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Screenshot Captor / Resize image dialog is buggy in Windows 7
« on: October 23, 2015, 12:44 AM »
The Edit / Resize Image (or canvas) dialog looks quite weird in Windows 7. Especially since the "Add a uniform border of size" textbox is completely out of sight...


I am using Windows 7 Pro, 64 Bit and Screenshot Captor 4.13.0

Screenshot Captor / SUGGESTION: Pixelate in Toolbar
« on: October 14, 2014, 01:32 AM »
I just downloaded the latest version of SC and it seems to be getting better and better  :-*. I especially like the (new?) "pixelate inside selection" command in SpecialFX1. Would it be possible to add this to the available toolbar buttons in Options->Advanced Tweaking -> More Interface Options? And while you're at it, you could do the same for "Splice out strip defined by selection - Deluxe effects".

That'd be great.

Since a few versions the thumbnail-pane seems not to scroll down automatically anymore. This is a minor annoyance as the thumbnails are sorted "latest at the bottom" (which is not changeable to "latest at top" by the way) and so I always have to scroll down manually to see the latest screenshots.

Am I the only person experiencing this?

Screenshot Captor / Menu toolbar behaves weird
« on: May 15, 2012, 03:25 AM »
Hi mouser,

today, my SC started with its menu toolbar on a very unusual spot (see attachment).

* Bildschuss_20120515_10-16-32.jpg (139.09 kB. 1197x946 - viewed 301 times.)

I have absolutely no idea how it got there and how to get it "on top" again.

Any suggestion?


I use TapTap a LOT and just love it. But now I seem to have stumbled upon a little bug.

My configuration looks like this:

-- snip---

// double right control to Control+V
keymap   DRC      :   C+V

// double right shift to Control+C
keymap   DRS      :   C+C

-- snip---

It works nearly always, but if I

- try to copy a filename from the Windows Explorer (right-click -> rename)


- try to copy the address from the addressbar of the Windows explorer

via Double-Right-Shift, nothing gets copied to the clipboard.

It's not a severe bug but a little annoying.

I use
Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit
currently updated version (May 26, 2011)

Dr.Windows / Access violation
« on: February 19, 2008, 02:48 AM »
Ever tried to press CTRL-SHIFT-E lots of times (20+)? When I try to close the dialogs, the first one closes but as soon as I try to close the next an access violation occurs. Always  :(
Although I have to admit it's quite silly to do such a thing  :D
I am using Windows XP Professional on an IBM Thinkpad T60p with 2GB RAM.

Dr.Windows / New message: bug detected
« on: February 19, 2008, 02:33 AM »
I could not resist to nick this error message from

Title: Bug detected
Text: Windows detected a bug.\nIt's a fucking butterfly!
Bitmap: images\butterfly.ico
Wave: sounds\Windows XP Battery Critical.wav
Button: &OK
Button: &Cancel
Author: stolen from

(Oh blimey... there is already a thread for new messages.... sorry.... could anyone move this post?)

Screenshot Captor / FTP Uploader Script
« on: February 17, 2008, 08:56 AM »
I wrote a small VBS script which will upload a file to an FTP server and put a
link to it in your windows clipboard. The script is written to be used with
Screenshot Captor but can also be used externally.

You can get it here:
It is my first contribution to DonationCoder, so please be kind with your criticisms.

I hacked this together because I always missed this functionality in Screenshot
Captor. In this forum there were some discussions going on on how to get this
functionality into SC. The most common solution was to use either FtpUpload.exe
or RCFtp. FtpUpload.exe provided the clipboard functionality but was not able to
upload the file anywhere other than the root directory and RCFtp didn't provide
the clipboard functionality.

So here we have both: possibility of uploading the file to any directory on the
FTP server and a handy link to that file in your windows clipboard afterwards.

Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/Vista(?)
 with installed Scripting Host
Internet Explorer (for clipboard functionality)

The script was only tested on Windows XP Professional yet.
If you want to try it on another version, please inform me about the results.

Usage with Screenshot Captor:
1. Copy the script into your Screenshot Captor directory

2. Create a new external tool link in Screenshot Captor:
   2.1. Menu "Tools" -> "Configure external tools" -> "add"
   2.2. Think of a nice title (eg. "Upload to FTP")
   2.3. Insert screenshot_to_ftp.vbs as Program
   2.4. Leave working dir blank (the script uses your windows home directory
        to create a small temp file which is deleted right after execution)
   2.5. The parameters for the script are:
       ftpserver username password externalpath filename [url]
       - FTP-Server: the server where you want to put your screenshot
       - User name: the user name to use for the ftp server
       - Password: the password to use for the ftp server
         (use "" for empty password)
       - External path: the directory on the server to put the file into
         Use a simple slash (/) if you want to upload to the root directory
       - File name: use "%file%" including quotes
       - URL (optional): the URL which is copied to your clipboard.
         Leave URL empty if you don't want to use the clipboard functionality
       Example: foo bar /foo/bar/ "%file%"
       This will connect to with "foo" as username and "bar" as
       password. It will then change to the directory /foo/bar/ on the server and
       put the selected file there via FTP. The given URL is then completed with
       the filename and will be written to the windows clipboard.
       PLEASE NOTE that both external path and URL have to end with a slash (/).
       If you want to put the file to the root directory of the server, use "/"
       (without quotes) as external path.

       Here is how it looks like when you're done:
3. You can now select a file in Screenshot Captor and use Tools -> Upload to FTP
   to upload the file. The URL to the file will be ready for use in your windows
   clipboard afterwards.

Usage without screenshot captor:
If you're into batch programming, you may also use this script from a DOS batch
file. Just call it by

cscript [Drive:\][Path to file]\screenshot_to_ftp.vbs ftpserver username password externalpath filename url

and it will behave just as described above.

Known limitations:
- Empty password is not possible (any idea on how to realize a variant number of


Found bugs? Added some functionality?
Feel free to contact me. I will try to answer every post but please give me some time. I got a life to live, y'know ;)

Screenshot Captor / Bug: "Add caption to picture" dialogue buttons
« on: February 15, 2008, 06:55 AM »
In the dialogue "add caption to picture" the Cancel/OK buttons behave quite strange. The dialogue itself is resizable and on resize the buttons move over the rest of the dialogue


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