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I installed latest version 2.234.01 on windows10
When starting the application:
\\domain.local\homes\...\...\Documenten\Donationcoder\findandrunrobot\findandrunrobot.ini is not a find and run robot configuration file.

This file does not exist in this directory.

Closing the app:
Failed to delete previous temp file \\domain.local\homes\...\...\Documenten\Donationcoder\findandrunrobot\findandrunrobot.ini.tmp and
Error: could not write temporary file \\domain.local\homes\...\...\Documenten\Donationcoder\findandrunrobot\findandrunrobot.ini.tmp for saving

Findandrunrobot works all the same but i cannot save the changed HotKeys,

Any idea?

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