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I'm having a strange issue where my mouse cursor keeps showing the Wait/Working cursor, and while it does, I'm unable to click to perform whatever action. Especially in Explorer. It'll show the Wait cursor for a second then the normal cursor, then wait cursor, over and over with varying timespans when the Wait cursor shows. This is on a very fast system, so I'm thinking it's not due to something like maxed out CPU, etc.

I watch the RAM, and CPU while it's happening and there's plenty of RAM, and The CPU is nowhere near maxed. I'm wondering if there's some way to log/display EXACTLY which program just triggered the wait cursor. For example, if I write a VB program (let's call it "MyApp.exe") I can manually set the cursor to the Wait cursor like this: Me.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor, in which case, I'd like to see "MyApp.exe" show up "live" as it happens, in maybe a floating window(?) or even just a .txt log.

Then I could narrow down or eliminate this tricky, and maddening problem easily. :(

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