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Hi guys,

Just to share with you, Multi Task Tool, a portable tool that, as its very name suggests, can be used to execute multiple tasks in Windows OS!

The tool can be used for automation, math operations, to remap keyboard keys, remap mouse buttons, remap strings while typing and most importantly, to remap mouse movements (The tool's main functionality)!

Initially, the tool was meant to be released as "Mouse Move Remapper", but since it can do more than just remapping mouse movements, thus it was released as "Multi Task Tool"!

For games such as "Devil May Cry 4" that don't support mouse at all, this tool is for sure very useful! Mouse movements can be remapped to keyboard arrow keys (Up\Down\Left\Right) allowing the player to control the game's camera with mouse! Mouse buttons can also be remapped to keyboard keys, allowing the player to use mouse buttons in the game!

Hope you guys like it! Thanks in advance!

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