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Title speak for itself so please let me prove my skills to earn a badge for coding  :-*

KodeZwerg's Realm / Folder Renamer by KodeZwerg - v0.0.0.4 released
« on: February 25, 2023, 05:35 PM »
Description: This tool is meant to rename all folders and sub-folders to a specific/adjustable length by random generated numbers.

Extract and run the .exe file
Choose either Context or SendTo and modify if wanted the name that pops up.
By modify the name, please take care that you NOT use characters that your system won't accept within a filename (!)
Right now I do not check what you enter, it is just a working Horse.

Take care, there is no undo capability, what's done is done (!)

This app works with 32k filepath length.

Enjoy, its free  :-*

KodeZwerg's Realm / Flatten Folder by KodeZwerg - v0.0.0.8 released
« on: February 20, 2023, 07:59 PM »
Inspired by Vic's excellent tool, I reprogrammed my own variant of such a tool, just for fun not for competition.

All files will be moved into root of selected folder.
All folders inside of selected folder will be deleted.

This is a one way ticket, no way back (!!)
(means, no undo capability)

SendTo does not have the capability to seperate files and folders.
Context works strictly only on folders.

Extract archive anywhere
Run .exe with Administrative Rights (if you are logged on with an Admin Account, running as Admin is not required)
Press [Install]
From now on you have a "KZ - Flatten Folder" context menu entry when you right click on a folder.
If you not want it anymore, repeat above steps and press [Uninstall] plus delete the .exe file.
This tool is not created to run on folders that are protected by Windows OS (exemplary \Program Files\ )
When my app is done it show you some information.

Any 64bit Windows Operating System, no special runtime needed. (Vista+)

When a file with same name is already in root folder, it will be slightly renamed
file.ext -> file (1).ext
file.ext -> file (2).ext

if you try to run my app on Windows protected folders it may crash.

None, you do all on your own risk.

Snapshots to show what awaits you:
This is how the installation looks like
That's the context menu entry my app will create when you clicked [Install]
Screenshot - 21_02_2023 , 06_06_36.png
And exemplary here you see how a result could look like

Enjoy, its free.  :-*

KodeZwerg's Realm / Folder of series by KodeZwerg - v0.0.0.4 released
« on: February 19, 2023, 05:48 PM »
Based on a user request I made a small (very fast) tool.
Its purpose is to create within a folder that has a lot of series many season named sub-folders and move the collection to there.

Exemplary "c:\series\Super.Cool.Stuff.S01E01.With.A.Title.AAC.mp4" would be moved into "c:\series\Super.Cool.Stuff.S01.AAC\"
So all S01 files with same ending (in that case AAC) would be moved into same folder.

1. files must be using dots instead of space char.
2. files must have a S00E00 tag, where the numbers can vary from 00 to 99

By default I have external integrated those 480p/576p/720p/1080p/2160p/XviD/HEVC/Rerip/BDRip/AAC/DVDRip/PDTV
The patterns are used to remove any titles from the generated folder name.
Patterns are not a must.
You can easy extend/modify them by editing the (generated) ini file.
Most important is that you follow my example:
The "Limit" field must be present and telling current maximum entry.
All number from 0 to "Limit" must be present.
To reset everything to its defaults you just need to delete the .ini file and above will be automagical written for you.
(for writing my app needs to have admin rights if you copied it into a Windows protected folder like \Programs\)

Extract the archive into any folder of your choice.
Best practice is to put in not in a Windows protected folder like \Programs\
Run the .exe file with Administrator Rights (when you are logged on with an Administrator Account, you do not need to run the .exe in admin mode)
(admin mode/account is needed so my app does have write permission for your local system registry)
Press [Install]
From now on you having a context menu "KZ - Folder of series" available when you right click on any folder.
When you do not need my app anymore just repeat above steps and select [Uninstall] and delete my .exe plus .ini file.

Windows 64bit Operating System.

While my app works, there will be nothing shown, it does do its task in background with fastest methods that Windows offers.
This tool is not created to run on folders that are protected by Windows OS (exemplary \Program Files\ )
When my app is done it show you some information.

I am not responsable for any errors that might damage your system.
By using my app you agree to that.

None known right now.

Snapshot of how it could look like when it has finished a job:

Enjoy, its free!

Living Room / Happy New Years Eve
« on: December 31, 2022, 04:02 AM »
Happy New Years Eve celebration to everyone, may your wishes become true, stay healthy and safe, have fun and don't shoot others  :P

Greetings from Germany!  :-*

N.A.N.Y. 2023 / NANY 2023 - MouseSpy by KodeZwerg
« on: December 14, 2022, 03:32 AM »
NANY 2023 MouseSpy by KodeZwerg

Application Name MouseSpy by KodeZwerg
Version 1.0
Short Description Shows at any time your mouse coordinate plus color
Supported OSes runs under Windows

First two lines are realtime informations captured by just moving the mouse around.
Next two lines shows information when you press left mouse button anywhere.
Last line shows the last action you did with your mouse.

Unzip anywhere and run MouseSpy.exe

Using the Application
Move mouse or use mouse buttons

Close and delete MouseSpy.exe

N.A.N.Y. 2023 / NANY 2023 - FindEx by KodeZwerg
« on: November 03, 2022, 05:22 AM »
I was in need for a small tool that meet this requirement:
- search for specific filemask
- begin at a base folder
- a mentioned folder must be present
  (in my case, i needed to search whole drive for "Documents" folder, that can be on many places and not just for current User)

So I build this tool what fit all above, FindEx was born :)
Extended it a little here and there.

Now I present it to you, maybe you also having a need for such.

At start my app fill in 3 edit fields the things that i needed and to show how it should be used.
The left Edit represent a Base folder
*The middle Edit represent a folder that must exists
The right Edit represent a filemask

I hope you like it. Enjoy!

*to clarify, you can leave that field empty, but when you do enter there something, only results including that path will be shown, if that foldername does not exist, nothing will be shown.

Hello Donators, Members, English Teachers!

This topic is meant to:
- remind me if I lost contact to a project (I am often doing many projects at once, the ones that I personal like more, will be done first, I might have forgot the one or other)
- hate me: feel free to critism me, no trolling, stay social, thanks
- thank me: if you just like to say "Thanks" or "Hi" without referring to any special thread, do it

This thread should give everyone the opportunity to say whatever you like to tell me. No porn or other things that violates forum rules will be allowed.

(for reminders, please put a link to thread within post)

KodeZwerg's Realm / TextLimit by KodeZwerg
« on: April 27, 2021, 01:57 PM »
KodeZwerg's TextLimit

Application Name TextLimit
Version v1.1
Short Description Portable application to visualize a set limit on Text
Supported OSes Windows
Version History
  • First public release.
  • Added Hotfix.
Author KodeZwerg

This application is a quick build that match my personal needs.
1. Set up limit number
2. Enter Text (or paste)

When limit is reached, text will be drawn in red characters.
Coloring and Statusbar updating only perform when you use Keyboard.

Additional I have implemented a quick and dirty password generator that also uses the limit.



- Based on an Idea from a user and an Application made by Vic aka PublicDomain from this Forum. Here is a link to his LimitPad.

KodeZwerg's Realm / BoomerangReplica *early access* by KodeZwerg
« on: April 20, 2021, 03:50 PM »
KodeZwerg's BoomerangReplica

Application Name BoomerangReplica
Version early access / Beta
Short Description Translate input text to several languages and back to original
Supported OSes Windows
Web Page for now, only here as a DonationCoder special
Download Link not available while early access
System Requirements
  • Bing App Id
Version History
  • first preview, work in progress edition
Author KodeZwerg

This application will translate given input into several outputs.
(see below image, input was english, translated to french, french translated to italian, italian translated back to english.)
It will auto-detect input text language.
You can also listen input text in several languages.

Standard test
UniCode test
Work in progress...


Just extract archive and run.

Just delete my .exe

Known Issues
It is not the easiest part to figure out best settings for your system.
Program is not made to be run from protected folder. (This only affect the speak ability since it write a file.)

How to get early access
Private Message me your Bing App Id and you will receive a personalized version. <- If you having worries about that, message your opinion in here. I can take criticm  :Thmbsup: (my opinion = it should be a DonationCoder exclusive aslong testphase is not finished)
If you spread the .exe, it is your Bing App Id that might take damage.
Follow those instructions to get a Bing App Id for free.

When is public release planned
When I do feel safe enough to have most bugs terminated.
For now program work if you use it correct.
I am on to make it as stable as possible and auto-correct user made errors. (example, enter text in number fields, or not text at all.

I have added now two audio samples. Both say same text, but only one sound correct :-]

KodeZwerg's Realm / KodeZwerg's Important Notes, F.A.Q. and Rules
« on: April 11, 2021, 04:16 AM »
Dear Donators and visitors

if you like to get in touch with me the direct way, please use this link for real-time chat:
My little Discord hideout
or use forums private message system, i do prefer first option since i do not log in daily.

if you are having trouble with my software or like to have an improvement:
please reply inside topic your matters.

my software will not have installers in most cases
it is one of my goals to have things portable all the time
anyway, you will need 7zip (or compatible) to extract

my software should run on windows vista+ machines but tested only on latest windows version

in many cases VirusTotal say it found some malicious code, that are false positives if you downloaded from here.
(sometimes i do use executable packers that antivirus tools can not decipher)

if you like my work, feel free to donate within donationcoder's system

if you plan to show my work on your site, you have my permission aslong you put original link to that software topic clearly visible on your page and name me "KodeZwerg" as author
(a developer need feedback for upgrading applications)

what else to say? enjoy my realm, stay healthy and have a wonderful trip ;-)

Hello Sir,

I wanted to inform you that latest Beta version has a tiny display bug as seen on this image.
Screenshot - 24_03.png

IKR that it is beta, if you make it final you might adjust that.

Tested on latest updated Windows 10 64bit with Font Size at 100%.

Hello Visitor,
welcome to my new project called Advanced Properties!

This application might be a helper if you need to quick modify File Attributes that Windows Properties-Dialog dont show you.

When you start program you will see this:

By clicking on advanced tab you will see this:

Those are the Basics, but application aint limited to that!

To have it more handy, controlled over Windows Context Menu I have added this:

You can quick check whats going on by selection my overview option from help menu:

It does know several file formats, one thing is a bit special, ADS (Alternate Data Stream) Viewer:

Most features I put into excecutable format:

And before something bad happen, my application will display such:

If you get lost, maybe the included documentiation will help:

This is a work-in-progress release but should work stable.
I wanted to share it before I rewrite to kick-out third-party stuff and use own.

For the interested, I have included a nice little Intro this time  :tellme:

If you dis-/like it, please tell me. Feedback is all that I ask for.

Version v1.0 will include specialized executable disassemble features, planned till end of year or never  :P

Best wishes and enjoy this free product!

Screenshot Captor / Idea: ScreenshotCaptor QR-Code Scanner
« on: March 19, 2021, 04:58 AM »
Hello mouser,
a little and hopefully usefull Idea: Extend (Rectangle grab) or add feature to scan/evaluate a QR-Code.

That would be nice.

(for example a new notifiyicon entry -> QR-Code wich result in an evaluated textbox)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: HardDrive-BUS-O-Meter
« on: September 28, 2020, 03:36 AM »
Hi there,

it would be nice to have some kind of notify icon that tells me how much capacity is currently used over Mainboard BUS for HardDrives to answer "Why does Windows hang/load slowly/etc".

My tries to code such lead to no satisfaction. I am able to visualize current Transfer speeds (besides WindowsCache) but I have no clue how to deal with Mainboard BUS...

It would be cool to have some percentage Display as a Notify Icon or with Graphic pretty similar to TaskManagers CPU-load Icon. (Or both ^^)

Target OS: Windows 10 x64

General Software Discussion / JSON Editor with Treeview needed
« on: September 22, 2020, 04:10 AM »
Good day fellas!

I am in need for a qualified JSON Viewer and Editor that offers a Treeview.

On my research I did found UltraEdit, Visual Studio Code with Plugin, Notepad++ with Plugin, JSON Viewer from Mitec.
All of those looking good, but I did not tested any of them yet.

Thats why I started this topic to learn from your experience for/with such fileformat.

My main aspect is to have a functional Treeview where I simply can doubleclick to open Edit (doesnt have to be exactly like I wrote, but in a manner like that)

Please share your wisdom with me!
Screenshots that demonstrate Treeview/Edit for your suggestion are very welcome to ease decission.

@moderator: Sorry if I posted in wrong sub-forum. Feel free to move!

N.A.N.Y. 2021 / N.A.N.Y. 2021: SendKeys32 by KodeZwerg
« on: September 14, 2020, 01:37 AM »
SendKeys32 (c) by KodeZwerg

Version: N.A.N.Y. Edition

Q: Whats the point?
A: This application may be used to Send Keys x times to other applications.

Base Idea and Initiator: Contro (requested to send CTRL-Z x times)
Translation of that idea into programming code: KodeZwerg
It uses alot of Windows Api code to do its job.
Due the kind of what it is and does, it may be listed as virus/trojan.
(c) Delphi wrappers from Waldemar Derr are used.

All customizable Keys are limited to Windows Api Virtual Keys.
If you need more keys, i should get scancode information.
Windows default fontsize will by used.

Known Bugs:
auto refresh sometimes dont let you scroll correctly within listview.
since you can not send directly keys to any application in a unique way,
I do utilize SendInput().
SendInput() does write my stuff into keyboard driver like you would type them.
Due to that, if my application try to send keys, and some other application
gets into foreground at this moment, my input will be received by that window
and not the window that you have selected.
Some programs work slowly, if you encounter such take advantage of configuration
and increase the "Time in milliseconds between Send Keys" value.
Feel free to find a good working value for your system, 100-200 should be fair.
You should not go lower than 25 ms anyway it is unlocked down to 1 ms.
My application can not be controlled just by keyboard.

feature History, oldest to newest:
added a listview as a selection box
added EnumWindow() to fill listview
added icons for listview
added SendInput() button to send static keys
added loop posibility
redesigned everything for a nany release
stripped down listview to hold only window captions
exported further information into own fields
switched to Delphi wrappers (c) by Waldemar Derr
added auto refresh
added customizable filters with my defaults
added full customizable "Send ShortCut" editor
added full customizable "HotKey" editor
added "only one instance can be run" due HotKey feature
added some hotkey actions
added configuraton page
added customizable delay between Send Keys
added window always on top on/off
added about page

Enjoy another working application by KodeZwerg.

Some Pictures of new GUI
Main Interface:

Next Version GUI:

N.A.N.Y. 2021 / N.A.N.Y. 2021: RaptureReplica by KodeZwerg
« on: August 25, 2020, 01:16 AM »
Original Product Animation

And don't forget to add the tutorial video on Youtube to your post.

The lines above are only suspiciously related to my product to give you an impression.

Extreme short Description what RaptureReplica is about:
 This program is made to take a region from your display and copy that region into a new Window.

RaptureReplica (c) by KodeZwerg, made for, interested in more? SignUp! :-)
RaptureReplica is Freeware, donations are welcome.
RaptureReplica is a fun project based on a User wish on Forum.
RaptureReplica Idea based just on a sample animated GIF file :-)
RaptureReplica is free of any malware/advertising popups etc.
Rapture is (c) by their respective Owner(s).

Licence: Freeware / None. Do with it what you like to do, I do not care at all.
Warranty: None of any kind. Usage on own risk. By using this application you agree to that.

Installation Instruction:
 Go where the application is and right-click over the .exe file, point to Create a new Shortcut.
 Copy or move shortcut to Desktop.
 Therefore right-click on shortcut,
 select properties and select (Hotkey) Shortcut key then press the keys that you want in order to call the functionality
 (ex. [Ctrl + Alt + C]) and that's it,
 every time that you press [Ctrl + Alt + C] you will freeze the screen and you will be able to crop the image in your screen.
 Additional you may drop that shortcut onto your Taskbar to create a quicklaunch ability.

 1. The main program has not got any caption/menu/options. It instant start action by running it.
 2. When you run it, whole screen fade to gray and cursor is a cross to show program is running.
 3. When screen is grayed, press and hold left mouse button to start crop region/area as you wish.
 4. When left mouse button is released, the rectangle selection will become an own Window.
 5. Window is always on Top. Other on Top Window might interfere with mine... shit happens \(°o°)/
 6. Window can be dragged with left mouse inside image.
 7. Press Space to show/hide a slider for opacity. full left = almost invisible, full Right = solid.
 8. Press Escape Key to close Window.

Mouse Manual:
 On grabbing screen the Left-Mouse-Button will let you take a normal shot.
 On grabbing screen the Middle-Mouse-Button will let you take a inverted color shot.
 On grabbing screen the Right-Mouse-Button will close Application.
 On image screen the Left-Mouse-Button is for dragging.
 On image screen the Middle-Mouse-Button is to capture something new. (Settings are preserved)
 On image screen the Right-Mouse-Button will close Application.

Keyboard Manual:
 On grabbing screen the Escape key will close Application.
 On grabbing screen the Space key will show/hide a vertical opacity slider on the right side of the screen.
 On image screen the Escape key will close Application.
 On image screen the Space key will show/hide a horizontal opacity slider below image.

RaptureReplica.ini Manual:
example content:
do not change first line.
AutoSave can be "0" for Off or "1" for On. This will store opacity settings when RaptureReplica quits.
OpacityGrab can be a number between 0 and 255. 255 = 100% solid.
OpacityImage can be a number between 0 and 255. 255 = 100% solid.
InvertColors can be "0" for Off or "1" for On.
 AutoSave will only work if my application has write permissions!
 If you put RaptureReplica inside "\Programs\" folder, Windows block my write attempts!
 My suggestion: turn AutoSave On, run RaptureReplica once with Administrative Rights,
 play with opacity until everything fit, close RaptureReplica,
 re-Edit RaptureReplica.ini and turn AutoSave Off again. From now on your settings are used.
 My advise would be, dont put RaptureReplica inside any from Windows protected folder.

What never gonna happen:
 I will never supply any kind of "Save Image" functionality, that is mouser's ScreenshotCaptor part.
 I will not add additional support DirectX or Overlayed applications.
 (just try, either it does or not. try capture DirectX might result with overflows.)
 (On my machine DirectX and Overlayed applications that run in Windowed mode can be captured.)

 RaptureReplica is limited/made for Desktop only and requires a mouse to work properly.
 IE: no hotkey to take a screenshot like other major programs do.

Technical Details:
 This application is programmed with love in RAD Studio (Delphi / ObjectPascal).

What you now hold in your hands, is my interpretation for that project.

Enjoy another working release by KodeZwerg.

 - version Alpha
   tried to hook mouse and paint a rectangle, catastrophical lags = deleted.
 - version Beta
   first public release.
   built from scratch, no hooking, no lags, best built so far.
 - current Version
   stable as far as I know.

Have wishes for your own customized application?
Feel free to signup on DonationCoder forum and request one!
If doing, an Image that describe what you want is always helpful to understand your wish.

Latest changes:
 Multi-Monitor support added.
 updated this Manual.

N.A.N.Y. 2021 / N.A.N.Y. 2021: Elevation CheckUp by KodeZwerg
« on: August 18, 2020, 01:48 AM »
Good day.

Here is a small tool that might be usefull if you are a developer.
This tool simply just visualize wich Rights a new opened Application get.
Also a small feature to run more instances or open a URL is included.
By clicking on Image, whatever is selected by RadioButtons, something will be executed.
The executed will get all credentials and elevation level of current running process.

Also this tool claim all possible Privileges that it can get.

Here are some screenshots taken that demonstrate Privileges.
This is what any application get when running on administrative account.

This is what my application get when it runs without administrative rights.

The whole set is given in full administator mode.

Now two screenshots of how the program look.

When running with administrative rights.

When running on a non-administrator account without administrive rights.

Have fun and enjoy!

N.A.N.Y. 2021 / Nany 2021: FileShell by KodeZwerg
« on: July 31, 2020, 02:58 AM »
*PREVIEW/First look*
Good Day everyone.
During my little spare time i've started to create another "File Explorer"-like tool and named it FileShell.
When this project is finished it is a "two-window" explorer clone.
For now it is just a one-window test environment to see what i'm doing.

Have fun watching how this project will grow :-)

Why i've done:
i love to try out new things, this time PIDL was my target and how to deal with PIDLs.
the complete project is handmade by me, no internal/external/thirdparty (delphi) components where used.

Future plans:
first of all - activate second window  :P
drag and drop capabilities (internal and external)
build in whatsever needed, please suggest all you ever dreamt of  :-*

Whats needed:
feedback about how you like the first impression, if i should continue project at all or if its useless.
comments about how you like my explorer implemention, especially how you like folder contents and/or my hints on items.
bug reports are very welcomed!

Known bugs:
you can not use properties when you right-click a drive. (for that case i've done a quick button to do such)

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Chat LAN Client
« on: September 30, 2019, 05:29 AM »
Welcome to my little chatty fun project!

What's the point: hmmm Chat!  :-*

Little more information:
You will need the Server file for the Server and the Client for the Clients, sound good, right?  :]
ATM no security, all transmission is pure !!!
No file send/receive possible, soon!

How to:
Run server application on Server, press 'Start' (firewall might pop up to ask for permission)
Server Bug: ATM a wrong IP for server is returned, so get it via "cmd -> ipconfig" or elsewhere.

Run Client application, press menu "Tools -> Configuration" and enter the port and IP from Server application.
Press "Store settings", back in main press "connect", if everything setted up okay, you will know it  :Thmbsup:

Things on my ToDo list:
  - show correct IP on Server application
  - implement UPD Data transmission for files
  - implement "Rooms & Private Chats"
  - implement security in severall ways (help -> manual shows a bit wich things i plan)
  - Change Name of Applications  :P

Have fun, i'm ready for critic, hate and love or other suggestions  :D

Post New Requests Here / KodeZwerg Logo needed
« on: December 05, 2018, 04:38 PM »
( ...please dont shoot me that i request no software... ...feel free to move to a better place as request or delete if wrong at all )

Hello community,

I am in need of a Logo for myself, I would like to add splashscreen and about-box features in this or that app, but i miss nice logo(s) for them.
My talent at drawing is like Kindergarten, needed is something more impressive :-)

In my head i have many ideas but cant realize on my own.
If someone is talented and has fun creating image(s) for me, with Dwarf as theme and my nickname "KodeZwerg" somewhere readable, that'll be perfect! If a "KodeZwerg 4 DonationCoder" comes out, that'll be best.

Image(s) that be used will get permanent named in credits, either by current nickname or whatever you like should appear (no racism or porn) =)

Are you a talented artist and like to do then please reply in here!

I have no criterias like "what font to use" "what style to use" "what xyz"
Dwarf theme with my nickname (optional DonationCoder mentioned)
If grafitti, science-fiction, medieval style doesnt matter, i love any dwarf thing ;-)

More information needed? Just tell!

N.A.N.Y. 2019 / [N.A.N.Y. 2019] - Process Lister [status=done]
« on: October 21, 2018, 11:55 AM »
Hello Community,
maby some of you might find this tool useful too.
I did it for myself, i just had 3 things in mind that i have successful brought to code and finally to display :-)

This tool enumerates all loaded processes and list them with
- Full Filepath + Name
- Process ID
- Process Creation Time (<- that was my basic intention)


Sample View:

(You will need 7zip to extract file)

Dear DC Community,

I would like to introduce a small program.
the idea comes from this thread initiated by Curt.

In short, as a request i did a small tool that opens associated program with current set Wallpaper.

Current Manual:
Welcome to Open Wallpaper v1.1
(c)reated by KodeZwerg for DC in 2018

-Curt Edition-

Extract the OpenWallpaper.7z anywhere
if you like it in "Program", take care to choose correct location!
32bit belongs in here \Program Files (x86)\
64bit belongs in here \Program Files\

Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
A Dialog will appear, click [OK], thats it.
From this point you can right click on desktop and choose "Open Wallpaper".
This would run any associated application according to fileextension found.

Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
Choose [No], delete OpenWallpaper.exe, thats it.

Updating Registry:
(needed if you copy OpenWallpaper.exe elsewhere or rename it)
Run OpenWallpaper.exe as Administrator.
Choose [Yes], thats it.

you can pre-test application by run "OpenWallpaper.exe -open", if it succeed you can follow above guide.

add 32 or 64 for .exe name according to your version
the "Curt" Edition will be used as Preview in here: 32bit or 64bit (you will need 7zip or compatible to extract)
Thats how it looks after successful installation: Screenshot - 16_10.jpg

In theory it should work with any Windows Version where this application can be run on. I removed Windows 8+ as requirement and added downward compability support.

Whats my future plans with it?
I will convert whole app to a context menu handler (such do support submenu)
Since this is a fresh territory to me, i might have a bumpy start that might be buggy, please have respect with me.
Add Multi-Monitor support.
SubMenu would contain:
- Open in Explorer
- Open Image
- Edit Image (i need to investigate system registry to do such, i might find more options that shell offers to do, like Print)
- Set New Image (that would open a filedialog to locate a picture)
- Copy Filename
- show Filename (that would OSD current filename)
- hide Filename
- remove Menu (that would my way to let you remove my thing)
(i dont know yet exactly how to support multi monitor within SubMenu, let me suprise you, i am happy to find out)
if all goes well, i think adding image display mode change like Windows 10 offers "can" be possible (stretch/fit/default etc)
Later editions could contain some "Add Text" feature etc etc etc, whatever is needed i try to realize.

or i do a real application with GUI and bling bling, you as community decide wich way this project should go. SysTray app would also possible, or a mix :-)
I am happy to do and offer all Delphi coders to share code.

you can reach me more direct in DC's IRC #DonationCoder channel on

Hello gifted coders here on DC,

i would like to request somethink hopefully usefull for the masses.
I cannot patch/compile source on my own, i have no idea about that used language (Electron app framework).

I have two wishes that could be very usefull for windows users,
a notification area icon that got different overlays to quick report status,
a minimize to tray and not to taskbar like it is now.
With Status i mean, like a blue dot = connected, white dot = someone wrote in a room, orange = someone whispered or named you, red = disconnected

The second feature, in room listings, i would like to have a counter added that display missed text.
If you are in room #foobar and in room #barfoo, #barfoo is currently visible, i do not see anywhere if someone wrote new stuff in #foobar

The Sourcecode can be found here on GitHub
A pre-compiled Windows binaries installer can be downloaded here: (Warning, this link leads direct to a .exe file download!)

Me hopes someone can help because authors do not react and the app itself is very cool :)

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