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Hello, everyone:

I have a concept for a program that is, as far as I can determine, not in existence; however, I lack the programming/coding expertise to bring it to life.

Stated as simply as possible, I see the program as an enhanced/customizable version of Windows Explorer (in looks and appearance) with the ability to add customizable/searchable columns such as tags, author, subject, comments, call number, etc., to ALL files. XYplorer is a good reference point; however, it falls short in many respects: It will not allow for tags such as "Surnames, Jewish—Lists and Histories" because the program breaks the tag into two tags wherever a comma is present. XY does not allow for wildcard searches, or for searches of text/values in custom columns, all of which are (to my mind) basic features of such a program. XY also doesn't highlight an entire row of associated column values when selecting a file, which makes it tough to distinguish which values belong to which file within a group of columns. WinCatalog2015 does allow for diverse punctuation in tags, but it doesn't allow the user to search for associated files by those tags, nor does it allow for custom columns!

The ultimate goal of my concept is to provide a personal library cataloging database for collections: Digital files, photographs, videos, etc., AND also physical files such as hard copy books, documents, photographs, art work, etc. The easiest way to catalog physical items would be to have an option to "Add an Item" as WinCatalog2015 does. The "item" can simply be a placeholder for the physical object, whether that be a simple text file or a photograph of the object. There would be a column defining "file type" for each file, such as a format suffix for digital files, as .doc, .jpg, .epub, .pdf. Hard copy files would be something like PBook, PCD, PDVD, the "P" denoting something physical. Those terms would be fully user definable of course. The priority would be to have everything (whether digital or physical) visible within the Explorer style view within the program. Things can be separated by folders, but not by separate collection databases requiring multiple windows to be open. Another priority is to have all files open within Windows defined programs by double clicking on icons.

I would like to see the program be a true Windows application, not a Metro app or an Access database. I am currently out of work, but I would be willing to pay someone a reasonable fee to create this program for me. Ideally, I would like to find someone who has the programming knowledge AND the interest in the subject matter so that we could put it out on the web as freeware. I come from a library science background, and I know there are many people who would find such a program helpful. I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be interested!

Best regards,


Developer's Corner / Where do I propose a program concept?
« on: July 29, 2015, 07:33 AM »
Hi everyone,

I am new here, so please forgive my ignorance. Which forum is appropriate for the proposal of a new program? I have a concept for a program that is, as far as I can determine, not in existence; however, I lack the programming/coding expertise to bring it to life.

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