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The 'problem': my mouse cursor sometimes dives below my (XP SP3) Taskbar buttons, and always dives below my Trayicons. I think this is an irritating UI design failure: if I want to click a Taskbar button, or Trayicon, I should be able to fling my mouse to the bottom of the screen, not aim 1 pixel up from the bottom.

I fear this is partly a Theme issue, because if I change Themes (to and from any or no Theme) and re-boot, the 1px 'dead' area below the Taskbar doesn't exist. But if I re-boot again without switching Themes, it's back, lying in wait ...

And there is always a dead area (2 or 3 px, I'd guess) below the Taskbar icons, no matter what. I don't know if this varies with hardware, but I've seen the same on some other PCs. So far I've been automating the Theme switch shuffle on shutdown and startup, but that's a slow kludge.

What I think I need is a tool which restricts the movement of the cursor to a slightly smaller area than my desktop, e.g. to 1280x1022 instead of 1280x1024. That way, hitting the bottom of the mouseable area would always trigger any Taskbar button or Trayicon underneath.

Oddly, I'd already found what would be the perfect tool for this problem, if only it worked better ...

Lock Mouse Cursor with Mouse Lock Utility

 Use given below software utility to lock your mouse cusror within defined rectangle / area. Define upto two rectangles to limit the mouse cursor movements. Lock / Unlock Mouse Cursor with a simple key press within defined rectangle or close the Mouse Lock application to unlock mouse cursor and allow the mouse cursor to freely roam on your computer screen. You can even enter whole desktop width and height to limit the mouse cursor movement, which in turn can be helpful in a dual monitor computer setup avoiding mouse cursor movements to the other monitor / display. Free to try download of Mouse Lock utility allows to Lock Mouse Cursor upto 20 times.  Download Trial Version of Easy Mouse Lock utility now and try it for free.

It does exactly what I was after. Alas, with it running, the cursor moves around any edge of the desktop as if it has been coated in treacle, which is a cure worse than the ailment.

Searching here on mouse/cursor restrictions led me to various dual monitor tools, including DDMM, but it has no effect at all on my system (perhaps because it isn't a dual monitor system).

And there are some AHK or AutoIt threads here, but programmatically moving the cursor up a few pixels when it hits a defined area, seems too slow to be comfortable (at least as I tried it using PowerPro).

So, does anyone know of a similar tool which works better?

Or another way to solve or workaround this problem?

Am I the only one bugged by this? ;)

This is a very old problem, reported before, which I am sorry to still see in v2.

In short, I think CHS is picking up the Status bar black background from my XP SP3 system Theme, but not also picking up the complementary white text from the Theme (instead, I guess, CHS's text is 'hard-coded' as black). The result is that the text is invisible.

I'm sure it's a rare occurrence, with a peculiar Theme, and I'm only reporting it while I'm posting other stuff too. But I presume programs are supposed to pick up all Theme elements, if grabbing any of them? And I don't think I have a black status bar in any other program: is CHS coded so that the status bar is picking up the colour from a menu item? I have lots of (system themed) things with black menus (almost all of which with white text). If so, is that, er, right?

It would be nice to quash this little buglet, if possible ...

Hi Mouser,

The 'capture the URL source of a clip' feature doesn't work for me, when copying from Opera 12 (on XP SP3). The clip is captured, but no Note of the URL appears, and the right click menu for clip items of "Visit URL of clip" remains greyed out.

It works fine from IE8 and Firefox 4, and everything else seems to work to and from CHS < -> Opera, so it's not an (obvious) misconfiguration.

It's a killer feature, so I'd love to have it working with the browser I use 99.9% of the time ...

I've just upgraded from 1.2x to 2.00.03, and love the great new features, thanks :).

I have a few queries which may be tricks I've missed, or feature suggestions, depending on what I don't know.

1. The new hotkeys to instantly paste Format Presets, without invoking the menus, are terrific.

But how do I do the same for a Date/Time Preset? The Format Presets dialog doesn't seem to have a way to input a Date/Time as appended text. The main Hotkeys dialog doesn't have a suitable entry. The Date/Time Paste Presets section of Options doesn't mention them. It seems I can almost do it, but not quite?

2. I found your thread on using the SQL stuff to create a virtual Group to catch URLs. And I found (and have now lost) a post which helped me make a group which grabbed certain clips from a specific program. Which tempts me to try to make/tweak a few more, for example, to modify the Quick Paste group so that it excludes certain (noisy/repetitive) clips from certain programs. But the Help seems almost silent on how to construct the expressions, and the note within the Group Edit Dialog only gives a very few examples.

Is there an idiots guide to creating SQL conditional expressions anywhere, please?

Also, is there any way to (optionally) create prevalence among the groups? So that, for example, if a Rubbish and Noise group was created and edited so that clips containing the text "This is a frequent and useless, but alas never entirely a duplicate, clip" were automatically captured there, then they wouldn't also appear in lower priority groups (such as Quick Paste)? If not, as seems likely, presumably the Clipboard and Quick Paste groups could be edited to exclude the same things as the Rubbish and Noise group includes? (If one knew how to construct the right expression ... ).

Or what would happen if, instead of using a new Rubbish and Noise group, the Recycle Bin group was so edited (as well as inputting the contra entries in the Clipboard and Quick Paste groups)?  Poof, all the crap auto-disappeared? Or some life-threatening feedback loop?

Activation/License/Language Help / Buglet report on Keys page
« on: September 23, 2006, 01:21 AM »
At  there is a list of links to get keys for the various programs, and there is a missing line break (in the source code) between URL Snooper and PopUp Wisdom, so they run together on one line.

As I said, it is a buglet report  ;)

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