at my large medical industry provider company to build an Enterprise Class Hadoop  Cluster.

The Good:  It's new, exciting, improving and growing.  Besides all of that it freaking works like a silver bullet.  If huge data scans are your bane, Hadoop is your balm.

We've secretly journal-ed some of our thoughts here: DataForProfit

I'm just curious if any other DC's have been playing w/ Hadoop.  I really think it could be a game changer for large enterprises.

$0.02  ..  :two:

As read in the HDFS User mail list:
All of Hadoop's javadocs were recently lost from our website when it
was converted to svnpubsub.  These were historically not stored in
subversion but manually added to the website by release managers.
When the site was converted to svnpubsub no one had first copied the
docs tree into subversion so it was lost.
(It could perhaps be
recovered from tape archives, but that would be a pain.)

Yesterday, on seeing this, I reconstructed what I could.  I extracted
documentation from the release tarballs of recent releases an pushed
it into subversion.  Those release tarballs did not seem to include
HDFS javadocs.

You've found two links to HDFS javadocs in what I restored, and those
links, as you note, are broken.  If someone has those javadocs or
wants to build them then they can be restored by committing them to
subversion under:

I've not seen (broken) links to HDFS documentation in the other more
recent releases whose documentation I restored.

An alternative might be to put a redirect in to the HDFS user guide to
fix those two broken links.  If folks prefer that approach I'd be
happy to implement it.

Where's the face-palm smiley? 

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