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hi, I just downloaded and installed ProcessTamer on my Windows 10 64-bit system.  The reason why I did this is that I need to set the process priority of one of my processes to "above normal" - and this should be remembered each time this process gets started.  Hence, besides "above priority" in column "Priority, under "Explicit Rule" I put in "force above normal".  I guess that's exactly what I am supposed to do.
However, whenever the given process ends and get's stared again, the process priority is "below normal" (the way it's been all time so far) - so ProcessTamer obviously does not do it's job in this case.
I guess I remember heaving read somewhere in a forum that as of the Windows 10 Creators Update, such changes to a process priority, by whatever tool, is no longer possible.
Is this correct?
Or do you have any specific advice to me as to how I can get this setting done effectively?

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