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Post New Requests Here / IDEA : Musicians Random File Selection
« on: January 26, 2022, 06:29 PM »
As a musician I sometimes like to work with sample sounds (mostly found sounds) to use within an improvised music project. Music software is a bit lacking in this area. I use usb midi interfaces and control surfaces to trigger sounds. The control surfaces I use provide options for up to 64 sounds.

I wonder if it is possible to create a basic script or app with simple GUI that allows random selection of common music files (wav, ogg, flac) from a single directory and copies the file into a sub-folder. An option say to select the number of files is important. Also, perhaps, the ability to read file tags and comments would be fantastic.

Why random files? It helps avoid repetition of choice, and is often inspirational. Also, working through 35,000 files can be very dull!


A couple of people here know that my background is actually nursing. I'm about to start a new course that will mean learning a lot of information by heart (boring, repetitive, but it has to be done). I need a program that will throw pop-ups onto the screen at random intervals asking a question and demanding an answer - like a cross between sticky notes and educational flash cards. I would like to configure it to NOT ask questions that I am happy with - but instead, to repeat questions I am less familiar with.

I already use Anki - a flash card program. However, this does not have the ability to randomly ask a question on screen.

Does anyone have any suggestions - have done all the usual background search and come up with zero!

Help needed!!! :)

General Software Discussion / Vista 64-bit - Service Pack 1 Arrived!
« on: February 21, 2008, 07:41 AM »
Out of the blue it arrived 45 minutes ago - Vista Service Pack 1, via windows automatic update. Entire installation process took ... well... 45 minutes.

I didn't think SP1 was due until early-mid March via automatic updates? Still, it's here! Have to say I was dreading it's arrival a little bit due to some of the pre-warnings about driver conflicts etc and past experiences with Windows Service Packs returning many settings to their default 'factory' settings. But, no, as far as I can tell the Service Pack has left things as they were - right down to my daily warning that "User Account Control is switched off"  :-\

There we go! I have to say again that while I continue to run XP on certain systems my experience with Vista 64 continues to be warm and loving!! For me it just works, despite my fiddling and tweaking.  :up:

Living Room / Computing. A Goal in itself, or a means to an end?
« on: November 08, 2007, 09:09 AM »
I am curious as to how many people here at DonationCoder view computing as a 'goal in itself' or a 'means to an end'? Do you have a fascination with the 'act' of computing, or with reaching a goal 'using a computer'.

I think when I first started using computers (ahem... Atari 1040st  :-[) I used to be fascinated with what could be done, even if I didn't actually want or need to do it! It was just that it 'could' be done. I would sit in awe and think ...'wow, that's amazing'.

Now I have less time available, and also, sometimes, a diminished curiosity in 'what' a computer can do because I know what I 'have' to get done. I used to be an avid downloader of software just to see what it did. Now, I tend to restrict myself to what I need. The initial rush of the frontier days of computing has been replaced by a more utilitarian approach.

How about you? Do you still have that 'frontier feeling' when you use a computer?

General Software Discussion / 64-Bit Software
« on: September 26, 2007, 11:19 AM »
For those using 64-bit systems I thought a 64-bit bits thread may be useful!

Let me kick in here with two suggestions for software apps that are 64-bit native.

1. SmartFTP. I have traditionally used WS-FTP Pro for ftp work but wanted to check out 64-bit apps in this area. SmartFTP is fast, stable and with a good feature set (not quite rivalling Ipswitch but good).

2. AB Commander. My stable explorer program has always be Directory Opus. Again, wanting to check out 64-bit alternatives led me to AB Commander. Fast, attractive, functional, dual-paned and infinitely better than Vista Explorer.

I am terrible at software reviews so I guess I am just mentioning these as programs I think are worth checking out.

Other suggestions..?

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